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Purses and hand bags have come a long way through the centuries from 1900 A.D. till now. Purses are a fashion accessory statement used by many to serve various purposes. Through the use of recycled materials, hand bags and purses have been created by many artists which have been sold at boutiques and displayed in galleries.

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This wrap around bracelet has some bling to it and it’s fun to make.
Great project to do by yourself or if your daughter has a slumber party
and want something to do. This also makes for a good gift idea for

Supplies needed:Supplies
1/4 or 3/8″ ribbon (enough to wrap wrist 3 to 4 times)
Plastic trim with crystals (on a spool)
Thread (match the ribbon)
1″ piece of cord elastic
Any type button (or crystal beads)

1. Measure the ribbon by wrapping around wrist 3 to 4 times and
measure the plastic trim with crystals by laying on top of ribbon.
2. Attach the trim to the ribbon by sewing it on.
3. Sew on the elastic cord to the back of the ribbon at one end.
4. Sew on button of choice onto the opposite end of ribbon.
5. Wrap bracelet onto wrist and fasten together and enjoy your

Wrap 1Wrap 2

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Circles Magazine Wanted to know what holidays people celebrate and how its celebrate them, so we took a short poll to find out here are the results. We asked Austin Green Brandy Yaklin and Sarina Stern for.

what holidays do you celebrate and how you celebrate it?



Austin: Hannukah,I Wear a Yamulka/kippiah light the menorah and we say the hannukah prayer.

Brandy: birthday, Valentine’s Day Chirstmas and thanksgiving with my Grandma

Sarina: I celebrate Hannukah , I Celebrate it by lighting candles ont he menorah using the shamash {the candles used to light the other candles} and we get presents.

What is your best holiday memory that you had growing up

Austin: Putting up the light and setting up hannaukah bush

Brandy: Chirstmas,becasue i get to celebrate it with my family.

Sarina: Actually it is recent memory, it was getting a plush of my favorite character Bill Cipher

What are your family traditions for the Holidays?

Austin: My family and i just light the menorah ans say the Hannuka prayer

Brandy: i go out to dinner with my family and watch movies at my grandma’s house.

Sarina: We us

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Do you enjoy getting a gift card? No? Seems a little lackluster and impersonal doesn’t it? Well here is a way to put a new spin on a kind of unthoughtful gift.Materials Needed• Jar: you can use a Mason jar, jam jar, olive jar, or salsa jar.
• Glitter
• Ribbon
• Hot glue gun
• Water
• Gift card
Step 1

Step 1:
Begin by grabbing your clean jar, open it, and set aside the lid. Next, remove the label either by
peeling gently, or using dish soap and water, or any other means to clean it without scuffing the glass.

Step 2aStep 2b

Step 2:

Set the jar aside to dry and grab the lid to the jar, using the glue gun, draw a line down the inside of the lid (this is where the gift card goes) quickly while the glue is still hot press the gift card (standing
upright) into the glue. Allow for the adhesion and curing of the glue to take place by waiting 20-30 minutes.Step 3aStep 3bStep 3:

Fill jar with water, Sprinkle the glitter into the jar (use finer glitter to prevent clumping)Step 4aStep 4bStep 4:

Screw cap onto jar tightly with the gift card upside down in the water.Step 5aStep 5bStep 5:

Tie a ribbon around the base and your globe is complete!Step 6Step 6:

Shake snow globe and enjoy.

This snow globe doesn’t require you to use a gift card, anything maybe used in place of the gift card, but be sure to use something that is water resistant.

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holidays are right around the corner, it is a time for celebration,
festivities, and families. In today’s society, cozying up on a couch
with the whole family, for a movie, is perhaps one of the more common ways to get in some family time. Movies, can be enjoyable so here at Circles we have created a list of some enjoyable feel good holiday themed movies for your watching pleasure.

