The Rex Center is a great place to experience fun and fool of adventure electric go carts, mini golf, laser tag, and rock climbing wall. You can use it 11 months out of the year. Laser tag is a team building game. Up to 40 people at once Can be on A team. Or by yourself, all the activities are different.

The activities are good exercise. The Rex Center is a program that helps troubled teens. They were Vandalizing the mall. This place was a way to do their homework, eat and stay out of trouble. They give them chores to do, It started in 2018. Laser tag can be up to 40 people. It is a good hand eye coronation skill.

The Rex Center is located inside the boulevard mall at 3680 South Maryland Parkway, Suite #175 Las Vegas Nevada 89169. 

Hours open – Wednesday – Monday 11:00 am-7 pm, closed Tuesday. Price is $ 7 per Adult or $12 for two attractions, $30.00 for two hours. Friday-Sunday, $10 per attraction, $15.00 for two attractions, or $40.00 for two hours.

Interview and pictures by: Cassandra Hitchcock

Sound Recorder and pictures by Jeremy Holland

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Hello, folks, it is time to have some fun, and go wild. Yes, that is right, game fans, now let’s go out and party and go Bonzo Loco. Game fanatics let’s head out to our favorite rendezvous in the fields of frolic. Let’s have fun with the Games of Dave & Busters.

We all have various opinions about the atmosphere and different games. So let us begin with Justin and his opinions: “My experience at Dave & Buster’s arcade section was good, if you want my honest opinion. The section of games they had was small, but considering you had to fit a restaurant and bar just on the other side of the space it is still a pretty big space.”

Now let’s turn to Eric and his opinions, about the place and establishment: “Really great! I love the games! I like the toys! I like the Mario Kart game.” Okay let us now go to Kyren: “It was amazing! I like the games, the toys, and so much more.” Now let us go with Derek: “I think Dave & Busters is a great place to get away from the house so you don’t get bored. It is fun for the whole family as well, and if you’re in the mood to get tickets for prizes.” Finally there is Robert: “Well it is a great carnival atmosphere and the games were amazingly high-tech, plus there is so much to do that you can spend all day there.”

So in conclusion, Dave & Busters is a real cool place to go. It is full of thrills and excitement that words THE GAMES OF DAVE & BUSTERS can’t describe. Indeed, you have to go there and experience the wonder and atmosphere of one of the most high-tech game gadgetry ever devised. Yes, it is truly a sight to behold and be amazed at all sorts of games. So why not go down and experience the wonder first hand. Go down to Dave & Busters now and have the joy of your life.

Written by: Robert Klag

Game reviews by: Justin Freeman, Kyren Ford, Derek Gendvil, and Robert Klag

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We the Circles team went to the Hollywood Car Museum and saw at least a hundred cars there. We saw the Pink Panther car, the Fast and the Furious cars, the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny car, and many more.

In the back of the garage are seven of Liberace’s cars on display that he and his family had owned. When we did the interview with Steve that runs the museum, we asked him how long that they have been open?

He told us that they have been around for five years and slowly opened the museum.

They get in many people all over the world to visit the museum. When we asked him how much the admission to the Hollywood Car Museum was. Steve had said for the adults its $20.00, kids have to be under 16 to get in for free with pay adult admission.

Steve went on to say that they don’t put gas in any of the cars. Every once in a while they add fresh paint on the cars. When we ask about the Fast and the Furious cars and the Bond cars Steve said that when they were filming the movies, they were crashed. Just like the Dukes of hazard car they were stunt cars.

Steve told us that his guys clean the whole garage even the cars too. He went on and said that all of the cars are really valuable. He also did talk about the Back to the Future car and how it really does start up with fire just like in the movie.

When we asked him who the owner was Steve told us that he lives in Miami and is a collector of the cars. He has over three million dollars of collectable cars, and he had sent at least a hundred of the cars to Steve for his museum. Steve wanted to do something fun for families that they can all do together, and for Las Vegas locals as well.

Interview: Stacey Foster

Photographer: Michelle Frese & Briana Brooks

Video recorder: Joey Thomas

Research: Terrance Jerffers & Elizabeth Suarez

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The Circles team went to 575 E. Flamingo Rd, to talk to a fire fighter.

We were able to interview Greg Blackwell about what it is like to be a fire fighter.

The fire station opened in 1991, it combined 2 different stations into what is now the area fire station and the administration building.

