Issue #32 -Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa


The movie begins with Alex as a young cub named Alakay in Africa with his father Zuba trying to teach him how to fight. During this, another lion Makunga challenges Zuba to a fight to be the head of the tribe and poachers subsequently kidnap Alex as a young cub where he eventually ends up in the Central Park zoo in New York.
The story then jumps ahead to continue where the first movie left off , with the group of animals on Madagascar including Alex, Marty, Melmen and Gloria, the tight knit group of animal friends that started their adventure in the first movie. They decide to make their escape back to New York in an old delapidated airplane piloted by our penguin friends Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private with chimpanzee buddies Mason and Phil who do their comical shananigans to keep the plane flying. But eventually everything comes to a halt as they crash land in Africa and meet animals of their own species. Alex is then reunited with his mother and father, Marty feels ordinary after finding out that other zebras have the same talents as himself.

Melman is convinced he is sick and offers himself as a sacrifice to the volcano to make the river water fl ow again, as he is on the edge of the volcano Gloria realizes that he is the only one for her and steps in to stop him. Meanwhile, back where the river isn’t flowing, a group of tourists who are basically stranded in the jungle make camp and subsequently build a dam upriver thus cutting off the flow to the watering hole. Alakay and Marty leave the reserve to find the problem and find the camp of the tourists where he uses his dancing skills to mezmerize the crowd as most of them recognize him from The Central Park zoo. This ultimately allows the dam that the tourists built to be taken down and water restored to the reserve. The majority of our watchers like and say.



Rated PG
Released November 7,2008
1 hour 29 minutes
Starring: Ben Sti ller, Chris Rock
David Schwimmer, Ellen Degeneres,
Jada Pinkett -Smith, Cedric the Entertainer
Directed by: Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

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Issue#31 – Hip Hop Dancing



DANCE is another extension of exercise because with dance you don’t really have to lift weights.

To stay healthy you have to move with the beat and make sure you have fun!

Dance also improves conditions to your heart and legs. Also it increases muscle strength,

endurance,  fitness, strong bones.  it reduces the risk of osteoporosis,  better coordination,

agility,  flexibility,  improved balance, and spatial awareness.

The best thing that it does is help you with self confidence, self esteem and betters social skills as well.









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Issue #31 – OBONA-Live Interview


Obona is a personal trainer. He has helped other people lose weight the right way and eat better in a healthy way as well. Obona was telling us how he overcame a lot of hard ships. After everything in his life he went up and has achieved a better life. We think Obona is a great role model for anyone out there.

Obona’s worked really hard on himself and has come out a better person. Obona has a lot of people supporting him. Obona had shown us some workouts. We warmed up by stretching, and preparing ourselves for for a strenuous workout.

            Obona has a fitness center called ”Level Up” with over 700,000 members coming to exercise. Many people have lost hundreds of pounds collectively with Obona’s workouts. We think that’s really amazing. Obona even told us about a sixteen year old kid in a wheelchair that’s in Basketball and has won most of his games. Obona showed us a short video of the kid playing and he’s really amazing with the tricks that he does when he plays. He told us to never give up on anything in life and to go after our dreams and goals. We really took that advice and going after our dreams and goal’s in the future. 



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lssue # 31 – movie review: Super Size ME

Year Released:2004

  Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Alexandra Jamieson

 Distributed By: Samuel Goldwyn Films, Roadside Attractions

 Directed, Produced and written by: Morgan Spurlock

Length of movie: 98 minutes We at Circles Magazine got together and watched a movie called Super-size me about an actor named Morgan Spurlock, who ate McDonalds every day for 30 days.

Part of the experiment was that Morgan could only eat what they sold at McDonalds, and if they asked him if he wanted to super-size he had to say yes. Morgan Spurlock went to see a couple different doctors and a nutritionist to help him with his experimental diet.  They did regular blood tests and physical exams throughout the 30 days.  The blood tests showed elevated blood sugar and higher cholesterol during the experiment.

