Issue #35 – The Circles Journeys to Pet Kingdom

On our quest to learn what most popular exotic pets are in Las Vegas, we did extensive field research and phone surveying to several exotic pet stores. Along the way we risked bunny allergies, cat allergies, ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), and almost had a finger bitten off by a small adorable seemingly harmless short-tail possum. But we did all this to get to the bottom or the top of the truth for you, our readers.

We could not agree if it was the top or the bottom of the truth but we could agree and admit that we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of cool stuff about exotic animals from the start and until the very end of our journey. What we learned was that the most common and popular exotic pets were: Bearded Dragons, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and Ferrets. Listed below is a summary of aspects about each of these wonderful creatures.

Bearded Dragon: Hates roommates. Most affectionate pet lizard! Most popular pet lizard! Comes in a variety of morphs (developed colors and patterns). Minimum 55 gal terrarium/aquarium for adults with Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substance and loose clay. Loves heat rocks and heat lamps. Enjoys mealworms, wax worms, and crickets.

Hedgehog: Loves to be alone. Low maintenance. Poops a lot! Needs an hour of holding per day. Has quills that get pointed when scarred. Likes paper based bedding for it’s cage. Enjoys the night life! Poor eyesight but great sense of smell and hearing. Good friend to gardeners! Not allowed to be in the state of Pennsylvania.

Sugar Glider: Needs lots of love. Loves lots of room to move and play. Super grumpy when awaken during the day. Enjoys gliding and parkour. Loves sweet and salty foods. Eats nectar, fruits yogurt (drops), variety of nuts, boiled eggs, and insects. Special bonding pouch needed to connect with this pet. Really enjoys playing with soft toys.

Ferret: Hyper and crazy in a cute way! Has a high metabolism and needs to eat 8 to 10 small meals per day. Loves meat and hates complex carbs! Licks itself clean like a cat but does not cough up hairballs. Must always be in pairs!Males are bigger and lazy, while females are smaller and more energetic. Prefers paper based bedding for it’s house! Loves to steal and hide things!

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Issue #35- Things to Know Before Moving to Las Vegas

So your mind is set and you’re finally going to do it. You’re getting ready to move to the sin city that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though moving is not always easy…. you’ll probably have endless questions about your new potential home. Before you pack up and load up your things to head up on over to fabulous Las Vegas you may want to weigh out some facts about this unique city.
Much like New York, Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps …. but unlike New York, Las Vegas also has 24/7 access to purchasing alcohol in combination
with never ending partying on the strip. No last calls in this city.
If you like gambling, well then of course Las Vegas is the city for that, with gambling everywhere around the city. Even the Walmarts, 7-11’s and just about every other retail business has poker/blackjack/keno machines, and of course the strip is always open. The cost of living is low. Minimum wage is $8.25 and tax is 8.25% in Las Vegas. The median home price in Las Vegas is $220,000. The average cost for a two bedroom apartment is just over 1,000 per month and studio apartments range from $625- $750 month.
Las Vegas is not a desert climate but is actually a rain shadow climate. The temperature difference on average between night and day is 40 degrees for a desert, while a rain shadow climate’s temperature difference is only 30 degrees between night and day. So Las Vegas’s temperature is not as extreme as a regular desert. It’s the mountains that surround most of Las Vegas that blocks and reduces rain to Las Vegas to the point that it becomes dry and desert like.

