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Issue #34 – The Void Step Beyond Reality

Within the confines of the beautiful Grand Canal Shoppes within the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino there is a new store and attraction. The attraction is a hyper-reality-full /body-virtual reality experience created by the superb combined partnership of Lucasfilm, ILMxAB and the Void. The virtual reality experience combines reality effects, environmental effects(such as blasts of hot air), and interactive sets for a unique and in-depth cinematic experience that will make one feel they are literally in a Star Wars tm: Secrets of the Empire” mission is for solo or up to four players and takes place during the events of Rouge One. The mission is brought to you by Captain Cassie and guided further by unit K-2. No spoilers but the mission participant(s) are rebel alliance spy/spies who must dawn a Stormtrooper uniform then wars then infiltrate, carry out orders, investigate particular things, and most important of all recover Imperial Intelligence vital to the survival of the budding rebellion on the lava dominated planet of Mustafar. In order to do so you will have to use your disguise to your full advantage, solve puzzles, and use blaster to help you survive against opposing forces. Equipment for the attraction are a high-tech backpack with connected VR helmet and a rifle that use your blaster to help you use to battle with. The helmet is fitted with a microphone to communicate with teammates and the backpack is fitted with connected VR helmet and a rifle that you use to battle with a microphone to communicate with teammates and backpack is also fitted with a mobile computer. It’s $32 dollars on Fri-Sun for an unforgettable and immersive 30 min experience. So if you’re looking for an awesome full body virtual reality experience and/ or a big fan of star wars then you should totally check out “Star Wars tm: Secrets of the Empire” at the Venetian.

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Issue #34 – Sin City Pickers

On January 18, 2019, a small amount of the Circles crew had the chance to interview Tyler (Ty for short) Hummon, a resident nerd and Shop Keeper that works at Sin City Pickers, an Antique and Collectibles store here in Las Vegas. Ty was super generous with his time, and we thank him for his time, and to let us use the upstairs part of the store as our interview area.

We asked Ty an assortment of questions, some that were commonplace, like; how did you get into the Picking industry? To more things that were particular to his area of work, as we said in the beginning, he was the resident nerd, and he had a bunch of Star Trek collectables (along with Star Wars memorabilia), so we asked him, what was his favorite collectable in the store?

He got into this industry from a steam-punk club that does the organizing and promoting of the STEAMATHON. He knew most of the Star Trek collectors after that convention. That started the path to help him get into collectables. It would be new experience for Ty in this field. Ty’s store is a part of Antique Alley, which is part of Main Street, South of Charleston. You will need experience for Sin City Pickers. You need people skill, and knowledge of products, knowledge of hobbies and collectibles to run the store.Ty has been a school teacher, a cab driver, and a bartender. He is a nerd, he likes history, and connects with people that has organizing events all around in Las Vegas valley. Ty knows a lot about the fan clubs here in Las Vegas, including the USS Las Vegas; a Star Trek fan club. He has a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek collectibles, he let us take a tour of his store and we saw a lot of cosmic comic clothes  that people wear at the conventions events all over the world. He was also works in parades. Ty likes Science Fiction (Si-fi) and fantasy heroes He has the degree in history that why he knows what going on in his business. He’s very common and for what he does is his style of work. He also knows many of the nerds around the Valley. He also helps makes sick children’s days by dressing up in costumes, like characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Teck. Without Kathy, the owner of Sin City Pickers, he would not be at the store or know what to today. We also thank Kathy for having us! We hope that the next time you go to Sin City Pickers; you think about our adventures there!

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Issue #34 – How to join Las Vegas Astronomical Society


Hello, out there amateur astronomers, why don’t we join together and put our talents to good use. That is right fellow amateur astronomer’s, let’s go out and study the stars. While, joining together, we can learn very interesting facts about our study of our favorite field. If you have a spouse or a loved one, you can register them as well to join our esteem organization. Our esteem organization also has an outreach program, for providing support for School science and Astronomy nights. This gives us the Observer’s Challenge, and we would love to have our members to make contributions. Indeed, we would like to have your notes, drawings, and even your digital imaging. This gives us an intellectual framework in air society, to have debate and discourse, which is the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Yes, amateur astronomers come one come all you are probably wondering how can I and my family join? Well, amateur astronomers, there are really no prerequisites to join are academically enriching organization. All of you, and your family will have to pay is $36 dollars, and you can go to any of our observing sites. Those sites include Death Valley, Las Vegas valley, Cathedral Gorge, and our prestigious L.V.A.S. Observatory. You will also get I.S.S. Passes, livestream on you computer and I-phone; to help you and your loved ones to get information, and too make application, in terms of membership and other related activities. If you are a student of astronomy, our fee’s amount $15 dollars, for being able to access our websites, that are intellectually stimulating. You can go to to learn how to produce monthly sky charts. There is the Clear Dark Sky website for local weather conditions to study. You can access live astronomy video websites that Slooh provides with their robotic telescopes. If you wish to join our league membership, you will pay only $44 dollars, and you can attend our upcoming events or do our observer’s challenge. You will be able to get access to do our observer’s challenge. You will get access to our magazines, being able to buy our Celestron Nexstar Evolution 6 inch SCT-$875 dollars and our Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8SE SCT-$700 dollars. You will be able to Blog information with websites of Allen Guthmiller and Robert Ivester, to do your own research. It is amazing, so join our society to expand your knowledge and to promote the love of astronomy, for generations to come! Join Las Vegas Astronomical Society Now! You will be shaping great minds for the future.