One day while Morgan eating in his car he threw up outside his car window, it was gross, but then he felt better after he ate.  Morgan had every item on the menu and went to several different McDonalds throughout the country.

He was asked to super-size nine times during the 30 days and most of them were in Texas.

The movie was made in the year 2003 and released in 2004.

Since then McDonalds has changed its super-size policy and its menu significantly.

They claim that the movie had no impact on the decision to make the changes.

Of the 29 people that watched the movie 75% said to skip it.


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Issue #28 – Movie Review: The Lorax

The Lorax movie is about an unseen person named the Once-ler who is traveling one day and came across the Truffula Forest.


His job is to supply the thneeds to his customers.

He came up with the idea by driving through the forest and picking from the Truffula trees.

A Truffula tree is described as a strange looking tree with a fluffy top and a trunk that has colored stripes on them.

The Lorax is a furry creature who emerged from a tree stump and tries to tell the Once-ler to stop cutting down the trees but, the Once-ler doesn’t listen to him and keeps cutting down trees for his business.

The Lorax once again confronts the Once-ler telling him that all the creatures including the Bar-ba-Loots who eat Truffula fruits, humming fish, and swanee swans are leaving their homes with nowhere to go.


The water was polluted, and there was lack of rain.

The Once-ler ignores the Lorax’s words despite how the environment got ruined.

After all the trees are gone, his family left him and his old house.

Then the Lorax gave him a sad glare before leaving but not before he left the Once-ler with a message carved on a rock that said “Unless”.

The company that the Once-ler owns is called “Thneeds”.

It’s a company that takes trees and makes it into clothing.

The Once-ler also calls his family to help him make the clothing for his business.

The Lorax is a caring, helpful creature who speaks for the trees and creatures that live in the forest and lake.

Then some years later, a boy came to his old residence where he met the Once-ler who tells him the story of the Truffula trees.

After the young boy hears the story the Once-ler gives him the last tree seed so more trees can be grown again.


        thumbsup   SEE IT

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Issue #26 – Tanked


Our Circles Magazine team visited ATM to talk with the Tanked crew:

1- What inspired you to produce tanks?
Well, what happened in 1994, I moved out to Las Vegas. And when Imoved out to Las Vegas, I was building a new home and between my dining room and my theater room I wanted to put a tank so what I did, is I decided to call up Ampro which is the company in town at that particular time and I asked them to come over and they sent Wade King over, now Wade King came over to quote me on a tank and when he came to quote me on a tank, he saw a picture of my daughter. He said to me, he says, “You know I’m going to marry your daughter.” Now I proposed to my wife, may she rest in peace, unfortunately, she passed away 15 years ago. Alright and uh.. my wife saw me for 15 minutes and she went home and she says, “Mommy, I met the man that I’m gonna marry.” So it was very, very similar and the result was that they got married and he was working for the company and the company was getting bankrupted and all of a sudden he said to me, “How am I going to invest into our company? I’m going into this company and take it over.” So, I took this company and took it over and I put Brett and Wade together as partners and uh… that was 19 years ago. And the reality was that we had some good times and some bad times. Now we have some great ti mes and we are on T.V., we are in 200 countries, we just celebrated our 100th episode and that’s how I got involved with tanks. I don’t particularly build tanks but the reality is that I’m in tank business and I’m the financial person I put in over 2 million dollars into the company because of our good years and bad years so we are the number 1 tank builder and number 1 show on Animal Planet called “Tanked.”

2- Did you have to go to school to know about fish?
Uhm… well, you have to learn this from somewhere, you don’t have to go to school but you can learn from books videos to dvds or you can go onto Google and it has everything that you want to learn about fish.

3- What year did you move to Las Vegas?

I moved to Las Vegas in 1994 that was 22 years ago.

4- What is your favorite fish?
My favorite is the “Puffer” because when it gets really excited or upset, it blows up. At one time, we had a puffer that we feed out of my hand, and that’s something I really enjoyed.

5- How many people a day call you for a tank?

Probably anywhere between 10 to 30 people a day call to get quotes for tanks.