There are a few things for families to enjoy in Las Vegas although most require that an adult be with the children. We have water parks around the valley both in Las Vegas and the Henderson areas, to enjoy in the summer. Other attractions for the family might include The Childrens Discovery Museum and several miniature golf businesses which aren’t too pricey. Movie theaters are prevalent around Las Vegas. On the strip you can find amusement type attractions as well as the tourist attractions that everyone wants to see like the volcano at the Mirage. Madame Toussad’s wax museum is also on the strip. There are roller coasters throughout the town and in the surrounding areas, the Desperado is located in Primm which is about 30 miles south of Las Vegas on the way to Los Angeles.
Lot’s of different cultural and regional foods in one area. From a China Town near Spring Mountain, sushi, burritos, White Castle Burgers, and every kind of pizza you can think of . The Wicked Spoon which is a very unique $42-$49 all you can eat dinner buffet place that includes buffalo style fried frog legs, kimchi glazed bone marrow, Bourbon glazed carrots, mango mousse, and many other creative dishes. A famous $100 brunch buffet at Bally’s Hotel & Casino with free-flowing champagne, never ending caviar, unlimited lobster tails, fancy crab omelets, and much more. Soul
food, THC infused food restaurants, gastro pubs/bars, alcohol infused cupcake places, all you can eat northern Indian food at Mt. Everest Indian Cuisine, and even two Chick-fil-As. There is also a really good $7.99 breakfast buffet at Boulder Station Hotel Casino. You can find every kind of cuisine in this city and nearly every famous chef has a restaurant somewhere here. Las Vegas just might have it all, and If not now definitely
sometime in the near future. You can get a lot variety of good quality food(s) for cheap here.
To summarize Las Vegas up for new comers we would have to bluntly and truthfully say it’s mostly a cruise ship that never ends with a good number of crazy and/or homeless people occasionally nomading about its decks. So moving to this town can be really awesome. It all depends on how you roll the dice, what kind of dice you’re rolling, and where you end up rolling them at.

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Issue 35 – La La Limos

Before the 15th century, transportation for hire because a must for the wealthy to show that thy rural publicity arrived.

The word limousine derived from the French word “Hooded Garment” referring to the hooded cloak that shepherds wore to protect themselves from the weather.

During the 15th century, the Hungarians developed the “coach”, which is the modern enclosed carriage with an elevated outside seat for the driver, the “coachman.

By the late 1700’s, 14,000 of these carriages could be found all around Paris.

Illustration by Nathan Moench

Carriages became more luxurious and extravagant with time.

These “Palace on Wheels” includes a bedroom, library and a butler’s pantry in the carriages.

Some included a library, speaking tubes, etc.

At this time, carriages were mainly used by the Royalty and Rich.

Paris 1899 carriages could be found with modern carvings made out of mahogany and silver flower holders in them. Speaking tubes helped communications between the driver and the passengers,

A brass tube would be led up to the driver like a trumpet . This was implemented because of dealing with the surrounding noise.

Illustration by Daniel Romero

In the 1960’s Limousines included record players, ice makers, and wet bars. Today’s limo includes large led screens, internet, dance floors with poles and laser lights, amazing sound systems and everything you want.

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Issue #34 – Cosmic Bowling at Red Rock Lanes.

At 6pm on Fridays and Saturdays the regular lights are switch off and the black lights are turned on. The music is cranked up and the televisions play inventive and trendy music videos. Smells from the snack bar fill the air and invoke the hunger of those with empty bellies. The stagnancy and mundaneness of the lanes and bowling pines disappear before your eyes as they transform via their lamination in the dark. This is the awesome conversional process from regular bowling to

“Cosmic Bowling. Several members of our Circles team love not only bowling but, cosmic bowling. They said it is far more exciting, visually cooler, and the music is much more exciting. They love how everything glows in the dark. They love watching the music videos and dancing to the various pump up tunes. The snack bar serves most of the foods they all love especially the pizza, French fries, and chicken tenders. Bowling allies in Las Vegas who do cosmic bowling normally tend to do them on Friday nights and Saturday nights at various times. Suncoast does their Cosmic Bowling at Fridays 11pm – 2am and Saturdays 9pm-2pm While Red Rock does theirs from 6pm – 12am both days. But regardless of which bowling alley you pick cosmic bowling is always a welcomed cool spin to the game.

“Cosmic Bowling. Several members of our Circles team love not only bowling but, cosmic bowling. They said it is far more exciting, visually cooler, and the music is much more exciting. They love how everything glows in the dark. They love watching the music videos and dancing to the various pump up tunes. The snack bar serves most of the foods they all love especially the pizza, French fries, and chicken tenders. Bowling allies in Las Vegas who do cosmic bowling normally tend to do them on Friday nights and Saturday nights at various times. Suncoast does their Cosmic Bowling at Fridays 11pm – 2am and Saturdays 9pm-2pm While Red Rock does theirs from 6pm – 12am both days. But regardless of which bowling alley you pick cosmic bowling is always a welcomed cool spin to the game.

