Rat Rod Interview with Steve Darnell


“Bringing Junk Back To Life, Bringing Junk Back To Life One Car at Time”

Steve Darnell  is the design mastermind behind the very unique car customization shop, Welderup. He was born in Vegas in 1971. He moved back and forth between Vegas and Montana when his parents divorced. Steve’s crazy creative Rat Rod designs got lots attention at local car shows, which also got the attention of the Discovery Chanel, which got him the Vegas Rat Rods show. Vegas Rat Rods is in its 3rd season and has become wildly popular. The T.V. show made his business grow, but not without growing pains because, they can’t keep up with the public needs. They are THAT busy. Steve also producing short films, music videos, and creative man-interior designs. Most recently, he created the set design, costumes, props, and vehicles featured in the Five Finger Death Punch “House of the Rising Sun” music video. Steve also designed the whole interior décor of his show room at his shop.

_MG_1980KODAK Digital Still Camera_MG_2001

  1. How long have you been interested in this type of work?

    I started building Rat Rods about 2007. My dad was a welder and I and I learned fabrication, I grew up in the atmosphere. I spent a lot of time in my room as a child with mismatched model cars, which became the rat rods of today.


  2. How long does it take to complete a rat rod restoration? 

    If I do it myself, it takes 2 & a half months. If my crew assists me, it takes 10-12 …days maybe 3 weeks.

  3. Do you design your rat rod concept a head of time?

    Usually have the ideas already in my head. Although I do have an artist on board that can draw up plans if needed.


  4. What was your most challenging rat rod to make?

    All of them. Everyone is a challenge. His favorite and first project was when he put a 5.9 liter Cumming’s diesel engine from a Dodge pickup truck into a 1933 Dodge sedan.

  5. Where do you find or locate most of the parts to make a rat rod?

    Junkyards all in the desert. Everywhere and anywhere, sometimes out of state, like Montana.

    _MG_1968_MG_1993old jeep image

  6. Who and when started the rat rod’s idea?

    1950’s with hot rods, not really sure, but they weren’t called rat rods. They were called jalopies.

  7. Is there a connection between rat rods and the Mad Max movie?

    Yeah, I think so. Steampunk and Desert people…. a lot of similarities.

    rat rods route sign

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We all know that the Holiday time can be crazy and there is always someone who we may forget to get a gift for. Circles Magazine has a solution for those forgotten one or the last minute invite to a person’s home for the Holidays. We made this Lollipop bouquet it is so easy to make that you may want to have your children help with making it. It serves 2 purposes one as a decorative centerpiece on the Holiday table and when dinner is over you can pass out the lollipops to have guest eat.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


2 big bags of DUMDUM lollipops

1 small flowerpot

1 small half round dry foam (used for artificial flowers)

Decorations of your choice

Hot glue gun and glue sticks




Step 1- Decorate your flower pot to your likings.

flowerpot  putting-ribbon-on  bow  step1

Step 2- Glue on the dry foam to the top of the flowerpot.









Step 3- Start pressing in the stick end of the lollipops into the foam until all of the lollipops are on the foam.



Step 4- Now you will have a gift to bring and will not show up empty handed again.






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We at Circles Magazine interviewed our fellow colleagues we wanted to know what their favorite sports were. We went to different campuses to interview them. Eric Gaisin

Eric Gaisin is 36 years old he works at the Charleston Campus likes basketball, he is in the Special Olympics bowling he won a medal first place last year 67. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons & the Miami Heat. His favorite player is Matt Ryan. Eric’s Advice to others is to do really well and would like to try other sports.




Cece works at the Cheyenne Campus she likes swimming.

She’s also inthe Special Olympics she won 3 medals she likes basketball, bowling and lady’s basketball.

Her favorite team is the Lakers and her favorite player is Derek Rose. Her favorite soccer team is the Cubs and the Las Vegas Turtles, Pahrump and Mesquite.





Kenneth Hughes works at the Cheyenne Campus. He’s 30 years old. He likes swimming.Kenneth Hughes

His favorite swimmer is Sharks Spichel O. Kenneth swam in 2001. He likes bowling.

His favorite basketball player is Dwayne Wade. Kenneth’s dad Chuck Edwards Hughes is his coach

his motto is never give up and be proud. He lives on North Carolina St. His favorite football player Matthew Stafford he plays on the Patriots.