6- What was the most difficult tank you had to make for a client?
I think the most difficult tank that we did was in Dallas, Texas. It took us 2 ½ years to build and they actually built the church around the tank and then what we had to put the cross into the tank, we didn’t realize at the time that it was hollow on the inside and the end result was that we had to do it twice and we had to fill up on sand to get it weight so it could sink to the bottom.

7- How long does it take for the making of the show?

It takes 40 to 60 hours to film to make one 46 minute segment.

8- What are the different prices for each tank?
The tanks are depended on size, and its depended on what extra items you want on the tank, like if you want a filter, type of a pump, if you want a façade, canopy. There’s a lot of things that go into it but basically its about size because everything is done in dollars and cents, the larger the tank, the more it costs.

9- How much does it cost to fund an episode?
That is actually unknown to me and it varies from place to place because if you have something that’s in Las Vegas, we don’t have to ship it out of town so we have to take consideration the shipping, the installation, etc. The further away you go, the more expensive it is and then again it depends on where your installing it, do you have to through the door?, do you have to go through the roof?, do you have to go through the window?Do you have to repair certain things? Etc.

10- What was your most exciting tank you made?
The most expensive tank ironically now would be the church tank. It was 5 million dollars, plus the installation of the tank.

11- How do you keep the tanks clean?
Ok. I don’t typically keep the tanks clean, but the reality is the tanks are kept clean in two or three different ways. #1: We have the service company that keeps them clean. #2: If we do it in-house, we have certain chemicals that we actually sell and the chemicals that we sell are quality and the end result is that we utilize to the best of our abilities through trial and error and now we have the best chemicals in the world so it 
keeps the tanks really, really clean, but again everything’s about the dollars and cents. Now, if you have a service, they charge you about $1 per gallon, so if you have a 50 gallon tank, it’s $50 a month. If you have a 100 gallon tank, its $100 a month and as you go up, it still stays at $1 a gallon.

12- How many fish tanks do you have?
I’m not sure what exactly you mean, we have in-house about 10 fish tanks now. But, we built about 10,000 over 19 years.


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Issue #26 – Life Long Dreams

Transforming Disability Into Special Ability Through The Arts


How long have you been with Life Long Dreams?

Danny Titus has been working for Life Long Dreams from four to eight years.

Why did you choose to be part of Life Long Dreams?

He was asked to work full time by Genevieve Dew for photography and producer.

How do you decide who will be in the show?

Everybody gets to participate and do their own part for each show.

How do you prepare for your performance?

Danny said that he likes to pray before every performance.


How long does it take to be completely ready for the show?

It can take up to 4 to 6 months depending on the show.


Have you chosen what the next show is going to be on?

Secrets the Holiday Special.


What are the requirements for Life Long Dreams?

You need to be eligible for Medicaid or Respite services.


When and where is the next performance going to be?

In November, at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall.


Is there an age limit to be in the program?

No, there is no age limit in the program.


Which show is your favorite and why?

Danny Titus said his favorite show is the Icons show because everybody worked really hard on the show.


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Issue #26 – Independence Day vs Independence Day Resurgence


The people at Circles Magazine recently had the
opportunity to watch and compare the two movies
Independence Day and Independence Day 2:Resurgence.







The First Independence Day had come out in 1996
Starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and
Vivica A. Fox. We were struck by the intense Action,
Mild violence and the Funny, Hilarious scenes throughout
the movie and the science fiction infused awesome invasion
battle scenes throughout the film. I remember coming out
of the theatre saying to myself, “I’ve never seen a movie
like it before”.







Independence Day 2: Resurgence starred most of the
same crew as the first but had some new additions to
the cast. After watching the second one, we had some
of the same feelings about it as we had for the first
one. The Special effects were awesome in both movies, we
at Circles like the first one better, however they were
both excellent for different reasons. we liked the second
one for its colonies living on the moon and on earth and
interstellar space travel.

