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Issue #36 – Wax Trax Records

The Circles Crew went to Wax Trax Records Inc located at 2909 S. Decatur. We sat down with Richard Rosen who has been the owner and operator for 20 years in Las Vegas. Richard has been in the record industry for over 55 years. He started in New York in 1972 and later relocated to Las Vegas in 1988. Richard said we could receive a 20% discount on any purchase if he makes the cover. When asked about Richard’s personal musical taste he suggested the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Elton John(whom he mentioned to be a personal friend of his). When you decide to visit Wax Trax, make sure to say hi to Richard’s son David who also works there and say hi to Charlie the dog!

Interview by: Joey Thomas. Written by: Justin Freeman, and Michelle Frese. Pictures by: Stacy Foster.

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Issue #36 – The Games of Dave and Busters

Hello, folks, it is time to have some fun, and go wild. Yes, that is right, game fans, now let’s go out and party and go Bonzo Loco. Game fanatics let’s head out to our favorite rendezvous in the fields of frolic. Let’s have fun with the Games of Dave & Busters.

We all have various opinions about the atmosphere and different games. So let us begin with Justin and his opinions: “My experience at Dave & Buster’s arcade section was good, if you want my honest opinion. The section of games they had was small, but considering you had to fit a restaurant and bar just on the other side of the space it is still a pretty big space.”

Now let’s turn to Eric and his opinions, about the place and establishment: “Really great! I love the games! I like the toys! I like the Mario Kart game.” Okay let us now go to Kyren: “It was amazing! I like the games, the toys, and so much more.” Now let us go with Derek: “I think Dave & Busters is a great place to get away from the house so you don’t get bored. It is fun for the whole family as well, and if you’re in the mood to get tickets for prizes.” Finally there is Robert: “Well it is a great carnival atmosphere and the games were amazingly high-tech, plus there is so much to do that you can spend all day there.”

So in conclusion, Dave & Busters is a real cool place to go. It is full of thrills and excitement that words THE GAMES OF DAVE & BUSTERS can’t describe. Indeed, you have to go there and experience the wonder and atmosphere of one of the most high-tech game gadgetry ever devised. Yes, it is truly a sight to behold and be amazed at all sorts of games. So why not go down and experience the wonder first hand. Go down to Dave & Busters now and have the joy of your life.

Written by: Robert Klag

Game reviews by: Justin Freeman, Kyren Ford, Derek Gendvil, and Robert Klag

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The story telling was impactful and emotional as Rose and Jack began their fledgling romance aboard the S.S. Titanic. This fictional account of the events that transpired on April 10, 1912 are put into a movie Titanic in a poker game and a rich socialite named Rose. Rose is aboard the ship with her fiance Cal, whom as explained by Rose Rose, she is not in love with, and begins a romantic affair with Jack aboard the ship.

After, it is found out, that Jack and Rose together, Cal and his entourage forbid them from seeing each other and Jack is forbidden from entering, the first class parts of the ship. Although this didn’t stop him from being with Rose. As the ship was in it’s final minutes, before sinking, Jack is handcuff in a room below deck look for Jack, and finds him. Using a fire ax that was attached to the wall, she frees him from the handcuffs, and they make a frantic dash back above the deck. In order, to save themselves, they jump from the ship, and the movie fades back to the present back to the present showing an older Rose telling the story to a crew salvaging the wreck.

Daniel said, I liked the ship’s immense size, and that it’s like a floating hotel on the sea. During the film, it was love at first site. Older Rose, tells all of us, how the Titanic met it’s fated maiden voyage, and how Jack and Rose were destined to be together.

Deana Said, This movie was very iconic from the scene, with Rose, feeling like she was flying with Jack at the front of the ship to them being reunited in the last scene at the end. People should definetely go see it, you’ll be blown away with tears, from the romance and tragedy .

Nathan said, I didn’t like the crazy fiance who tries to kill them and I didn’t like that Jack died at the end. The movie was great, it had both fictional and real characters. The romance between Jack and Rose was my favorite part.

Written By Robert Klag Jr.