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Issue #34 – M&M Tube Rockets


  • 1 empty M&M’s minis tube safety goggles
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • water
  • 1 Alka-Seltzer tablet


Be sure to try this experiment outdoors wearing safety goggles. You can decorate your M&M minis tube and squeeze below cap like rockets.

Using the water and seltzer tablet and squeeze below cap:

  1. Put on those safety goggles and head outside.
  2. Break the seltzer tablet in 1/8 pieces.
  3. Open the lid from the squeeze below cap and put a teaspoon (5 ml) of water into the tube.
  4. Do the next two steps quickly.
  5. Drop your tablet piece into the tube and snap the cap on tightly (make sure it’s tightly snapped.)
  6. Quickly place the tube on a flat surface (cap side down) and step back at least 2 meters.
  7. In a moment your rocket will POP and launch up in the air.


The vinegar and the baking soda will have a chemical reaction making carbon dioxide (the air we breathe out) and as the carbon dioxide is being released, it puts a whole lot of pressure inside the tube which causes it to blast off, and the Alka-Seltzer tablet will dissolve in the water creating carbon dioxide.

Using the vinegar and baking soda and M&M’s minis tube:

  1. Put on those safety goggles and head outside.
  2. Open lid to tube and fill it with 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda on the inside of the lid.
  4. Do the next two steps quickly.
  5. Attach the lid to the tube on tightly (making sure it’s tightly secured)
  6. Quickly place the tube on a flat surface (cap side down) and step back at least 2 meters.
  7. In a moment your rocket will POP and launch up in the air.

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Issue #34 – Volunteering at Oakmont Center for Senior Living

The Circles team has been volunteering at the Oakmont of West Las Vegas. The Oakmont is an upscale independent Senior living and assist living retirement community. the care services at the Oakmont include the following: assistance with ambulation, escorts to appointments, hospice, and even an on- site nurse for monitoring health needs and assessments. Activities & events for the seniors and invites us on special occasions to assist and help out. We assisted in several in holiday/ calender events such as; Halloween, Christmas, and Super Bowl Lill.

So for the circles team has done catering & serving food, ran a cotton candy machine, helped seniors make art, set up chairs and tables for events. The Circles team got to enjoy a performance from local country/ yodeling band “mama ‘s Wranglers” and assisted them breaking down and putting away their stage and equipment. The wonderful and kind Valerie even lets the circles team enjoy fine dining in the Oakmont’s lovly onsite restaurant/ dining room as an awesome thank you for our hard work and services. Overall the circles team enjoy helping out at the Oakmont of west Las Vegas and hopes to continue to build a Stronger bridge & partnership with Valerie and the lovely seniors there.

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Issue #32 Animal Laws of Las Vegas

Leaving a cat or dog alone in a hot or cold car in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a misdemeanor in Nevada for a person to allow a cat or dog to remain unattended in a parked or standing motor vehicle during a extreme heat or cold or in any other manner that endangers the health or safety of the animal. The penalty is:

  • up to six (6) months in jail, and/or

  • up to $1,000 in fines

Abandoning a disabled animal in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nevada animal abuse laws make it a misdemeanor for an owner, possessor, or custodian of a maimed, diseased, disabled, or infirm animal either to:

  • abandon the animal, or

  • leave the animal to die in a public street, road, or place, or

  • allow it to lie in a public street, road, or place more than three (3) hours after receiving notice that the animal has been lying there disabled

The punishment for abandoning a disabled animal includes:

  • up to six (6) months in jail and/or

  • up to $1,000 in fines.

Throwing substances injurious to animals in public places in Las Vegas, Nevada

It is a misdemeanor in Nevada when someone willfully throws, drops, or places (or causes to be thrown, dropped, or placed) upon any road, highway, street, or public place any of the following:

  • glass,

  • nails,

  • pieces of metal, or

  • other substances which might wound, disable, or injure any animal.

The judge may order a sentence of:

  • up to six (6) months in jail, and/or

  • up to $1,000 in fines

Dog restraints and enclosures

With regard to dogs, it is a crime in Nevada to restrain a dog for more than fourteen (14) hours during a twenty-four (24) hour period. It is also illegal to restrain a dog by either:

  • using a prong, pinch, or choke collar or similar restraint, or

  • using a tether, chain, tie, trolley or pulley system, or other device that:

    1. is less than twelve (12) feet in length, or

    2. fails to allow the dog to move at least twelve (12) feet or,

    3. allows the dog to reach a fence or other object that may cause the dog to become injured, entangled, or to die by strangulation after jumping the fence or object

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Issue #32 – Dog Parks of Las Vegas

Circles Magazine visited one of the dog parks in Las Vegas. the name of the park is called Dog Fanciers park. We interviewed Paulie Cunningham about different dog parks. He told us that fanciers is his favorite park in Las Vegas. Paulie has 2 dogs, he has a whipput greyhound mix name Reggie she is 17 years old and he also has a pit-bull named Angel and she’s 7 years old.

