Issue #26 – Life Long Dreams

Transforming Disability Into Special Ability Through The Arts


How long have you been with Life Long Dreams?

Danny Titus has been working for Life Long Dreams from four to eight years.

Why did you choose to be part of Life Long Dreams?

He was asked to work full time by Genevieve Dew for photography and producer.

How do you decide who will be in the show?

Everybody gets to participate and do their own part for each show.

How do you prepare for your performance?

Danny said that he likes to pray before every performance.


How long does it take to be completely ready for the show?

It can take up to 4 to 6 months depending on the show.


Have you chosen what the next show is going to be on?

Secrets the Holiday Special.


What are the requirements for Life Long Dreams?

You need to be eligible for Medicaid or Respite services.


When and where is the next performance going to be?

In November, at Sam’s Town Hotel and Gambling Hall.


Is there an age limit to be in the program?

No, there is no age limit in the program.


Which show is your favorite and why?

Danny Titus said his favorite show is the Icons show because everybody worked really hard on the show.


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Issue #26 – Independence Day vs Independence Day Resurgence


The people at Circles Magazine recently had the
opportunity to watch and compare the two movies
Independence Day and Independence Day 2:Resurgence.







The First Independence Day had come out in 1996
Starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and
Vivica A. Fox. We were struck by the intense Action,
Mild violence and the Funny, Hilarious scenes throughout
the movie and the science fiction infused awesome invasion
battle scenes throughout the film. I remember coming out
of the theatre saying to myself, “I’ve never seen a movie
like it before”.







Independence Day 2: Resurgence starred most of the
same crew as the first but had some new additions to
the cast. After watching the second one, we had some
of the same feelings about it as we had for the first
one. The Special effects were awesome in both movies, we
at Circles like the first one better, however they were
both excellent for different reasons. we liked the second
one for its colonies living on the moon and on earth and
interstellar space travel.

The first one was better for its Sci-Fi scenes that we
believe could never ever be duplicated again, for when it
was shot back in 1996, we compare it to the underwater
scenes in the Abyss. The futuristic scenes of both movies
are a tribute to the CGI and green screen talents of the
film crew.

In Independence Day 2 the people were much older,
20 years later. As we see in the second movie they
learned from the first invasion that they could destroy
the aliens, and that they would be back again to try to
conquer the earth, but in Independence Day 2: Resurgence
the human race was more advanced than in the first
movie in Intelligence sharing and intelligence gathering.
The movie has a positive theme of the nations of earth
working together to eliminate the threat to the planet,
20 years after the initial invasion.

The People at Circles Magazine watched both and all
agree on seeing both movies. We think they’re worth
your time and that you’ll enjoy them.


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Issue #25- Silverball History at the Pinball Hall of Fame

img_3148-as-smart-object-1If you are driving, strolling, rolling or flying down Tropicana Blvd., just East of Maryland Pkwy., you may run into the Pinball Hall Of Fame. This nostalgic place has all the pinball machines that anyone who grew up in the era of them would want to play. Circles Magazine took a drive over there and talked to Tim Arnold, owner of the 10,000 square foot museum.

When did gaming begin for you?

It started as a kid, I got my first machine in high school August 1969.

There is 10,000 square feet of machines here, have you played them all?img_3126-as-smart-object-1

I have rebuilt and played them all.

What is your favorite machine?

As curator I am not allowed to have a favorite.

Do you know what the very first pinball machine was and what year did it come out?

November 1930 and it was called whiffle ball, it was a counter top marble type.

What was the greatest time for pinball machines?

Right now is the greatest time for pinball machines.ben-interviewing

Do they still have pinball championships?

Yes, more popular with better prizes now.

Does the price to pay increase with popularity?

No not popularity. The newer the game the higher the price.

How much does it cost repair a machine?

Thousands of dollars… but 90% of the repairs are in-house. 10% are legal issues about waste also about certain components. And there are 3 reasons for this 1. Quality 2. Speed 3. Cost   “you can’t spray on progress, you have to build it.”img_3137





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Issue #25 – A Trek To The College Of Southern Nevada Planetarium


Recently the Circles Magazine crew took a trek to the College of Southern Nevada Planetarium, Where Andrew and his aide kindly gave us a tour and an interview about what they do there. We found out about upcoming plans for the planetarium and what they are currently doing.andrew-and-aide

Located at the Cheyenne campus the planetarium has a host of thing that not are entertaining but are a great source of education for the community, such as the telescope loan program that is available to teachers in the Clark County School District to teach young students about the planets and solar system. School field trips are offered daily from 9:30am to 11:00am year round.auditorium2hd-imaging-system

 In February of 2017 the planetarium will be celebrating their 40th anniversary, a milestone for them and also the community.  Plans to open another planetarium at the Charleston campus are in the works but no details were given on that. They also hope to add solar panels, virtual reality and 3D to enhance the experience of the planetarium.logo_planetariumtelescope

The planetarium is mainly used to teach the astronomy classes at the college, but also is used to educate the community where then have shows in their 68 seat auditorium that has a high definition hemispheric video projection system, they are on Friday at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm, and on Saturday afternoons and evenings at 3:30pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Following the 8pm shows, the public is invited to the student observatory for show if the weather is clear. The planetarium is located at 3200 E. Cheyenne ave. in North Las Vegas. The cost of admission is very reasonable at $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for children, with free admissions on the first Friday of the month to Military, Seniors and CSN students with ID.