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Issue #34 – ORION: Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle

It was named after one of the largest constellations in the night sky and the drawing from more than 50 years of space flight research and development, the Orion spacecraft is designed to meet those evolving needs our nation’s deep space exploration program for decades to come. From the first time in our generation, NASA is building a space human spacecraft for deep space missions that will usher in a new era of space exploration. Series of increasingly challenging missions awaits, and this will be a new spacecraft will take us farther than we’ve ever expect before, including to the vicinity of the moon and mars as well.

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Issue #34 – The Void Step Beyond Reality

Within the confines of the beautiful Grand Canal Shoppes within the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino there is a new store and attraction. The attraction is a hyper-reality-full /body-virtual reality experience created by the superb combined partnership of Lucasfilm, ILMxAB and the Void. The virtual reality experience combines reality effects, environmental effects(such as blasts of hot air), and interactive sets for a unique and in-depth cinematic experience that will make one feel they are literally in a Star Wars tm: Secrets of the Empire” mission is for solo or up to four players and takes place during the events of Rouge One. The mission is brought to you by Captain Cassie and guided further by unit K-2. No spoilers but the mission participant(s) are rebel alliance spy/spies who must dawn a Stormtrooper uniform then wars then infiltrate, carry out orders, investigate particular things, and most important of all recover Imperial Intelligence vital to the survival of the budding rebellion on the lava dominated planet of Mustafar. In order to do so you will have to use your disguise to your full advantage, solve puzzles, and use blaster to help you survive against opposing forces. Equipment for the attraction are a high-tech backpack with connected VR helmet and a rifle that use your blaster to help you use to battle with. The helmet is fitted with a microphone to communicate with teammates and the backpack is fitted with connected VR helmet and a rifle that you use to battle with a microphone to communicate with teammates and backpack is also fitted with a mobile computer. It’s $32 dollars on Fri-Sun for an unforgettable and immersive 30 min experience. So if you’re looking for an awesome full body virtual reality experience and/ or a big fan of star wars then you should totally check out “Star Wars tm: Secrets of the Empire” at the Venetian.

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Issue #34 – Sin City Pickers

On January 18, 2019, a small amount of the Circles crew had the chance to interview Tyler (Ty for short) Hummon, a resident nerd and Shop Keeper that works at Sin City Pickers, an Antique and Collectibles store here in Las Vegas. Ty was super generous with his time, and we thank him for his time, and to let us use the upstairs part of the store as our interview area.

We asked Ty an assortment of questions, some that were commonplace, like; how did you get into the Picking industry? To more things that were particular to his area of work, as we said in the beginning, he was the resident nerd, and he had a bunch of Star Trek collectables (along with Star Wars memorabilia), so we asked him, what was his favorite collectable in the store?

He got into this industry from a steam-punk club that does the organizing and promoting of the STEAMATHON. He knew most of the Star Trek collectors after that convention. That started the path to help him get into collectables. It would be new experience for Ty in this field. Ty’s store is a part of Antique Alley, which is part of Main Street, South of Charleston. You will need experience for Sin City Pickers. You need people skill, and knowledge of products, knowledge of hobbies and collectibles to run the store.Ty has been a school teacher, a cab driver, and a bartender. He is a nerd, he likes history, and connects with people that has organizing events all around in Las Vegas valley. Ty knows a lot about the fan clubs here in Las Vegas, including the USS Las Vegas; a Star Trek fan club. He has a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek collectibles, he let us take a tour of his store and we saw a lot of cosmic comic clothes  that people wear at the conventions events all over the world. He was also works in parades. Ty likes Science Fiction (Si-fi) and fantasy heroes He has the degree in history that why he knows what going on in his business. He’s very common and for what he does is his style of work. He also knows many of the nerds around the Valley. He also helps makes sick children’s days by dressing up in costumes, like characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Teck. Without Kathy, the owner of Sin City Pickers, he would not be at the store or know what to today. We also thank Kathy for having us! We hope that the next time you go to Sin City Pickers; you think about our adventures there!

