Transforming Disability Into Special Ability Through The Arts


How long have you been with Life Long Dreams?

Danny Titus has been working for Life Long Dreams from four to eight years.

Why did you choose to be part of Life Long Dreams?

He was asked to work full time by Genevieve Dew for photography and producer.

How do you decide who will be in the show?

Everybody gets to participate and do their own part for each show.

How do you prepare for your performance?

Danny said that he likes to pray before every performance.


How long does it take to be completely ready for the show?

It can take up to 4 to 6 months depending on the show.


Have you chosen what the next show is going to be on?

Secrets the Holiday Special.


What are the requirements for Life Long Dreams?

You need to be eligible for Medicaid or Respite services.


When and where is the next performance going to be?

In November, at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall.


Is there an age limit to be in the program?

No, there is no age limit in the program.


Which show is your favorite and why?

Danny Titus said his favorite show is the Icons show because everybody worked really hard on the show.


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Recently the Circles Magazine crew took a trek to the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium, Where Andrew and his aide kindly gave us a tour and an interview about what they do there. We found out about upcoming plans for the planetarium and what they are currently doing.andrew-and-aide

Located at the Cheyenne campus the planetarium has a host of thing that not are entertaining but are a great source of education for the community, such as the telescope loan program that is available to teachers in the Clark County School District to teach young students about the planets and solar system. School field trips are offered daily from 9:30am to 11:00am year round.auditorium2hd-imaging-system

 In February of 2017 the planetarium will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, a milestone for them and also the community.  Plans to open another planetarium at the Charleston campus are in the works but no details were given on that. They also hope to add solar panels, virtual reality and 3D to enhance the experience of the planetarium.logo_planetariumtelescope

The planetarium is mainly used to teach the astronomy classes at the college, but also is used to educate the community where then have shows in their 68 seat auditorium that has a high definition hemispheric video projection system, they are on Friday at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm, and on Saturday afternoons and evenings at 3:30pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Following the 8pm shows, the public is invited to the student observatory for show if the weather is clear. The planetarium is located at 3200 E. Cheyenne ave. in North Las Vegas. The cost of admission is very reasonable at $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children, with free admissions on the first Friday of the month to Military, Seniors and CSN students with ID.

The funding for the planetarium comes from the State of Nevada, show admissions sales and the Astronomy Gift Shop. NASA helps with sponsorships of displays such as moon rocks and space shuttle parts. Displayed when we went there was a wheel from the space shuttle Endeavor.observatory

Some interesting things that we found out during our visit was that you can the planets from anywhere on earth provided you have the correct telescope, which voids the misconception some people have that you can only see certain planets in the west or in the east, although the city lights sometimes obscure the view depending on how bright they are. The Circles crew got to view how the galaxy was formed and it was a very interesting and visually impressive show.

We thank them for taking the time to show us around.


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The Clock hit noon as the circles team ascended up the stairs into the studio in the
sky. As we approached the doors you immediately noticed the beautiful view of the
stratosphere and the city below. Kyle BGenius opened the door and welcomed us into
Skyfall Studios.background title picture

How long have you had your studio for?
We’ve been in this location for about 6 years, and before this we were like
any other garage band.
Have you ever worked with any celebrities?
Yes, we worked with Dr. Dre’s oldest son worked with some guys from the
Mars Volta, couple Hawaiian Artist a lot of EDM Artist like Excision, Pegboard
Nerds, pretty much everyone except Skrillex & Diplo.
What inspired you to start your own studio?

It kind of just happened, we
started making music then we
were making music for other
people, this is just a day to day
operation of just showing up togroup shot
work every day.
What would you suggest for
someone who wants to get
into recording arts? First and
foremost be willing to work the biggest
misconception is that musicians don’t have to work and
it’s the exact opposite, you don’t get any days
off. Be prepared to work every day of your life.

Do you compose for other artist?
The way that it works with engineering is you work with anybody and everybodyturntable background
that’s willing to work. That’s the best way to keep yourself sharp and
not stuck in one genre yeah so we’ve done some particular area.
What are your favorite hobbies?
Probably reading science books LOL
What the first album you ever worked on?
The first Album I ever worked on was a Splitbreed album that was never
released it had 21 songs. It’s an album we only gave to our friends.
How often do you travel to record other artist?
I travel quite a bit, from once a week to once a
month. , It varies but it’s starting to increase.
What’s your favorite recording artist?

In general I’d have to say Jay Z and all time I would have
to go with Michael Jackson. The moon walk itself change the game.Kyle Working cut out small

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bag of skittles


When you think about painting, you don’t think about painting with candy. The Circles team
has come up with a creative idea to paint with Skittles candy.
After you’ve bought a huge bag of skittles, sort out all of your colors of the candy
into separate bowls


Add COLD water (Not Hot) to the skittles barely covering the skittles. So, this way, it’ll be brighter.
Stir until all color is off the skittles. Draw a picture onto a large white paper board (i.e. leprechaun, gummy bear…)
Dip a paint brush into your skittles paint bowl, then start painting away. Make sure you stay within the
Now, have fun with your painting. Make sure you sign it, to let others know you created your masterpiece.


