Things you need to make paper:

Shredded paper

3 cups water

Tub of water
Smooth piece of wood

DyeTempera Paint

Paper Deckle Screenstep-1

picture frame

Rolling Pin

China first made paper around 105 A.D., it was handmade and at the time was considered a luxury item and was only available to a few people and was used mostly for religious ceremonies. Paper was introduced to the Japanese by Chinese monks around the 6th century. The secrets of paper folding had spread throughout the world by 750 A. D. and paper folding became more common as paper became more readily available to the general public and less of a luxury item.

Step 1: soak paper in water                                                                                         step-2

Step 2: Put soaked paper in blender

Step 3: Add dye and tempera paint to paper in blender                                      step-3
Step 4: Blend well                                                                                                 step-4
Step 5: Pour contents of blender into tub of water, repeat process one more time        step-5
Step 6: Using paper deckle, place screen over deckle and secure with picture frame        step-6
Step 7: Holding deckle, screen and frame together scoop contents of tub onto deckle,

then clean excess from around outside of picture frame                                                            .step-7
Step 8: Remove picture frame and add a piece of screen on top of paper mixture on deckle, run smooth     piece of wood over top to remove excess water from top.
Step 9: Put towels down on tabletop and put screens with paper mixture on towel and cover with another tow                                                                                                        el
Step 10: Flatten with rolling pin several times              step-9
Step 11: Remove from between screens and put on drying rack for 24 hours.step-10

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The Circles Magazine crew thought it was time to make life easier for you, so we did some research and came up with these life hacks and here we are passing them along to you.
To find out how to do these hacks go to www.circlesmagazine.org and click on activities.

first row

Also try these life hacks:

When travelling keep a bar of scented soap with your dirty laundry, it will keep your clothes smelling fresh
Place a wooden spoon across a pot of boiling water to keep it from boiling over.
Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling in your garage to the windshield of your car to know where to stop in garage.
Throw and aluminum foil ball into the dryer to eliminate static cling.
Ears plugged with water after swimming at the beach? Blow into a deflated balloon 3 or 4 times, this will relax the ears and force the water out.

second row

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Patterns and Folds
As we started looking for origami projectsPuzzling Paper Projects fold1
to do for this article, there many readily
available on the internet, but we found
the best ones came from books on origami
as they explained the process better
and were easier to follow than a video, as
they tended to move to fast and had to
be rewound over and over to get the step
properly done. Terminology for origami
varied in some case but there were common
terms such sink, mountain fold andPuzzling Paper Projects fold2

Our projects
As we made our own we found out that it
is harder than it looks in the instructions
and that it definitely takes plenty of practice
to do. Origami is an art and certainly
brings out the beauty of paper. An origami
artist must have skill and dexterity (as
well as patience). We made our projects
starting with no skills and found out that
origami is fun and frustrating all in one.Puzzling Paper Projects fold3
But once you make something it can feel
rewarding and make a person proud. We
made various objects from the Star Wars
Millenium Falcon to a giant origami necktie.origami on table2

neck tie origamiMillenium Falcon origaminapkin origami


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We at Circles Magazine interviewed our fellow colleagues we wanted to know what their favorite sports were. We went to different campuses to interview them. Eric Gaisin

Eric Gaisin is 36 years old he works at the Charleston Campus likes basketball, he is in the Special Olympics bowling he won a medal first place last year 67. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons & the Miami Heat. His favorite player is Matt Ryan. Eric’s Advice to others is to do really well and would like to try other sports.




Cece works at the Cheyenne Campus she likes swimming.

She’s also inthe Special Olympics she won 3 medals she likes basketball, bowling and lady’s basketball.

Her favorite team is the Lakers and her favorite player is Derek Rose. Her favorite soccer team is the Cubs and the Las Vegas Turtles, Pahrump and Mesquite.





Kenneth Hughes works at the Cheyenne Campus. He’s 30 years old. He likes swimming.Kenneth Hughes

His favorite swimmer is Sharks Spichel O. Kenneth swam in 2001. He likes bowling.

His favorite basketball player is Dwayne Wade. Kenneth’s dad Chuck Edwards Hughes is his coach

his motto is never give up and be proud. He lives on North Carolina St. His favorite football player Matthew Stafford he plays on the Patriots.



Jay Robbins works at His favorite sport is basketball he won 3rd place. He likes wrestling and weight training.Jay Robbins

His bowling average is 145. He is in ROTC.

He likes the Las Vegas 51s hockey team and making friends.

On Saturday 8-10 he sold 3 art pieces. He likes farmers market and all sports.

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Circles had the privilege of talking with the
guys over at Vault Bicycle shop. The shop,
owned by Mike Skoy, caters to adult riders
with disabilities. They have been open for justjuan interviewing
over a year. They mostly sell Mountain and
BMX bikes, however the large part of their
business comes from custom orders. Chris,
who manages the shop, told us their most
popular request is for recumbent bicycles.
Recumbent bikes are designed to recline for
the riders comfort. Chris tells us that this type is helpful
for riders with back and knee problems as well.

Recumbent bikes come in two types, two or three
wheels. The price for a custom gem starts around 199
and go as high as 3,000 dollars. Depending on demand
they usually crank out 5 to 20 bikes per week. After a
brief tour, Chris spent some one on one time with us. We asked what motivated him
to get into the bicycle business, specifically for disabled adults. His answer was plain
and simple. “I’ve been riding bikes since I was a kid. I guess you could say I just love
to ride” In fact the shop’s unofficial motto is
“Enjoy the ride”. Chris continued, saying thatbackground
demand for electric bicycles is increasing.

Rider’s also have the option of two-seater or
tandem bicycles. These choices, along with tire
size and pressure are some of the options riders
have for an easier smoother ride. Our visit with
Chris was an enjoyable and learning experience.
He sent us on our way with a few souvenirs.

Water bottles, bike shaped key-chains, and
stickers capped off our afternoon. If you’d like
to pay the guys at Vault a visit, they’re locatedbikes in shop
at 7575 Norman Rockwell lane, Las Vegas, NV.
Or give them a call at (702) 830-9091.

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