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Issue #34 – How to join Las Vegas Astronomical Society


Hello, out there amateur astronomers, why don’t we join together and put our talents to good use. That is right fellow amateur astronomer’s, let’s go out and study the stars. While, joining together, we can learn very interesting facts about our study of our favorite field. If you have a spouse or a loved one, you can register them as well to join our esteem organization. Our esteem organization also has an outreach program, for providing support for School science and Astronomy nights. This gives us the Observer’s Challenge, and we would love to have our members to make contributions. Indeed, we would like to have your notes, drawings, and even your digital imaging. This gives us an intellectual framework in air society, to have debate and discourse, which is the Las Vegas Astronomical Society. Yes, amateur astronomers come one come all you are probably wondering how can I and my family join? Well, amateur astronomers, there are really no prerequisites to join are academically enriching organization. All of you, and your family will have to pay is $36 dollars, and you can go to any of our observing sites. Those sites include Death Valley, Las Vegas valley, Cathedral Gorge, and our prestigious L.V.A.S. Observatory. You will also get I.S.S. Passes, livestream on you computer and I-phone; to help you and your loved ones to get information, and too make application, in terms of membership and other related activities. If you are a student of astronomy, our fee’s amount $15 dollars, for being able to access our websites, that are intellectually stimulating. You can go to to learn how to produce monthly sky charts. There is the Clear Dark Sky website for local weather conditions to study. You can access live astronomy video websites that Slooh provides with their robotic telescopes. If you wish to join our league membership, you will pay only $44 dollars, and you can attend our upcoming events or do our observer’s challenge. You will be able to get access to do our observer’s challenge. You will get access to our magazines, being able to buy our Celestron Nexstar Evolution 6 inch SCT-$875 dollars and our Celestron Nexstar Evolution 8SE SCT-$700 dollars. You will be able to Blog information with websites of Allen Guthmiller and Robert Ivester, to do your own research. It is amazing, so join our society to expand your knowledge and to promote the love of astronomy, for generations to come! Join Las Vegas Astronomical Society Now! You will be shaping great minds for the future.

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Issue #34 – M&M Tube Rockets


  • 1 empty M&M’s minis tube safety goggles
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • water
  • 1 Alka-Seltzer tablet


Be sure to try this experiment outdoors wearing safety goggles. You can decorate your M&M minis tube and squeeze below cap like rockets.

Using the water and seltzer tablet and squeeze below cap:

  1. Put on those safety goggles and head outside.
  2. Break the seltzer tablet in 1/8 pieces.
  3. Open the lid from the squeeze below cap and put a teaspoon (5 ml) of water into the tube.
  4. Do the next two steps quickly.
  5. Drop your tablet piece into the tube and snap the cap on tightly (make sure it’s tightly snapped.)
  6. Quickly place the tube on a flat surface (cap side down) and step back at least 2 meters.
  7. In a moment your rocket will POP and launch up in the air.


The vinegar and the baking soda will have a chemical reaction making carbon dioxide (the air we breathe out) and as the carbon dioxide is being released, it puts a whole lot of pressure inside the tube which causes it to blast off, and the Alka-Seltzer tablet will dissolve in the water creating carbon dioxide.

Using the vinegar and baking soda and M&M’s minis tube:

  1. Put on those safety goggles and head outside.
  2. Open lid to tube and fill it with 2 tablespoons of vinegar.
  3. Add a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda on the inside of the lid.
  4. Do the next two steps quickly.
  5. Attach the lid to the tube on tightly (making sure it’s tightly secured)
  6. Quickly place the tube on a flat surface (cap side down) and step back at least 2 meters.
  7. In a moment your rocket will POP and launch up in the air.

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Issue #34 – Volunteering at Oakmont Center for Senior Living

The Circles team has been volunteering at the Oakmont of West Las Vegas. The Oakmont is an upscale independent Senior living and assist living retirement community. the care services at the Oakmont include the following: assistance with ambulation, escorts to appointments, hospice, and even an on- site nurse for monitoring health needs and assessments. Activities & events for the seniors and invites us on special occasions to assist and help out. We assisted in several in holiday/ calender events such as; Halloween, Christmas, and Super Bowl Lill.

So for the circles team has done catering & serving food, ran a cotton candy machine, helped seniors make art, set up chairs and tables for events. The Circles team got to enjoy a performance from local country/ yodeling band “mama ‘s Wranglers” and assisted them breaking down and putting away their stage and equipment. The wonderful and kind Valerie even lets the circles team enjoy fine dining in the Oakmont’s lovly onsite restaurant/ dining room as an awesome thank you for our hard work and services. Overall the circles team enjoy helping out at the Oakmont of west Las Vegas and hopes to continue to build a Stronger bridge & partnership with Valerie and the lovely seniors there.

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