The first one was better for its Sci-Fi scenes that we
believe could never ever be duplicated again, for when it
was shot back in 1996, we compare it to the underwater
scenes in the Abyss. The futuristic scenes of both movies
are a tribute to the CGI and green screen talents of the
film crew.

In Independence Day 2 the people were much older,
20 years later. As we see in the second movie they
learned from the first invasion that they could destroy
the aliens, and that they would be back again to try to
conquer the earth, but in Independence Day 2: Resurgence
the human race was more advanced than in the first
movie in Intelligence sharing and intelligence gathering.
The movie has a positive theme of the nations of earth
working together to eliminate the threat to the planet,
20 years after the initial invasion.

The People at Circles Magazine watched both and all
agree on seeing both movies. We think they’re worth
your time and that you’ll enjoy them.


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Issue #25- Silverball History at the Pinball Hall of Fame

img_3148-as-smart-object-1If you are driving, strolling, rolling or flying down Tropicana Blvd., just East of Maryland Pkwy., you may run into the Pinball Hall Of Fame. This nostalgic place has all the pinball machines that anyone who grew up in the era of them would want to play. Circles Magazine took a drive over there and talked to Tim Arnold, owner of the 10,000 square foot museum.

When did gaming begin for you?

It started as a kid, I got my first machine in high school August 1969.

There is 10,000 square feet of machines here, have you played them all?img_3126-as-smart-object-1

I have rebuilt and played them all.

What is your favorite machine?

As curator I am not allowed to have a favorite.

Do you know what the very first pinball machine was and what year did it come out?

November 1930 and it was called whiffle ball, it was a counter top marble type.

What was the greatest time for pinball machines?

Right now is the greatest time for pinball machines.ben-interviewing

Do they still have pinball championships?

Yes, more popular with better prizes now.

Does the price to pay increase with popularity?

No not popularity. The newer the game the higher the price.

How much does it cost repair a machine?

Thousands of dollars… but 90% of the repairs are in-house. 10% are legal issues about waste also about certain components. And there are 3 reasons for this 1. Quality 2. Speed 3. Cost   “you can’t spray on progress, you have to build it.”img_3137





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Issue #25 – A Trek To The College Of Southern Nevada Planetarium


Recently the Circles Magazine crew took a trek to the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium, Where Andrew and his aide kindly gave us a tour and an interview about what they do there. We found out about upcoming plans for the planetarium and what they are currently doing.andrew-and-aide

Located at the Cheyenne campus the planetarium has a host of thing that not are entertaining but are a great source of education for the community, such as the telescope loan program that is available to teachers in the Clark County School District to teach young students about the planets and solar system. School field trips are offered daily from 9:30am to 11:00am year round.auditorium2hd-imaging-system

 In February of 2017 the planetarium will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, a milestone for them and also the community.  Plans to open another planetarium at the Charleston campus are in the works but no details were given on that. They also hope to add solar panels, virtual reality and 3D to enhance the experience of the planetarium.logo_planetariumtelescope

The planetarium is mainly used to teach the astronomy classes at the college, but also is used to educate the community where then have shows in their 68 seat auditorium that has a high definition hemispheric video projection system, they are on Friday at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm, and on Saturday afternoons and evenings at 3:30pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Following the 8pm shows, the public is invited to the student observatory for show if the weather is clear. The planetarium is located at 3200 E. Cheyenne ave. in North Las Vegas. The cost of admission is very reasonable at $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children, with free admissions on the first Friday of the month to Military, Seniors and CSN students with ID.

The funding for the planetarium comes from the State of Nevada, show admissions sales and the Astronomy Gift Shop. NASA helps with sponsorships of displays such as moon rocks and space shuttle parts. Displayed when we went there was a wheel from the space shuttle Endeavor.observatory

Some interesting things that we found out during our visit was that you can the planets from anywhere on earth provided you have the correct telescope, which voids the misconception some people have that you can only see certain planets in the west or in the east, although the city lights sometimes obscure the view depending on how bright they are. The Circles crew got to view how the galaxy was formed and it was a very interesting and visually impressive show.

We thank them for taking the time to show us around.


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