Reviews by: Daniel Romero, Deeana Chapman, Nathan Moench

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Issue #36 – MGM Grand Theme Park History

A long time ago, Las Vegas had The MGM Grand Theme Park. The plan was to create a theme park that was suitable for children and adults. With the
theme representing the “Wizards of Oz,” a yellow brick road was installed
which guided guests from inside of the hotel leading them to the theme park entrance. The theme park was 33 acres in size and really had a feel like, Disneyland Hollywood Studios/Universal Studios. December 18th, 1993 was the opening of the theme park. It provided attractions including shows, roller coasters and water rides.
The shows featured pirates and a Halloween themed haunted house. Other
rides include the Haunted Mine, Grand Canyon Rapids, Deep Earth
Exploration, and the Lightning Bolt. The park never met its expectations and in 2007 the park closed in order for the MGM to make space for swimming pools and conference facilities. Even though the MGM Grand Theme park was not a success, it opened the doors for other hotels to have thrill rides of their own.
Some of these casinos were, New York New York with the Manhattan Express roller coaster, Buffalo Bills with the Desperado Roller Coaster, and Circus Circus with the Canyon Blaster roller coaster.

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Issue 36# – Hollywood Car Museum

We the Circles team went to the Hollywood Car Museum and saw at least a hundred cars there. We saw the Pink Panther car, the Fast and the Furious cars, the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny car, and many more.

In the back of the garage are seven of Liberace’s cars on display that he and his family had owned. When we did the interview with Steve that runs the museum, we asked him how long that they have been open?

He told us that they have been around for five years and slowly opened the museum.

They get in many people all over the world to visit the museum. When we asked him how much the admission to the Hollywood Car Museum was. Steve had said for the adults its $20.00, kids have to be under 16 to get in for free with pay adult admission.

Steve went on to say that they don’t put gas in any of the cars. Every once in a while they add fresh paint on the cars. When we ask about the Fast and the Furious cars and the Bond cars Steve said that when they were filming the movies, they were crashed. Just like the Dukes of hazard car they were stunt cars.

Steve told us that his guys clean the whole garage even the cars too. He went on and said that all of the cars are really valuable. He also did talk about the Back to the Future car and how it really does start up with fire just like in the movie.

When we asked him who the owner was Steve told us that he lives in Miami and is a collector of the cars. He has over three million dollars of collectable cars, and he had sent at least a hundred of the cars to Steve for his museum. Steve wanted to do something fun for families that they can all do together, and for Las Vegas locals as well.

Interview: Stacey Foster

Photographer: Michelle Frese & Briana Brooks

Video recorder: Joey Thomas

Research: Terrance Jerffers & Elizabeth Suarez

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Issue #35 – Welcome to the Flamingo Habitat

Visiting the Flamingo Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Casino was a special experience for me because it reminded me (Brianna) of Georgia. Being surrounded by the greenery felt like home to me but also the air was musky. The main attraction were the flamingos. They stood out as the reason to go. Our team learned about a lot of different animals and we would deeply recommend visiting the habitat.

Opening in 1995, the habitat brought a jungle-like environment to the strip.
(Even though the animal habitat’s hours are from 8am to 8pm, the area is accessible 24 hours every day.)
 However, we recommend visiting during daylight hours at least once to see the different animals properly. After hours the path is a little more secluded than the rest of The Strip.  Jeremy also went to the habitat and he really enjoyed it. He said, “I really enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of animals like the flamingos and parrots. You can even have a parrot put on your shoulder. I thought that was cool to see.” Seeing the different kinds of plants and a waterfall was pretty cool to see as well. I would highly recommend everyone to go and check this place out because it’s a pretty cool experience to go and check out.

How long do Macaw birds live? •The average life span is 60 years.

Why do flamingos stand on one leg? •To conserve energy because they are at rest.

How far will a Mallard Duck fly when it migrates? • It can travel up to 800 miles a day.

How do turtles survive in the winter? • They bromate under rocks in the water holding their breath for 4 months, at heart rate of 5 beats per minute.

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Issue #35-Need A New Hobby… Learn to Fly RC Airplanes At Willie McCool Park (Located in North Las Vegas)

Are you getting bored of the same old hobbies? Well we have the right one for you! Flying RC planes, helicopters and other types of radio control aircrafts has become a hugely popular pastime in the recent years.

It has never been easier and more affordable to get started! Circles Magazine met with Don Campbell to interview about the park and everything else you need to know when flying. He told us “it is hard to fly RC airplanes, they are just like the real thing but just on a smaller scale, they are also slow, and depend on the type of airplane.” They run about 200 miles an hour. some prices vary from $200.75 to $409.95. Most people buy finished or build and fly them around.

The limitations of RC planes have been compared to real airplanes such as not responding. There are a few rules when flying: Don’t hurt anybody, and no combat flying, (combat flying means the flying of any model aircraft in such a manner as to interfere with another model aircraft that can cause damage to each other). A yearly pass must be purchased to utilize the model airplane flying field at Willie McCool Regional Park. A pass can be purchased at the Neighborhood Recreation Center, 1638 North Bruce Street, North Las Vegas. For more information, Call; (702) 633-1600.