1. Miracle on 34th Street:

This movie exists in two forms, the original (1947) and the remake (1994) both films are enjoyable in their own right, but the original is a real classic. It is a tale of department store Santa who is institutionalized for claiming to be the real thing. Eventually, the whole event goes to trial, and the faith and beliefs of all the people involved are both questioned and challenged. If you have never seen this film, get your family together and give it a watch you may enjoy it.

miracle on 34

2. It’s a Wonderful Life:
Thinking of this film one line comes to mind, “Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings” this is one of the most iconic lines spoken in film. Essentially, a “what if?” scenario of if someone no longer existed what would happen? George Bailey is a small time bank owner who is providing for a small town and fighting back a big business owner from owning everything. When something goes wrong, everything in his life begins to fall apart


3. Home Alone:

A movie that plays with the concept of a child left at home scenario. Kevin McCallister is a boy in immense family who get left behind, when the family goes on vacation for the holidays. Hijinks ensue once a pair of bumbling thieves try to break in and steal from Kevin’s family home, so Kevin, begins to defend it with slap-stick comedy stylized traps. One individual stated that if the movie was a food it would be, “Chocolate ice cream topped with kit-kats and chocolate syrup all over!” She finds the movie a rich,
comforting, and satisfyingly good


4. A Christmas Story

The image of a tongue being stuck to a frozen metal
pole is forever frozen to the memories of people who have
seen this flick. It is a more down to earth comedic look
at the holidays. With a more realistic approach to family and traditions, this film has become a family tradition itself, and it is just hilarious!


5. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

The “Vacation” films are all funny and are now considered to be
classic comedies. However, many believe the Christmas “Vacation”
to be the best! So, if a good family movie night includes you laughing till your sides hurt maybe Chevy Chase has the cure to your funny bone.


6. A Charlie Brown Christmas

What are the holidays without a Charlie Brown special? Not the holidays, is the answer…just kidding. Over the years,Charlie Brown, has become synonymous with the Holidays and if you see this amazing special you will know why.

charlie brown

7. The Nightmare Before Christmas:

Produced by Tim Burton (director of Beetlejuice, Mars Attacks!, and
Frankenweenie), is a stop-motion animated movie about the city
of Halloweentown, full of ghosts, vampires, werewolves (yes; there is a city that has werewolves and vampires), and other monsters. The king is Jack Skellington, who over the years, has gotten tired of the same thing, having Halloween every day. Through his sulking
and wandering he discovers doors that lead to other holiday
towns. The songs, composed and written by Danny Elfman and are
some of the best in any Holiday Jack Skellington


8. Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas:

The song that goes with this film describes the absolute worst
loathsome creature. The Grinch is a being literally green all over
with jealousy and envy. It is a heartwarming redemption story
and a lesson learned all in one and it is great for both kids and
adult viewings.


9. Gremlins:

Looking for a slightly scary yuletide bash, this movie teaches
people many interesting pieces of advice and facts about Mogwai’s.
Such as to never get them wet, or to feed them after midnight,
and to be careful around all lights especially sunlight which has the
power to kill them. So, enjoy this horror comedy with the family
or any other way you can because it fantastical fun!


10. Die Hard:

New York City Cop, John McClean, is on his way to see
his estranged wife and kids. While schmoozing around at the holiday party that his wife is attending he gets into a heated argument with her. His luck only gets worse as he is caught in the crosshairs of a terrorist group and their heist plans. John McClean reluctantly leaps into action in order to save the holidays for his family. John McClean’s weather forecast is in and he says, “It is a snow day for terrorism!”


11. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles:

A Thanksgiving comedy movie that was released of the Thanksgiving of 1987, starring John Candy and Steve Martin, and it’s considered to be the best and only Thanksgiving movie ever! It’s about Neal Page (played by Steve Martin) just trying to make it home for the holidays to see his family in Chicago. By chance he befriends a traveling salesman, Del Griffith (played by John Candy), as they try to get from New York to Chicago, and it’s a
ride that neither they nor you will ever forget! The holidays
just got a lot better this year!


