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Issue #32 – Animal Training

Dog Training

The way that dogs learn is through repetition. Dogs are more likely to repeat bad behaviors, because they are not being reinforced, which enables a dog to repeat the same bad habits. Giving your dog the attention it craves, will only enforce bad habits in the future. Exercising your dog is very important. This will also teach your dog to be comfortable on a leash. Never pull on a dogs leash to correct your dog’s behavior. Let your puppy interact with as many different types of people, animals, and environments as possible. Getting a dog used to noises in and around its environment will keep the dog from being frightened. Socialization is the best way to train dogs to trust each other and.

Peregrine Falcon Training

You must wear gloves when handling or training any type of bird. Falcons are trained to be released and returned to your glove hand as its base. Falcons are trained to fly various distances. Some people have specific places that they want the birds to land. They also can be trained to come back on a lure. The lure is used as a reward for the falcon. It’s really fun to watch. A falcon’s swoop is instinctive, but following a lure needs to be taught. Trainers try to get them to follow the lure everyday so they will get used to it. A calf needs to be at least six to thirty six months to begin training.









Horse Training

Horses can be trained to perform various behaviors. Some horses can be trained so that people with disabilities can ride. They are trained to walk slower than normal. By riding horse’s people with disabilities can use muscles that are hard for them to use. Miniature horses can be used as a service animal. Miniature horses can be used to help the blind. Blind people hold on to the miniature horses so that the horses can guide them around. Mini Horses are allowed to go into various places like in restaurants, airplanes, or into classrooms. Horses can sometimes be hard to train because they are prey animals but at the same time it can be a rewarding experience to because once trained they can be really fun and interesting animals.






Dolphin Training
Dolphin training involves the reinforcement of the behavior that you want the dolphin to follow. There are different ways training can be taught. Part of the training is to establish a bond between the dolphin and its trainer. Training can be done by playing and feeding. The trainer must look for positive and negative responses to this certain type of training. The trainer must look for positive and negative responses to this certain type of training.




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Issue #32 – Finding Nemo Movie Review

Finding Nemo is a good family movie. It is about a fish named Nemo that lives in the ocean and gets lost from his dad. Along the way he makes a friend with a fish named Dory, she tries to help him find Nemo. a fisherman is out in the ocean and throws a fishnet into the water and captures Nemo. From there Nemo goes to a dentist office and plans on escaping. this movie came out on May 30, 2003. It made over $940.3 million dollars at the box office. Ellen DeGeneres is the voice of Dory. And The voice of Nemo is Alexander Gould. It is the 10th highest grossing animated film of all time. Finding Nemo is an Adventure, Comedy From Disney. Out of the people that watched the movie at Circles Magazine 99% say see it and only 1% say skip it.



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Issue #32 – Guide Dogs











Seeing Eye Dogs What are seeing eye dogs? Seeing eye dogs help the elderly as well as the blind. They help them get around as going to the store, going on walks or even riding the transportation. Their job is to help their owner from any harm’s way and to make sure they arrive to their location safely. How are the dogs trained? Seeing eye dogs are trained at the age of six or nine weeks old, they train them manners, socializing, commands and also experience them on buses, car rides or going grocery shopping. The benefits of owning a guide dog, they give an elderly person confidence, compassionate and security. It also helps them with their anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The owner and the guide dog have a special bond that no one can break they have love for each other and also have a strong friendship. It can give the blind person more independence and also change their lives. A good dog-handler team has a strong bond that is formed through many hours of training.


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Issue #32 – Lion Habitat Ranch





Located at
382 Bruner Ave. in
Henderson, NV 89044

When we arrived at the Lion Habitat Ranch we were met by Samantha Thomas who is an animal specialist at the ranch. She gave us a friendly  greeting and a great tour of the facility. She started the tour with the emus and ostriches, and pointing out the ostrich eggs that were freshly laid that morning. We then moved on to the lions, they have about 40 lions among other animals throughout the facility. We were told that the lions they work with on a daily basis consume an enormous amount of food. Male lions tend to eat about $10000.00 worth of food a year, while females eat about $8000.00 worth. Also on the premises are several exotic birds including macaws and cockatiels, who are happy to greet you when you walk by. Another fixture at the ranch is Ozzy the giraffe, who is friendly and talented, visitors are invited to feed him. He also is famous for his painted t-shirts and canvases that are sold in the gift shop to help with the costs of running the ranch.


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Issue #32 – Vegan Pet Food

Troy Allison, Founder of Fetching Foods, has concocted top quality USDA certified pet food for dogs and cats here in Las Vegas. His selections includes raw, cooked, and vegan options to choose from.  Fetching Foods is healthy, flavorful, and environmentally friendly.

Fetching Foods was created by Troy Allison after his dog became ill from consuming commercial foods. He prepares all the food and meals right in his very own kitchen.  The most common ingredients you can find in his vegan recipes are black beans, Lentils, Argan Oil, Kale, Spirulina, Kale, Coconut Oil, and Blueberries.

You can purchase these delicious and healthy products online at Fetching Foods.

