Walk-a-Thons Can Help Any Cause

Many non-profits and charitable organizations use fundraising events to raise money for their cause. One of the most common types of fundraiser is a “Walk-a-Thon”.  A walk-a-thon is a walking marathon or sponsored walk in which participants raise money by collecting donations or pledges for walking a predetermined distance or course.

Walk-a-thons are a good type of fundraiser because they encourage people to get active, and you don’t need to be a professional athlete to participate in a one. They are a great opportunity to meet new people, get some fresh air, and see your community from a new perspective.  Because you get people to sponsor you to help you reach your personal fundraising goal, you are often not required to pay a fee to participate, or sell anything.

Walk-a-thons are not the only type of active fundraising organizations do.  There are many different types of “a-thons”. There are skate-a-thons, where participants pledge for the number of laps skated. There are bowl-a-thons, where they raise funds and bowl a set number of games. Other types of “a-thons” include activities such as biking, swimming, working, reading, rocking, and dancing.

Some popular national organizations that use this type of fundraising are the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Race for the Cure”, the March of Dimes, The American Heart Association, and The American Lung Association. Some annual Las Vegas events include the Easter Seals Walk-a-Thon, AIDSwalk, and the Humane Society’s “Wag-A-Tail-Walk-A-Thon”.

Over the years, walk-a-thons have supported many great causes, and have expanded around the world.  If you want to support a good cause (or have one of your own!) and meet new people, lace up those shoes and hit the road!

For more information about how to organize a walk-a-thon of your own, visit www.walkathonguide.com.

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