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Equipment • Round Mirror
• 3 inch to 11 inch round
• Paper Towel
• Scissors or Diagonal
• Hot Glue Gun
• Painter’s Tape
• Newspaper
• Silver Spray PaintStep 1AStep 1B

Step 1: Start by removing any stickers or labels from the mirror. Changing up the lengths of the dowels creates a brilliant design oryou can stick with keeping the sticks at the same length. If you do plan on keeping the sticks at different lengths, try to cut several dowels so you’ve got a pile before you start gluing.Step 2AStep 2B

Step 2: Place a paper towel over your workspace and flip the mirror over so it won’t get scratched. Place the wooden dowels about aninch into the mirror, away from the edge. Randomly place your dowels onto an order of sequence of your choice. Continue to fill in the open spaces around the outside edge until there’s no more room.Step 3AStep 3B

Step 3: When you’re done with the dowels, cover the front of the mirror with painters tape, making sure it’s completely supported.Step 4

Step 4: Take the starburst mirror outdoors, cover your work area withnewspaper, boxes, or with anything that can keep your work areaclean and spray the wooden dowels with paint. Once dry, flip and spray with another coat. Touch up as needed.Step 5AStep 5B

Step 5: Carefully remove the tape and flip the mirror over. If you’ve covered the mirror hanger, simply attach a soda can pop top to the back with a big blob of hot glue.Step 6

Step 6: You’re set! Find the perfect spot to hang and display your new D.I.Y. starburst mirror!

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Las Vegas is usually a city synonymous with heat, but it does get nice and cool during our winters. That being said we appreciate our winters and really know how to celebrate them. Our Circles team has chosen some restaurants you can try out during the holidays, and though there are many to choose from, we have decided to cover: Café Bellagio, Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak, and Nine Fine Irishmen. We feel that though these restaurants are a little pricy, the Holiday are a time have a little more fun, and spend a little bit extra on a memorable night on the delicacies of fine dining.20150918_145519

Café Bellagio can be found in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, which can be found on Las Vegas Boulevard. Conveniently enough this restaurant is open 24 hours, so if you had a wild holiday night and wanted something tasty to eat, this would be a great stop for your night out. So, what makes Café Bellagio extravagant? The chefs that cook amazing new levels of the Old World food. Sure, you get modern day foods, like steak and hamburgers; but you also get Mediterranean-style chicken, and fine wine. Found close to the botanical gardens, aromatic smells waft over and accentuate the entire experience. Your romantic date has never been this classy, or marvelous! From morning to dusk, you’ll have more love with Café Bellagio. Check this place out today, and let the extraordinary scenery be amazing and its authentic food water down your mouth. Relax in comfort, and most of all, have lots of love and fun with its glorious Old World that is… Café Bellagio.20150918_142240

Legendary New York chef Tom Colicchio brings his passion for cooking with fire to the Las Vegas Strip with Tom Colicchio’s Heritage Steak at The Mirage. Heritage focuses on meats prepared entirely over open flames and charcoal styled grills. The menu features amazing all organic meats, because Chef Tom believes that, meat just taste better that way. The glow of the hearth brings rustic charm that only adds to the dining wonderment of the guests, so go and taste these lovely juicy steaks. Eat, and be intoxicated by the sophistication being offered at this fine dining restaurant, located within the heart of the tropical Mirage Atrium. Also, remember to try the special Lounge Menu on Fridays and/or Saturdays, featuring the Heritage Burger, King Crab Roll and Lobster Hush-puppies. Allow Heritage to help you celebrate the holidays, and the glory of meat!20150918_142317

Nine Fine Irishmen located in the New York New York Hotel and Casino is a pub, but don’t be fooled by the term “pub”. This restaurant features some amazing food, and all food is fresh and made to order. Having all of their menu featuring either traditional Irish dishes, or fusion Irish dining, this restaurant is the place to be on the holidays especially if you have arrive with a large group. Some of the choices offered include, but are definitely not limited to corned beef (with or without the hash), Irish bangers, Shepherd’s Pie, and lamb stew just to name a few. They even have a live house band that plays traditional Irish music while you enjoy your time at this comfy pub. You can even poor your own pint at the Draftmaster table or log into Nine Fine Irishman’s Wi-Fi to check in on Face book. Try to take in the ambiance while relaxing and you will begin to notice the lengths that this pub has gone through to be as authentic as possible.







