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Issue # 16 – Strange Mode: Unordinary Accessories



Ice Jewelry

Chill Out and look cool in the

Vegas heat with a ice necklace.



The Botox Bag

Woman know best when it comes to beauty,

now  their handbags can be beautiful ALWAYS.


The Rainbrella

This unique keeps you dry all over…



Flash drive jewelry

Redefining form and function,

like a spy on a mission after digital information.





How else can you keep the sun away

and be incognito at the same time?





The Mantyhose

For men by men.

A unique way to dress up the legs even for the most  manly man



The Skull Purse

For skull freaks who love to accessorize,

here’s a carry all that doubles as a weapon with style.


The Gadget Watch

Really. Check the time while streaming music,

and tell your friends about it all from the same device























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Issue #16 – Freaky Fun


Las Vegas has always been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to entertainment and some of the attractions on The Strip are evidence of that. Here are just some of the strange ways to entertain yourself in Las Vegas.


Bodies-The Exhibition; The Luxor

Bodies the Exhibition allows visitors to see the human body’s inner beauty in educational and awe-inspiring ways. The exhibition has over 200 actual human bodies and specimens meticulously dissected and respectfully displayed. Look deep inside the systems of the human body: skeletal, muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, and circulatory. Explore, experience, and celebrate the wonder of the human form at BODIES…The Exhibition.

Madame Tussauds; The Venetian

2One of the key differences with Madame Tussauds Las Vegas is not only the life-like, 3true-to-scale celebrities, but also the vast interactive experiences. Visit Bradley Cooper inside the infamous hotel room from “The Hangover”, take a place among NASCAR royalty next to Dale Earnhardt Jr., or hang out with your favorite super hero.




The Mob Museum; 300 Stewart Ave

1The Mob Museum showcases real stories and actual events in Mob history through interactive and engaging exhibits that reveal both sides of this fascinating story.


Sky Jump; Stratosphere4

Find your inner daredevil, but don’t look down or you might change your mind!

Take the biggest leap of your life and jump off the edge. You will fall over 800 feet in

this controlled descent from The Stratosphere.



AtomicMuseumNational Atomic Testing Museum;

755 E Flamingo Rd.

The National Atomic Testing Museum operates as an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute and is a repository for one of the most comprehensive collections of nuclear history.The museum not only documents the history of nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site; they seek to collect and preserve a wide variety of materials and artifacts relating to atomic testing, the Cold War, and nuclear and radiological science and technology.




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Issue #16 – Zombie Domination

016 CM16-ArtGr-Strange-Zombies-Domination A fascination with zombies appears to be sweeping the nation; and is increasing in popularity in every aspect of our culture.  From television and movies, to video games, clothing and beyond, our obsession with all things zombie is one of the hottest trends of this decade.  The creation of television shows like “Chrysalis” and “The Walking Dead”, coupled with post-apocalyptic movies like “World War Z”, “I Am Legend”, and “Resident Evil 5” have helped t036o fuel that obsession and contribute to the zombie craze.

According to some, zombies appeal to both the fear and fascination people have to the concept of death.  The fact that zombies were once a living, breathing, human being plays a significant role in what makes them so scary.  The very notion of survival in a post-apocalyptic world with uncertainty about the future, in addition to a threat of the undead who harbor no emotion or conscious excite even the most passive of people and can transform them into unlikely heroes.

Even our own city of Las Vegas has capitalized on the zombie craze! “Zombie Burlesque”is a popular show at the “V” Theater047 located in Planet Hollywood.  Set in a post-atomic era in 1958, the musical boasts comedy, dance, and musical numbers performed by the “undead”.

The Zombie Run is a 5K (1 mile) run that takes place in Las Vegas in late October.  100 percent of proceeds go to benefit Generation Vegas, a local charity.  In this event the participants run with flags on them and attempt to avoid the zombies on the running course.  Those who finish the race with their flags undisturbed and intact “survive” the course.

057Zombie Apocalypse Store, located on Spring Mountain Road, has all things “zombie”.  It houses supplies and survival items. It even has a paintball shooting range to sharpen your skills and prepare you for zombie world domination in the event of an outbreak.  Zombies are even available for target practice.  It is guaranteed to satisfy any zombie fix that you may have. What does the future hold for zombies and our obsession for them?  Our guess is that they will continue to be as immortal in history as they are in life.