Jay Robbins works at His favorite sport is basketball he won 3rd place. He likes wrestling and weight training.Jay Robbins

His bowling average is 145. He is in ROTC.

He likes the Las Vegas 51s hockey team and making friends.

On Saturday 8-10 he sold 3 art pieces. He likes farmers market and all sports.

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When you have someone special in your life, would you really want to go out and buy an empty heart
box? Circles Magazine decided to create something that is inexpensive to make. You can fill it with any
type of candy. (i.e. chocolate, white chocolate, etc.) You can normally buy these items either at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels.

Supplies:items-needed2finished product
• Glittered Paper
• Lace Trimmings
• Satin
• Heart Shaped Box
• Embellishments

• Hot Glue Gun
• Tuile

1. Create a stencil on glitter paper using heart box. Cut out stencil and hot glue onto box.
2. Measure lace trimmings and decorate box by gluing it to heart box.
3. Create a stencil using heart box on satin for the interior. Cut out the pieces and hot glue to the insides of the box.
4. Use embellishments to decorate the interior.
5. Cut out a piece of tuile and anchor it inside of the heart box with hot glue.
6. Then, put everything together to create your very own heart box for your sweetheart.

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Gift wrapping for any occasion is fun
and can keep the family busy for a
while, whether you are wrapping a
birthday gift or a holiday gift creativity
is the key. The Circles Magazine crew
got together and put together a simple
guide to wrapping your present.

Items needed

What you need: A sharp pair of scissors, transparent tape,
wrapping paper and ribbon (optional).

Step 1

Step 1: Lay wrapping paper out on flat surface and unroll a generous amount to be sure you have enough to wrap entire package.

Step 2
Step 2: Place package in the center of the wrapping paper and fold wrapping paper over and tape
to the center of the package, pull paper tight to the edges.

Step 3
Step 3: Wrap paper all the way around package and tape end of paper to package.

Step 4aStep 4bStep 4c
Step 4: The ends of the wrapping paper will be open, take one side and fold inward holding it against the flat side of the package, gently crease the folds so they form a diagonal shaped flap, repeat on the other side. This will form a
triangle shaped flap on the top and bottom.

Step 5aStep 5bStep 5c
Step 5: Fold top flap down to the bottom and put a crease along excess wrapping paper, trim along that crease then fold and tape down, repeat with bottom flap and on other side.

Step 6aStep 6bStep 6cStep 6d

Step 6: Attach ribbon, bows, decorations, cards or labels. Use your imagination to create a stunning design of your own.

finished product


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When America’s military is called into service there is an

overwhelming amount of planning involved in transporting our

troops and the equipment they use. The Department of Defense has

a huge transportation department that is in charge of getting military

personnel and their equipment where they need to go. Here are

some of the vehicles they use to get the job done.navy-seal_sdv-team-sofrep


The US Navy has hundreds of types of crafts for transportation on

the water from aircraft carriers to small rubber boats depending on

the need of what is to be transported. One specific vehicle the Navy

uses is known as the SDV (Seal Delivery Vehicle). These

particular vehicles work below the surface of the water to deliver the

Navy Seal’s and their equipment to their mission area.


The Marine Corps Base has a variety of ways to meet the military

transportation needs of its soldiers. Some common Marine vehicles

used for transportation of troops and supplies include:M1030

M1030MT Motorcycle uses a diesel engine inside a Kawasaki

KLR 650 frame and goes up to 90mph with a rating of 96mpg on


MMWV – Also known as the Humvee is one of the military’s most

recognizable vehicles. It is used for transporting troops, and serves

as ambulances as well as support vehicles.

Air Forceglobemaster

The star of the Air Force is the Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy

which is Air Force’s largest and most versatile airlifter. It can be

loaded from either the front or the back of the aircraft and can

carry over 200,000 pounds of payload and up to 73 passengers.

The US Air Force currently has 126 of these gigantic planes. Also

very notable is the President’s plane, known as Air Force One.

Currently two 747-200 planes are used to shuttle the Commander

in Chief from point to point securely. The planes currently in use are

about to reach the end of their 30 year use cycle and will be

replaced by the 747-8.M1133

Army and National Guard

Among the many vehicles used by the Army and the National Guard

are two vehicles dedicated to service men and women injured in

the line of duty. The M1133also known as the Stryker

Medical Evacuation Vehicle is a modern battlefield ambulance.