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the world’s truly notable holidays. Shoppers all over the U.S. are hungry for outrageous mark downs and incredible deals. The Circles team has created some do’s
and don’ts to prepare you for the massive friday



1. You have to be early bird to get a good spot in friday cyber monday
2. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather
3. Map out your route a day before.
4. Do price comparisons to other stores.
5. Recruit a Shopping Buddy.cyber monday
6. Create a List.
7. Have time management.
8. Go to different websites to get different information on prices.
9. Sent your alarm a day before you have to go to the store.
10. Bring a chair if you get to tired of standing at the store.Deals

1. Don’t bring young children
2. Don’t bring weapons to a store
3. Don’t forget your wallet call ahead
4. Don’t waste Gas
5. Don’t Take Your Daily Wallet
6. Don’t forget your informationBF CM
7. Don’t forget plenty of water
8. Don’t forget sunscreen
9. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest before you have to go to the store
10. Don’t forget to eat something for you go to the store

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How does a website give back to and help build a community? How do they accomplish the things they want to do? The answer varies, but here is a review on a few that assist, build, and grow communities.


The site known as Facebook gives back to the community in different ways. They have added a ‘donate’ icon which gets used heavily after national disasters. 100% of all the donations go towards the cause. Facebook matches every dollar donated to help out. They fight against cyber bullying; funding campaigns against it and assisting in combating it on their own site. Lastly, they support many people with jobs and great intern programs.


Gofundme is a website which directly helps communities by helping to fund projects that better a community. It is similar to Kickstarter; Kickstarter runs projects that need capital (money) to get started. These start-up projects and companies depend on random contributors; however, in the case of Gofundme, you can set-up a fund to assist a victim and their family (something which Kickstarter doesn’t do. So you can help a whole, parts, or individuals to a community).


Even Google joins the bunch offering different ways they give back to the community. Employees at Google get involved by writing code to free apps. Go Read is an app created to help people with visual impairments and reading disabilities read at higher levels. Google builds homes for low income families and assists in cleaning up the environment. They also assist veterans build resumes and volunteer at hospitals and schools.


Sites can also help build the community: LinkedIn is a site which can help people network for employment.

untitledYelp helps put reviews for businesses in the hands of the community- it can help support great businesses and bring the community closer together all while improving the overall quality of services offered.


Foursquare helps bring attention to new businesses within a community through social networking over smart phones. All of these websites rely heavily on the internet and new technologies. Since the invention of the internet, websites and society grow ever closer together each and every year. Even though most of the companies mentioned seem so out of reach, they are very present assisting and building communities everywhere.



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Within all genres of music, songwriters use transportation and travel as inspiration for some of their lyrics. The catchy tunes make them fun to listen and dance to. They make great road-trip songs and help make the long endless highway seem shorter. Circles created a list of their top 10 songs with a Transportation and Travel theme. Enjoy these songs on your next adventure or on your travels.

1. Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf – 1969

2. Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith – 1981

3. Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane – 1991/Rascal Flatts – 2006

4. Magic Carpet Ride by Steppenwolf – 1968

5. Last Train to London by Electric Light Orchestra – 1979

6. Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and ThePips – 1973graphic for music

7. Bicycle Race by Queen – 1978

8. Speed Demon by Michael Jackson – 1989

9. Fly to the Moon by Kaye Ballard – 1954/Frank Sinatra – 1964

10. Ticket to Ride by The Beatles – 1965

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When scrolling through the channels, it can be hard to decide what to watch, especially when it comes to survival-related shows. There are so many of them! Circles watched several of the shows and reviewed them to help you decide which show might be the right one(s) for you.


Survivorman – WATCH IT

Imagine being dropped off in the middle of nowhere with only the clothes on your back, a small amount of camera equipment and tools for survival. If it’s hard to imagine…watch Survivorman. Les Stroud is a survival expert who uses his survival skills and knowledge to survive alone for up to ten days. The focus of this show is how Stroud is by himself and he is his own camera crew. The show is very exciting and informative. How Stroud can adapt and be so resourceful is very empowering. He even used his camera tripod as a shelter in one of his episodes.

Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild – SKIP IT
With a similar premise as ‘Survivorman’, ‘Man vs. Wild’ focuses on Bear Grylls – a survival expert from the UK. Using his knowledge and strength (which is also attributed to his military background) Grylls scours the globe followed by a camera crew and medical staffing. The show helps explain what to do if you fall into quick sand, if you get attacked by an alligator, if you have to make a raft and so much more. Man vs Wild can be quite exciting, however it seems more forced and somewhat fake. He has medical personnel along with him in case he gets hurt, and he studies the locations for almost two weeks before he is dropped off.


Dual Survival – WATCH IT

A dynamic duo: A primitive skills survival expert and a military trained survival expert journey into the wilderness and brave the elements. What makes this show interesting is how the two people have different opinions and approaches on how to survive. The show makes for high entertainment.

Dual Survival


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