We asked what was his “favorite thing about the park ?’ he said dogs get to socialize and have lots of fun, he said dogs always staying at home isn’t good for the dog. He has been to 5 different parks around Vegas with his dog’s, so he is a bit of a dog park connoisseur.

He mentioned the park at Atlantic and Lewis that is by his house, be doesn’t like it, and Dessert Breeze Dog Park, he tells us that is the worst no one watches their dogs. He tells us that indoor park (that just opened) serves beer, he doesn’t think that beer and dogs don’t mix at all. He told us that Barkin Basin and Woofers parks, are really good to take your dog at and let them enjoy running around and playing with other dogs. His dog angel was on the news Fox 5 the night before 4th of July she ran out the house, she got spooked by the firecrackers and ran out an open door.

He did an intense search for her and put up flyers and even contacted the Fox 5 News and Angel was spot lighted. Paulie is the bass player for a popular band in Las Vegas, called Smashing Alice and an avid dog lover.

Clark County Dog Fanciers Park 5800 E. Flamingo Rd Las Vegas Nevada 89122

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Issue #32 – Animal Training

Dog Training

The way that dogs learn is through repetition. Dogs are more likely to repeat bad behaviors, because they are not being reinforced, which enables a dog to repeat the same bad habits. Giving your dog the attention it craves, will only enforce bad habits in the future. Exercising your dog is very important. This will also teach your dog to be comfortable on a leash. Never pull on a dogs leash to correct your dog’s behavior. Let your puppy interact with as many different types of people, animals, and environments as possible. Getting a dog used to noises in and around its environment will keep the dog from being frightened. Socialization is the best way to train dogs to trust each other and.

Peregrine Falcon Training

You must wear gloves when handling or training any type of bird. Falcons are trained to be released and returned to your glove hand as its base. Falcons are trained to fly various distances. Some people have specific places that they want the birds to land. They also can be trained to come back on a lure. The lure is used as a reward for the falcon. It’s really fun to watch. A falcon’s swoop is instinctive, but following a lure needs to be taught. Trainers try to get them to follow the lure everyday so they will get used to it. A calf needs to be at least six to thirty six months to begin training.









Horse Training

Horses can be trained to perform various behaviors. Some horses can be trained so that people with disabilities can ride. They are trained to walk slower than normal. By riding horse’s people with disabilities can use muscles that are hard for them to use. Miniature horses can be used as a service animal. Miniature horses can be used to help the blind. Blind people hold on to the miniature horses so that the horses can guide them around. Mini Horses are allowed to go into various places like in restaurants, airplanes, or into classrooms. Horses can sometimes be hard to train because they are prey animals but at the same time it can be a rewarding experience to because once trained they can be really fun and interesting animals.






Dolphin Training
Dolphin training involves the reinforcement of the behavior that you want the dolphin to follow. There are different ways training can be taught. Part of the training is to establish a bond between the dolphin and its trainer. Training can be done by playing and feeding. The trainer must look for positive and negative responses to this certain type of training. The trainer must look for positive and negative responses to this certain type of training.




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Issue #32 – How to Shop for Your Pet on a Budget


The circles Team did field research and data mining to help find the sources of the lowest precises for shopping for pet dogs.  We did a trip to a mom and pop pet supply store , a  trip to a main commercial giants,, and used a top of the the line online source to compile the lowest  possible budget for your pet dog.  We focused  on the bare necessities for your pet on our of prices  and items.

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Issue #32- Animal Rescue Facilities

The Adoption Pro of the ASPCA is a program where all people who work together and chip in to help rescue and save all pet animals from across the globe and anyone who works there for more than 10 years become pros and when they become pros, they teach anyone who signs in and volunteers to be part of the crew the pros help the new co-workers how to save more than 100 lives of pet animals, including dogs and cats. The ASPCA’s “ID Me” program is the kind of spot where workers must find any dog or cat that has a tag on it’s collar it it’s lost or if it needs help, the workers can chip in and help each other out to put the name of the dog or cat tags on files to make a match to their address or where they live, then call up the phone numbers of their owners and tell them they have their pets, then the owners come and bring themselves to get back their pets remember every dog and cat or any other pet must be found and brought back to the owner as soon as possible.

The Adoption Ambassadors home to home program is the area where people of APSCA where they all dogs and cats have a better home and giving them a chance for other people who want to be part of the program and help workers to help the dogs and cats. Many volunteers with great talent become agents of the ASPCA for the foster pets and give them a good home and a good family.

The GIS Geographic Information systems is the kind of program that helps give the location on where pet animals are it’s satellites can help track their movement and possession, then the workers can retrieve the pet animals bring them with in their vans and bring them in the shelter then, as soon as the people take the pet animals in the shelter, they make files and pictures in order when anybody who wants to adopt them.


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