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Issue #28 – Circular Chaos – A Circles Magazine Game

Game Article Pieces  _MG_3415

  1. The game board is from Trivial Pursuit 20th anniversary edition100_0160
  2. The spinner is from Wheel of Fortunespinner
  3. The pieces the players use can be anything, we used colored transparent pieces we found from arts and crafts pieces
  4. The tokens we used are white chips from cardboard they can be anything as long as there’s enough for up to 6 players (Roughly 30-60)TokensHow to Play
    1. To decide who will go first players will spin the wheel and aim for the lowest value, ties will be settled in a re-spin. Once a first player is decided turn order will go clockwise. Each player starts at the space with an arrow pointing at a circle. (6 different points)
    2. Players will take turns spinning the wheel aiming to get to the center to receive oval tokens. The players stand at 2-6 players.
    3. To move spaces players spin the wheel and get numbers, the 1st digit represents how many spaces you move. The color of what you roll represents how many tokens you will receive when in the center of the board.
    4. From start a player can go to the middle for some tokens. If a player passes the center the player will stop at the center regardless of what they spun. Once the player gets to the center the player will spin in the same turn for tokens. Yellow/Tan is 1 token – Orange/Red is 2 tokens – Blue is 3 tokens – Lose a turn is 0 tokens.
    5. After you get your potential tokens you can choose which path to go down and in order to get back into the center you must go left or right and go up through a different path to the center. Once you go one way you cannot turn around.
    6. CAREFUL spinning a bankrupt regardless of where you are will force all players to return a token to the center.
    7. Passing a player will result in you taking a token from them and giving it to a different player. You have to give the token to another player and cannot give it to yourself.
    8. The first player to reach 5 tokens will be declared the winner. The amount of required tokens to win is subject to change for more or less players depending.
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Issue #28 – Volunteering in the Community

Volunteering at Stupak Community Center



For the past 8 weeks we have been going to Stupak Community Center to volunteer. We started going once a week to help in the Outreach program, which has clothes, diapers, housewares that are donated to anyone in the community that needs these items. We packed breakfast and lunch for the people in the community that are hungry and need food. Around June they started their day camp program, which goes through the 11th of August. We were asked to help with breakfast and lunches for the kids. After we serve the breakfast and lunches for the campers, clean up the lunch room and dance room. There are always donated clothes to wash and fold for the Outreach closet. When we have down time we shoot basketballs, play foosball in the game room and enjoy the Library. We help out with Art projects for the Art director that ends up on the bulletin boards. We basically do whatever they ask of us to do to help out, including making cupcakes. We even got to try on and model some of the more upscale clothes that the Outreach closet has for people who need nice clothes for job interviews.  The individuals do not get paid for this work and it’s on a strictly volunteer basis, but they all love it. We have meetings about following directions, working as a team, job skills, navigating social skills in the community and working as a team.  Here are some of their comments about Stupak….


“It’s fun and rewarding” Sarah Verace

“It’s been a blast, they are kind enough to share some food and drinks with us, even though they don’t have to” Jason Dandoy

“I love going over there to help out the kids” Nora Miranda

“It’s good experience at the Community Center” Cassie Hitchcock

 “It’s pretty fun, I like seeing kids smiling” John Jones

Question and Answers from a Poll taken by our individuals:

  1. What do you like about the Community Center? Working with the people there, getting to play hoops and the other fun things also. The Library.
  2. What do you do you at the Community Center? Helping other people less fortunate. Pack lunches and breakfast, also playing Ping Pong.
  3. Have you learned anything new at the Community Center? I have learned to have fun, help others and get out more. I have also learned how to get a Library card and learned about the walking track. Washing, drying and folding clothes. I have also learned you can check out up to 44 items from the Library.
  4. How do you feeling about volunteering and not getting paid? I feel great about it, cos I am having fun and helping others.
  5. Do you want to keep going to the Community Center? Yes! because I have fun!!


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Issue #28 – History of Tie-Dye











Tie-dye become popular in the United States in the 60s and 70s. It was a form of expression for the hippie movement and a form protest during the Vietnam War. The United States were not the first to dye clothes it stated as early as the 6th century in places like China, India, and Africa. Chinese tie-dye is called ‘’zha ran.” They only dyed clothes for priests and the wealthy. The Indian method of dying is called “Bandhani”, they used small points of fabric to make little dots on the cotton. Yoruba woman form west Nigeria dye clothes with an indigo dye which is then stitched with a method called tritik. In Japan they also dye their clothes indigo blue with a method called “Shabori” it is still practiced today.

Spiral Tie-Dye



  1. 100% cotton white shirt
  2. Gloves
  3. Rubber bands
  4. Plastic wrap
  5. Plastic bag
  6. Dye
  7. Scissors




  1. Start with a damp cotton shirt.
  2. Pinch fabric in the middle where the spiral will start. Twist until all fabric is in a spiral shape.
  3. Bind spiral with over lapping rubber bands to create 6 to 8 wedge shapes.
  4. Apply dye to wedge shapes and repeat on the other side.
  5. Wrap in plastic wrap and put into a plastic bag.
  6. Let sit 4-8 hours or overnight for the most vibrant colors.
  7. After you let it sit, rinse in cold water until almost clear and then cut the rubber bands.
  8. Rinse until completely clear.
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Issue #27 – Styles of Castles

Whether if you reading a storybook or seeing a castle in real life, it’s pretty amazing to see what goes on inside a castle.  The King and Queen have a pretty big responsibility when it comes to watching over the castle.  Along with the people who are watching over the castle. Along with the poeple who are inside it like the knights or guards who are watching the King and Queen as well.  





Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to being inside the castle.  When we are talking about castles, there are many kinds of castles as well, even some that were built before medieval times. For everyone’s safety, castles were even made out of stone.  Castles were made out of this material because it was a way to prevent bad people from breaking and destroying the castle.    





People were able to stand on top of the roof of castles in a way to watch out for the enemies coming to attack them.  It was also a way for them to plan what to do when they go and attack the enemies.  Whether it would be using a catapult or another type of weapon to defeat the enemies. Another way of how they can defend themselves is by creating a moat to make it harder for the enemies to enter into the castle.


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