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Issue #35 – The Mob Museum

Research Team: Stacey Foster, Michelle Frese, Justin Freeman, Cassie Hitchcock, Joey Thomas

 Mobsters, the lifeblood of America between Probation (1920’s) to about the 1950’s. While most of the Mob now is gone, their memory and their legacy lives on in the Mob Museum at 300 Stewart Ave in Las Vegas. We at Circles Magazine got the chance to go there to take a tour and to do an interview.

 We got to do an interview with Felicia, who is the Director of Guest Services at the Mob Museum, and ask a couple of questions:

                How did the Mob Museum start?

A number of people had a hand to the start of the Mob Museum, the biggest was Former Mayor of Las Vegas and Mob Defense Attorney, Oscar Goodman.

                How many people do you have working here?

120 full time employees and we have about that many part time workers as well. That number of part time workers does not include volunteers.

                How many tours do you ‘run’ on a daily basis?

The tours are predominant self-guided.

                How long has the Mob Museum been in Las Vegas?

February 14th, 2012; because that was the date of a pretty big Mob event that happened, the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967).

                What was this building before it became a museum?

A Courthouse and a Post Office

                How many exhibits do you have?

Four (4) Floor exhibits and many things that are not on display in storage as well as in schools and some community centers.

Have any of the Items been use in a court of Law?

Yes, Al Capone’s gun is on the 3rd floor on loan from the IRS Criminal investigation unit, Two (2) Tommy Guns (or Thompson Submachine Guns) from the Valentine’s Day Massacre. They are periodicity on display and hand cuffs on the 2nd floor.

                What is your favorite exhibit?

A special place in my heart is for the Crime Lab and Firearm Training simulator.

 After our interview with Felicia, we had the chance to tour the Mob Museum for ourselves. We were amazed with the amount of history that the Museum had to offer. From seeing the Revolver that Al Capone used to having one of us being electrocuted (not actually). It was a fun tour for us. So the next time you want to find out about the Mob, go to the Mob Museum!

 P.S.:  The hours for the Mob Museum is open every day at 9:00 AM to 9:00PM; tickets start at $26.95 but it includes a Las Vegas all exclusive pass. Also there is limited Parking for the Mob Museum on site and there is a $7.00 fee for parking.

 P.S.S.: Thank you Felicia, and the rest of the Mob Museum, for the interview and allowing us to tour the Museum. It was a fun experience for us!

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Issue #35- Las Vegas Motor Speedway, America’s Racing Showplace

The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has developed into a major tourist destination catering to thousands of race car fans throughout the world. The LVMS located in the northeast corner of the valley is the largest motorsports complex in the United States. Ten different tracks, featuring 19 styles of racing, sits on 1,600 acres of land hosting up to 1,500 venues a year including concerts, air shows and motocross.

In 1998, the LVMS celebrated the first race of NASCAR’s Winston Cup Series. The track was a 1.5 mile Tri-oval seating over 120,000 fans. It was a success selling 170,000 tickets to racecar fans in just a couple of hours making a sell-out.

The race track holds 80,000 fans with -12*-20* turns and a lap distance of 1.5 miles.

Jamie is the best tour guide and the LVMS is a must see for any traditional race fan! She has been given tours of the raceway for 17 years, and was able to answer questions we asked.

Dream Racing offers real track driving experience with the largest selection of exotic race cars from all over the world. Prices range.


There are 102 suites, which hold a maximum of 120 people. Prices range from $60,000-$140,000 a year.

The Strip is one of only two 1/4 mile dragstrip tracks that has been modified from two lanes to four lanes. The Strip holds the fastest times of less than 3 seconds and speeds of over 330 mph.

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Issue #35- Marsha Warfield

Who is a native of Chicago, began, her career in comedy in 1974 at the age of twenty. She decided to get into comedy because she said “I thought I was funny.” Referred to by a friend, Marsha Warfield began testing out her comedy at a local club that would host a free open mic night. She would stay there crafting her skills for two years before deciding to make a jump to the full time. In 1976, she was ready to head west and make it in Hollywood as a professional comedian. Her first role on TV was on the “Richard Pryor Show.”

Marsha made appearances on the shows, “Riptide”, “Family Ties,” & “Cheers.” She was also in several movies including “They Call Me Bruce”, “DC Cab”, and the 1985 movie “The Mask.” Her longest running show was “Night Court” which ran from 1984 to 1992. She joined the cast as the third baliff named Roz Russell in 1986 and stayed with it until it end in 1992. Marsha continues her comedy work at the Las Vegas LA Comedy Club located at the Strat. She can be seen on Wednesday & Thursday nights.

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