The funding for the planetarium comes from the State of Nevada, show admissions sales and the Astronomy Gift Shop. NASA helps with sponsorships of displays such as moon rocks and space shuttle parts. Displayed when we went there was a wheel from the space shuttle Endeavor.observatory

Some interesting things that we found out during our visit was that you can the planets from anywhere on earth provided you have the correct telescope, which voids the misconception some people have that you can only see certain planets in the west or in the east, although the city lights sometimes obscure the view depending on how bright they are. The Circles crew got to view how the galaxy was formed and it was a very interesting and visually impressive show.

We thank them for taking the time to show us around.


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Issue #25 – First Friday

What is first Friday?
First Friday a Monthly Art Festival located in Downtown Las Vegas
Arts District celebrating the work of local artists, musicians, culinary
food vendors.
What do you do at first Friday?
I am the volunteer coordinator as well as the director of the
dance department.
How many volunteers are there?
Roughly 20-30 a month.
How long does it take to set up First Friday?
It takes 24 hours to set up.firstfridaynew_t1000
How many people attend First Friday every month?
Depending on the weather it can vary from 10,000-40,000 people.
Where is First Friday?
It is located in the arts district down by Charleston and Main
How much does it cost?
What kind of activities are there?
There’s everything from live music, art, food trucks, performers,
vendors and workshops.
Is it wheelchair accessible?
The event is completely wheelchair accessible.

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Issue #25 – Movie Review Ghostbusters


ghostbusters2016       VS             ghostbusters1984

2016                                                                                                                1984


Ghosts busters movie review girls vs boys


In ghostbusters I we are reacquinted with 3 former parapsychologist, who band together to save New York City from invading ghost. Our review follows the familiar antics of our favorite ghostbusters, Dan Ackroyd, Bill Murray, and Rick Moranis. We compared this with Ghostbusters II. This new addition of paranormal investigators Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wig, and Leslie Jones, picks up where the first left off.

The obvious departure from Ghostbusters I is that our heros from II are all females. This provides different funny approach to the paranormal investigations. They liked when the ghost busters saved the town of new York city  my thought is it is not funny as 2.  Our favorite seen is when the ghostbusters getting rid of the big bad white puffing marshmallow man and the rest of those evil demons in New York.  See it. We like when the ghost got blasted with lizard gun.   We decided readers should skip it when the ghost come out and scared all the people in new York and the pink car was cool, and the second ghostbusters was so good that I would see it a second time.



Circles magazine watched the second ghostbusters movie to get a taste of how it compares to the first one.


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Issue #25- The Man In the Mirror



The man in the mirror is basically a reflection of yourself. Looking at yourself and facing your fears and accepting who you are and self love.

How’d you make your suit?

The suit was created with pieces of mirror that were cut and hand shaves and grinded down. Industrial glue and many hours of labor. The mask was molded from my face and is the third mask I have had made.

How many hours did it take to make the suit?

Collectively over 400 hours.

When did the man in the mirror appear in the suit?

The man in the mirror first appeared in August of 2009.

What materials did you use to make the suit?group-shot

Mirrors, grinder, industrial glue, pants, jacket and tie.


Where can we see your notable performances?

I perform all over the strip, nightclubs, festivals and street performing on Las Vegas Blvd.

How long does it take to put the suit on?

It takes about 10 minutes to suit up.

Where do you put the suit/mask when you’re not using it?

I have a travel case that I use that has protective material on the inside and heavy duty on the outside.man-on-street

How many mirrors are on your suit?

Roughly over 4000.

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Issue #24- Vinylz Not Dead








sign and bannerThe Circles interview team arrived at 4503 W. Sahara here in Las Vegas, the colorful sign immediately captured our attention as we read the letters ZIA. As we entered the store, we met with Carl the manager, and he brought to the back of the store among a plethora of vinyl records where we conducted our interview, and this is how it went…

Who founded ZIA Records?

Zia was founded by a gentleman back in the Phoenix area. His name is Brad singer, Brads no longer with us he passed away. He started the company in 1980.
How long has ZIA Records been around?

A little over 36 years and in Vegas since 2005.

How has downloading and streaming affected record stores?

I think it’s affected it a little bit on the CD side records are really big now we only had 3 rows of records new when we open there store. And now we have records all along side of the wall. It just gets to show that the music is alive. We still do well with CDs but not as well as we use to. The downloads didn’t really hurt us as bad as we thought it would.

