On January 18, 2019, a small amount of the Circles crew had the chance to interview Tyler (Ty for short) Hummon, a resident nerd and Shop Keeper that works at Sin City Pickers, an Antique and Collectibles store here in Las Vegas. Ty was super generous with his time, and we thank him for his time, and to let us use the upstairs part of the store as our interview area.

We asked Ty an assortment of questions, some that were commonplace, like; how did you get into the Picking industry? To more things that were particular to his area of work, as we said in the beginning, he was the resident nerd, and he had a bunch of Star Trek collectables (along with Star Wars memorabilia), so we asked him, what was his favorite collectable in the store?

He got into this industry from a steam-punk club that does the organizing and promoting of the STEAMATHON. He knew most of the Star Trek collectors after that convention. That started the path to help him get into collectables. It would be new experience for Ty in this field. Ty’s store is a part of Antique Alley, which is part of Main Street, South of Charleston. You will need experience for Sin City Pickers. You need people skill, and knowledge of products, knowledge of hobbies and collectibles to run the store.Ty has been a school teacher, a cab driver, and a bartender. He is a nerd, he likes history, and connects with people that has organizing events all around in Las Vegas valley. Ty knows a lot about the fan clubs here in Las Vegas, including the USS Las Vegas; a Star Trek fan club. He has a lot of Star Wars and Star Trek collectibles, he let us take a tour of his store and we saw a lot of cosmic comic clothes  that people wear at the conventions events all over the world. He was also works in parades. Ty likes Science Fiction (Si-fi) and fantasy heroes He has the degree in history that why he knows what going on in his business. He’s very common and for what he does is his style of work. He also knows many of the nerds around the Valley. He also helps makes sick children’s days by dressing up in costumes, like characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Teck. Without Kathy, the owner of Sin City Pickers, he would not be at the store or know what to today. We also thank Kathy for having us! We hope that the next time you go to Sin City Pickers; you think about our adventures there!

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