Q. Who has been here the longest?

A. One engineer is at 36 years with the department.

Q. How many employees in total at the station?

A. 13 at station.

Q. What equipment do you use to put out fires?

A. Primarily we use the fire hose.

Q. What can you tell us about fire safety?

A. It is important to have a fire alarm and also a proper fire pan in place.

Q. How long does training take to become a firefighter?

A. Preferably the academy is 24 weeks long.

Q. Do you need any degree in the field?

A. No, GED required and 18 years of age.

Q. Who inspired you to become a firefighter?

A. My father, and the show called Emergency.

Q. How many times do they train a day?

A. They train 16 hrs. a day for fire training and 8 hrs. Of medical training a month.

Q. How much weight do you have to carry to put out fires?

A. The gear is 30lbs and the equipment is up to 100lbs .

Q. What kind of utility trucks are used throughout the day?

A. They have utilities such as pumps, water tanks, hoses, ground ladders, and tools, etc.

Q. How often do you clean and organize the equipment?

A. They keep all of their equipment clean daily.

Q. How many fires do you put out in a day?

A. On average, twice per day.

Written by: Amy Toner

Pictures by: Cassandra Hitchcock, Jeremy Holland, Eric Washington, Amy Toner and Justin Freeman.

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Make Sure Your Ready This Season………..

Needs for Shelter


Tent stakes/Hammer or Mallet

Ground Cloth/Cot


Bedding/Sleeping Bag

Mat or Carpet

Cooking Essentials


Water Proof Matches



Ice Chest/Cooler

Personal Gear

Pocket Watch

First Aid Kit




Pocket Knife

Flare Gun

Illustrations by: Sarah Verace, Elizabeth Suarez, Briana Brooks, Jeremy Holland, AMy Toner, Nathan Moench

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1 box cake mix

1 cup icing sugar (powdered sugar)

2-3 Tablespoons milk (add additional milk if too thick)

Gel food coloring(red and blue)

Edible glitter (sprinkles)


Prepare cake according to directions on box.

Combine the milk and sugar in a medium-sized bowl. Stir well with a whisk or tablespoon until properly combined.

Separate glaze into 4 equal parts, placing them into 4 small bowls (or cups).

Add 1 drop of red food coloring to one bowl, this should make a pink color.

Add 2 red drops and 2 blue drops of food coloring to one bowl, this should make a purple color.

Add 1 drop of blue food coloring to one bowl, this should make a light blue color.

Add 5 drops of blue food coloring to one bowl, this should make a dark blue color.

Drizzle the glaze over the cake, one color at a time.

Using a spoon gently smear colors together to create a space effect.

Finish off by sprinkling edible glitter (sprinkles) to the glaze for the stars.

TIP: Prior to glazing the cake, we frosted the cake with white canned frosting to give us a smooth and even texture for the glaze.

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Snickerdoodle Cookies

Black fondant

Different colors of icing

Candy Eyeballs

Step 1: Place cookie on plate.

Step 2: Choose icing: blue, green, or purple.

Step 3: Roll out fondant on a cutting board.

Step 4: Start decorating your cookie the way you want it!

Step 5: Use a knife and a toothpick to spread over cookie.

Step 6: Put on eyeballs or any other things you would like on your cookie.

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Graham Cracker Square

Red decorating icing

Mini marshmallows

White icing

Assorted round sprinkles


1. Turn your square graham cracker so that it looks like a diamond.

2. Add a layer of white icing all over the top of the graham cracker.

3. Take the red icing and fill in the top corner of the diamond to make it look like Santa’s hat.

4. Add one marshmallow to the tip of the red icing.

5. Add two round sprinkles in your choice of color for the eyes and a red one for the nose.

6. Use the mini marshmallows to fill in any empty spots up to the nose area making it look like Santa’s full beard.

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Circles magazine visited SNBRF and had a great time interviewing Regina Harman, meeting the rescue dogs and learning about this awesome rescue operation. SNBRF is a non-profit, all volunteer foundation dedicated the rescue of Beagles, Beagle mixes, hounds and little and education about responsible dog and puppy ownership.

They provide rescue and adoption services primarily in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the rest of Clark County Nevada, they find permanent homes for Beagles who have been surrendered by their owners or have been abandoned or abused. SNBRF does not house dogs and puppies in a shelter as many rescue groups do, our dogs are cared for in healthy, safe, loving foster home environments.

All the dogs are pre-screened for behavior, temperament and health conditions prior to placement. This includes being spayed or neutered. They always welcome any donations. They can be found on Facebook and

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Green Beans
White Rice
Chicken Breast

The dog food recipe contains rice, meat, green beans, peas and it was a very easy recipe to make for your dogs and it is very healthy for the pets to eat.


Step 1: Boil chicken (No seasonings added) Boil until fully cooked.

Step 2: Cut chicken to bite-sized pieces.

Step 3: Mix rice and chopped chicken.

Step 4: Add 1 can of peas and 1 can of green beans, mix together


Michelle: “Making this healthy food was a really fun experience for me.”

Jeremy: “Making the cake was really fun and exciting. I really enjoyed pouring the ingredients and mixing them all together.”

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