Moving at sustained speeds of up to 60 mph, it can evacuate four to

six patients while its crew of three medics provides basic medical



UH-60Q Medevac Helicopter

was designated as the “DUSTOFF” which stands

for “Dedicated Unhesitating Service to Our Fighting

Forces”. The UH-60Q was configured and equipped with high

technology medical equipment including an oxygen generating

system, an intravenous solutions warming and cooling unit, a

cardiac monitoring system, and a powered gurney lift system that

can accommodate six acute care patients. But the most common

piece of equipment used throughout all the military branches is the

Jeep. In 1940 the U. S government had a competition for the best

general purpose vehicle. The Jeep was chosen over the other two

vehicles entered into the competition and in 1941 production of the

Jeep began.DSC00060

Animals used in the military for transportation

Not surprising is that in the early days of the military horses, camels

and even elephants were used to transport troops and supplies to

and from the battlefield as well as in Vietnam, where oftentimes

oxen, horses and other animals were used by both sides.

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Everyone knows that in the heart of Las Vegas there are massive buildings dedicated to gambling. If you want to get fresh air and spend your day outside, check out these scenic and historic landmarks located just outside Las Vegas.

A great way to start any day is with a scenic drive through Red Rock Canyon. Then head a few miles west to Bonnie Springs Ranch and Old Nevada.

Bonnie Springs was originally built as a stopover for the wagon trains traveling the Old Spanish Trail. Since the 1950s the ranch has been used as a tourist attraction.

There is a petting zoo, horseback riding, bar, restaurant, and a hotel if you want to make a night of it. Adjacent to Bonnie Springs, Old Nevada will take you back in time. You can watch western theme shows that re-enact gunfights, hangings and bank robberies. Old west buildings include a saloon, a small schoolhouse, an opera house and a wax museum.

Valley of Fire, Nevada’s oldest and largest state park, is about an hour drive from Las Vegas. It derives its name from red sandstone formations that were created by great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs, 150 million years ago. Your first stop should be the visitor center where you can see exhibits on the geology and history of the park. A short distance from the Valley of Fire is The Lost City Museum in Overton, NV. The museum has an excellent collection of exhibits, pottery and other Indian artifacts that were excavated from the Moapa Valley in order to save them from the waters of Lake Mead as it was filled up. The museum also features a replica of the Anasazi Pueblo Grande de Nevada.

There is also a small gift shop selling Native American jewelry and crafts, books, minerals and souvenirs. Completed in 1937, Hoover Dam is one of the greatest engineering marvels of the modern world and only a short drive from Las Vegas. Stop at the visitor center to find information about the construction and operation and to book a tour. The tour takes you in an elevator to the bottom of the dam. You will be able to see the inner-workings of the dam including the giant generators used to create electricity. Up top there are plenty of scenic overlooks with views of the dam, Lake Mead, and the Colorado River. Complete your day with a visit to Historic Boulder City. Take a walk down Main Street and visit some of its many unique shops.

You don’t need to travel far from town to find a full day of excitement.

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Some of mans greatest discoveries have been made by accident. If it wasn’t for many of these things life would be very different for us.

Artificial Sweetener

Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by chemist James M. Schlatter who was developing a treatment for ulcers. He discovered its sweet taste when he licked his finger to turn a page of his notebook.

Saccharin (the oldest artificial sweetener) was accidentally discovered in 1879 by Constantin Fahlberg and Ira Remsen, chemists working on coal tar derivatives at Johns Hopkins University. In a rush to get home for dinner Fahlberg forgot to wash his hands before leaving the lab and when he began to eat, everything had a sweet taste.


Two inventors for a manufacturer of soap based products created a dough material to rub soot off of wallpaper. The sister of one of the inventors, a school teacher, used the dough in her classrooms instead of modeling clay. The creators then decided to market the nontoxic creation as a children’s toy.

Microwave Ovens


Percy Spencer a self-taught engineer with the Raytheon Corporation was conducting a radar related project when he discovered a candy bar he had in his pocket began to melt. He then tried popcorn in the machine and it started popping. He created a box that focused and contained the radioactive cooking waves. He called it a Radar Range.

Potato Chips


George Crum, a chef at the Carey Moon Lake House, was making fried potatoes for a customer that kept returning his plate asking that the potatoes be cut thinner and fried longer. Crum lost his temper, sliced the potatoes insanely thin, and fried them until they were hard as a rock. To the chef’s surprise the customer loved them and wanted more.

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