The circles Team did field research and data mining to help find the sources of the lowest precises for shopping for pet dogs.  We did a trip to a mom and pop pet supply store , a  trip to a main commercial giants,, and used a top of the the line online source to compile the lowest  possible budget for your pet dog.  We focused  on the bare necessities for your pet on our of prices  and items.

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There are many endangered species here in Nevada. This is a small window on some of the threatened species in our state.

Mount Charleston Blue Butterfly is a small one inch added to the Endangered Species list in 2013 after a fire on the mountain destroyed much of the known habitat. A small number of these elusive insects are reported every year as they closely resemble other butterflies in the area.  In larval form their habitat is the alpine meadows during the spring and summer. This brings them into conflict with picnic goers and wild horses.

Mt Charleston Blue Butterfly, Plebejus shasta

The Carson Wandering Skipper is a small brownish orange Butterfly located mostly in Northern Nevada and California. It was ruled endangered in 2002. It is on the endangered species list, because, its habitat is being destroyed by urban and residential development; wetland habitat modification, non-native plant invasion, agricultural practices, water exportation projects and naturally occurring stochastic events. The Carson Wandering Skipper eats plant nectar .

The Razorback Sucker is a freshwater fish which can be found in pockets of the Colorado River basin along the main river. Its visible characteristics give it the name it bears today. Protected since 1991, it has been making a comeback through hatcheries dedicated to raising them for release back into their natural habitat.   

Found in only one small part of Nevada is the White River Spinedace. The Kirch Wildlife Management Area near Sunnyside Nevada is the home to the some 2000-3000 of the fish. At less than 5 inches in length, the biggest threat to it seems to be larger fish and the use of the spring waters for irrigation purposes. .


The desert tortoise is both the largest reptile in the Mojave as well as being the state reptile for the state of Nevada. They can live


up to 80 years, munching on cactus, caterpillars, and larvae of different types. Through much effort and your attention, this fellow is no longer actually endangered, but has had its rating lowered to Threatened. 

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Step 1 cut banana in half  with the stem, cut the stem down the middle . That will be used for the head of the dolphin.

Step 2 place the banana in a small cup or bowl and use the grapes to it in place .

Octoapple  ingredients

1 apple  1/2 cup of grapes

Step 1 place an apple in the middle of the plate . 

Step 2 organize the grapes around the apple to look like an octopus.

Step 3 carve whatever face in the apple and enjoy your octoapple  .




Step 1 place the apple  in the middle of the plate.

Step 2 organize the grapes  around the apple  to resemble the tentacles  of an octopus .  

Step 3  carve whatever face you like in the apple and enjoy your octoapple. 













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DANCE is another extension of exercise because with dance you don’t really have to lift weights.

To stay healthy you have to move with the beat and make sure you have fun!

Dance also improves conditions to your heart and legs. Also it increases muscle strength,

endurance,  fitness, strong bones.  it reduces the risk of osteoporosis,  better coordination,

agility,  flexibility,  improved balance, and spatial awareness.

The best thing that it does is help you with self confidence, self esteem and betters social skills as well.









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Obona is a personal trainer. He has helped other people lose weight the right way and eat better in a healthy way as well. Obona was telling us how he overcame a lot of hard ships. After everything in his life he went up and has achieved a better life. We think Obona is a great role model for anyone out there.

Obona’s worked really hard on himself and has come out a better person. Obona has a lot of people supporting him. Obona had shown us some workouts. We warmed up by stretching, and preparing ourselves for for a strenuous workout.

            Obona has a fitness center called ”Level Up” with over 700,000 members coming to exercise. Many people have lost hundreds of pounds collectively with Obona’s workouts. We think that’s really amazing. Obona even told us about a sixteen year old kid in a wheelchair that’s in Basketball and has won most of his games. Obona showed us a short video of the kid playing and he’s really amazing with the tricks that he does when he plays. He told us to never give up on anything in life and to go after our dreams and goals. We really took that advice and going after our dreams and goal’s in the future. 



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  1. What year did you open how long have you been in business?

Sin City Salseros has been around since 1999. We have been teaching classes for the last 8 years.


  1. Is the company nationwide?

Our Dance Studio and Dance company is Las Vegas based only. We have 10 dance teams from kids to adults.


  1. Where do you get your clothes from for your dancers?

We order them from companies that specialize in selling costumes or with local tailors or seamstresses that make our desired costume designs.

  1. How many dances do you have?

We teach over 15 different styles of dance at our studio but our teams only perform in salsa and bachata.


  1. What kind of music do you dance to?

Anything and everything, we love it all.


  1. What dance steps are your favorite?

What we call footwork or “solos” it’s when you break away from partner dancing and get to do your own thing.

  1. How long did it take you to learn the dances?

It takes several months to learn basics well and get past being a beginner, but you never stop learning.


  1. Do you do any concerts?

Yes! We are about to host Alex De Leon on May 5th.


  1. How much does your classes cost?

We offer a great deal for new students of $30 for 30 days of unlimited classes. Aside of unlimited class offer, classes range between $10-15






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In order to get a good workout, proper exercise apparel is a must!  Wearing comfortable clothing (such as nylon & spandex) can make it much easier to get the most out of your workout when stretching and bending is required. Proper foot wear is also imperative to prevent injuries from taking place during a workout routine. A water bottle on hand to keep you hydrated when working up a sweat is always a wise choice. You can find these items at your nearest Sketchers store which carries a variety of high end brand names to suit your athletic needs. Be sure to check out their sales and friendly staff!

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