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-Las Vegas and Clark County joined commercial air travel routes back in 1926 when Rockwell Field was

Opened, and it was closed in 1930

-In 1941 the training school & field became McCarran Field, named for U.S. Sen. Pat McCarran

 Old McCarran Field signmccarranfield2

-The Gunnery School closed in 1945, and the Air Force wanted to reopen the base in 1947

It was opened on George Crockett’s Alamo Field, which was 4 miles south of Downtown Las Vegas on the

old Los Angeles Highway-today’s Las Vegas Blvd.





-Dec. 1948 was that McCarran Field opened and had 12 flights daily, but the previous airport reopened

as the Las Vegas Air Force Base, and was renamed Nellis Air Force Base in 1950

-In the1950’s promotions by local casinos/resorts dramatically increased the number of visitors to Las

Vegas, and by 1959, the number of daily flights has risen to 73, with an annual passenger total of


-The existing airport facilities had become inadequate to handle the increases, so they planned a

new terminal for the east side


-The new terminal opened in 1963, and had up to 128 daily flights serving 1.4 million passengers

-In 1967, George Crockett’s involvement with McCarran Airport ended, when Howard Hughes bought the facilityanotheroldphoto

-In 1968, McCarran Field becomes McCarran International Airport

-Between 1970-74, A 30 million dollar expansion was built which added the A and B gatesanother70'sphoto

The Number of airlines doubled to 14 between 1978-80 and a new plan for development was implemented called McCarran 2000, which projected that 20,000-30,000 passengers daily would travel through Las Vegas by the year 2000.


-The first major part of McCarran 2000 was competed in 1985 with a new terminal.

The next phase would be done much sooner than expected and the thirty-million annual

passenger mark was surpassed in 1996

Phase IV of McCcarran 2000 was redesigned to provide more gates for passengersDgates

-The D Gates was opened in 1998, & the building will eventually house 45 gates, adding to the existing

58 gates that were previously opened in 1985

9. McCarran baggage claim

-McCarran Airport now serves 40 million passengers a yearivanpahdesign

-another airport in the Ivanpah Valley, will accommodate more growth in the 21st century

-As of late 2006, McCarran airport is now the nation’s fifth busiest airport in U.S. and 10th busiest in the









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Henry Ford


Henry Ford

studied at the Detroit Business Institute, married Clara in 1888, had only son named Edsel

 Edsel Ford

EdselFordportraitHenry Ford family Ford started as the Detroit Automobile Company in the late 1890’s, but the car he had designed as a prototype needed to be reworked, some were deficient & heavy.

In 1901, their Board of Directors had dissolved the company & lost faith in him -Ford started a new company called the Henry Ford company, but after a year after establishment, he left the company -He designed the Model A & it was the lightest car that he ever made -He later found a partner in Alexander Malcomson, an immigrant from Scotland, for his latest venture, which would be become a major success -He found a team of workers to churn out fifteen cars a day, & orders started pouring in.

By 1904, the Ford Motor Company had expanded operations & survived.

In 1908, the model T was introduced, up to 15 million would peak in 1927.1917 Ford Model T

4. Model T

-The average Model T went down from $850 in 1908 to $250 in 1925 -In 1925, Ford was producing cars every 10 seconds. He built new highways and roads across the United States. He also became one of the most prominent citizens of the early 20th century, he took strong positions on Social & labor affairs in this country which was also based on “Taylorism”, named after Frederick Taylor and revolutionized American industry, later referred to as Fordism. He earned the Elliott Cresson Medal in 1928 and the Order of the German Eagle in 1938 -Had his own estate called Fairlane in Dearborn, MI

5. Henry Ford Estate

henry ford estate -Company has headquarters also in Dearborn

6. Ford Dearborn HeadquartersFordbuilding -Ford has had 14 different CEO’s & charirmen from 1903-present (John Gray was the first, Mark Fields the latest)

7. History of Ford logos

Ford logos -Today, Ford operates 3,100 dealerships throughout the U.S., according to Auto Trader

8. local Ford dealership in LV





9. 1965 Ford Mustang



10. Ford Explorer



11. Ford F-150


12. Ford Econoline

ford econoline

RTC bus

13. Ford RTC bus






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