What’s the difference between a vinyl and a digital copy?
They have been making vinyl since around 1944 now vinyl is a little thicker in some areas on some releases, Digital is all done through the computer, where they’re taking the binaries and they are able to make sounds that’s what digital is making sounds out of math.michelle and carl interview

How has ZIA Records managed to survive the transition into the digital age?

Well we do sell some mp3s on our website. We don’t sell mp3s in the store at this point, but that doesn’t mean we won’t in the future. At this point all we sell is CDs, vinyl and other items that are not music, like DVDs, Blu-ray, toys and things like that. Some stores carry cassettes we don’t carry them here.
What’s are some of the most popular artist that have performed here?

We had a couple good ones, The Deftones, John Densmore, the drummer from the doors, we had Slug from Atmosphere, and Hollywood Undead was here several years ago, so we’ve had quite a few artists come through here.

Do you get any tourist traffic?

Not as much if we were down on the strip. We are a neighborhood store. The tourist we get are visiting because they heard of us online or from Coachella we did for 5 years, which is the second biggest music festival in the country.

What are your top 5 records in the store?

David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust, Back seat change, dead can dance, Beirut, and the Cocteau Twins.

When and where did your love for music begin?

It started with the David Bowie song Ziggy Stardust-The Space Oddity. I saw it at a planetarium theater, and it blew me away. And that’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do, I started this in 1981.

How many records do you have in the store and what’s your rarest vinyl?.final 4

We have about 23,000 used records. New records it’s hard to tell, about 5 to 6,000 new.

The rarest record we have and the most expensive was a Miles Davis one is worth $250.

Visit them at www.ziarecords.com.


vinyl tidbitvinyl tidbit 2 vinyl tidbit 3ZIA LOGO

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iusse #24 – Star Wars The Force Awakens Movie Reveiw


chewbaccayoda color

a long long time ago in a movie review far far away

Darth ColoredThe first order has risen and threatens to take over the galaxy. Newcomers Rey and Finn team up in their search to find the last remaining Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker. Along the way they join forces with a much needed ally Hans Solo. The plot was very interesting. It had a lot of action and adventure The music, by original composer John Williams, kept pace as the action unfolded. We also liked the costumes, the were a perfect match for this futuristic theme. But by far the best part had to be the light saber battle between Kylo Ren and Rey.In the film we are surprised to find that Princess Leia and Han Solo have a son who turns out to be Kylo Ren, who had been lured over to the dark side and was the prodigy of Darth Vader. Whether you are a first timer or a long time fan, this movie is a definite must see 2 thumbs up great flick lots of action Sci-Fi


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Issue #24 – Keeping You On The Cutting Edge

interview pic

“…we make it comfortable for every type of person and needs.”

On a Tuesday morning The Circles Interview team arrived to Edge Fitness to meet Amber
for a quick chat, what would we thought would be a walk in the park turned into a workout…
What inspired you to work in fitness? 

Overall health and wellness of other people. Growing up it’s always been a major part of my life. I wanted my kids and everyone else to feel the same importance. When I was young my dad had a heart attack at an early age and that’s what inspired me.

What classes does the gym offer?

Currently we offer yoga, boot camp, young at heart which is for senior
citizens. We are looking to grow our fitness classes.

 What are some tips for people wanting to lose/gain weight? 

Look towards healthy food items and staying on track with your
diet. Seeing it as a way of life not just a diet, finding the foods that work best for you.

 How long have you been in the fitness industry and what kind of certification do you need?

group shot

I have been in the fitness industry for 6 years, prior to that I
was a personal trainer, I have a certification from the national
academy of sport medicines certification and personal trainer

Have you been in any competitions or trained anyone for a competition? 

I personally have not. I have overseen other trainers that do it, it’s a
lot of hard work and dedication.

Have you ever worked with a celebrity and if so which one? 

I have not it’s a saturated industry not everyone gets to work with celebrity. handshake gym

How many clients do you usually have?
Clients vary month to month, it varies on the season of the year, beginning of the year they decide they want to get in the shape as a New Year resolution. You usually have a fluctuation in the beginning of the year and then it kind of dwindles down until the summer. It can go from 5-20 people a week

How many trainers do you have? 

We have 3 locations, we have trainers throughout the valley, some locations have 2 some have 3 and looking to add some more

What’s your favorite cheat meal?
Pizza, pastas, fried foods and anything sweet, now you’re making me hungry! Lol

Have you ever trained someone with a disability? If so which disability and how?

I’ve had injuries more than anything. I had a client with vertigo one and that was a challenge, I had a client that was blind depending on the extremely each person is different ,I’ve had probably about 3

Is the gym wheel chair accessible?

Yes our Facilities are wheel chair accessible, we make it comfortable for every type of person and needs. We do have handicap parking at each location as well

Where can someone go to signup?

At any one of our 3 locations at the front desk or with anyone of our staff members or they can sign up online. We also offer free 3 day passes.

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