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Issue # 16 – Destination Strange


(A shopping guide for strange and unusual stores in Las Vegas)

Whether you are a local with a taste for the outrageous, or a tourist taking in the sights of the city for the first time; Las Vegas is not only the entertainment capital of the world- but has also been known to house some of the strangest andmost unusual stores in the country.

If you are a comic book enthusiast, then Alternative Reality Comics is the store for you. It is located at 4110 S. Maryland Parkway. They have an extensive and diverse selection of alternative and superhero comics, graphic novels, and many pop culture items. The owners are die-hard comic book fanatics and are passionate about their hobby. They are also very knowledgeable and entertain questions about the products that they sell.  (702-736-3673).

Channeling your inner show-diva is easy when you head to Rainbow Feather Company located at 1036 S. Main St. They sell feathers in various shapes, sizes or colors, and canalso make jewelry, flowers and fans out of feathers!  (702-598-0988).

You can then complete your own show-diva outfit with a trip to Serge’s Showgirl Wigs located at 4515 W. Sahara.  Not only do they house one of the longest wig showcases in the United States, they also have 20-plus years in business.  Stylists are also on duty full-time, to ensure you find an alter-ego worthy of the Vegas nightlife and stage! (702-732-1018).

For the gambling enthusiast, you will always have a winning hand shopping at The Gamblers General Store located at 800 S. Main St.  This store prides itself in the making of custom designs and the manufacturing of items such as poker chips, dice, professional cases, furniture and trays.  They also sell books, roulette wheels, bingo supplies and novelty items. Just look for the two giant slot machines out front and remember, the house ALWAYS wins! (702-382-9903).

If the great outdoors is your ideal setting, then check out Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World,  3333 Blue Diamond Rd. Located in The Silverton Casino, this 165,000 square- foot building houses and archery range, a rock-climbing wall, plus two the pistol ranges. It even houses a huge aquarium filled with fish to bone-up on your casting skills and catch the ‘’ big one’’.  (702-730-5200).

If preparing for a zombie invasion, then The Zombie Apocalypse Store is your destination for all things undead. Located at 3420 Spring Mountain Rd, The Zombie Apocalypse Store houses everything frommilitary food rations, weapons, t-shirts and even novelty items.  The store is a perfect shopping location for anypending zombie outbreak. There is also a paintball/shooting range to sharpen your skills to decimate the undead! (702-320-0703).

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Issue #16 – diy: Decorating Cupcakes

Having a hard time deciding what to decorate on those freshly baked cupcakes? No worries! Circles Magazine has created a Go to Guide for this coming fall holiday season, which is sure to please all those who try. They are fun, simple, and the ingredients are low cost.

*All cupcakes (except the Mummy Face) recipes below require a white frosted cupcake.



Items Needed: M&Ms, Black Gel Icing 009

Step 1: Place the candy on cupcake,

lining them in a row.

Step 2: Draw legs along the

sides of the candy. Be creative!

Step 3: Give the bugs antennas.



Dirt and Worm

Items Needed: Oreos (ground), Gummy worms030

Step 1: Completely cover top with ground Oreos

Step 2: Top the Worm, be Creative!









Items Needed: Black & red gel frosting Gummy Lifesaver 005

Step 1: Place Lifesaver in the middle of the cupcake and ll with black gel.

Step 2: Using the red gel, draw veins.







Marshmallow MummyMummy

Items Needed: M&Ms Marshmallow Knife

Step 1: Cut the marshmallow ¾ of the way through,

once near the top, once near the bottom.

Step 2: Place two M&Ms for the eyes in the top.

Step 3: Place one M&M for the mouth in the bottom.


Mummy Face mummy face

Items Needed: M&Ms Unfrosted Cupcake Flat Tip decorative tip for frosting

Step 1: Using a at frosting to create lines across the cake to resemble a wrapped mummy.

Step 2: Put the M&Ms on the mummy to give him or her eyes.






Oreo Owl 027

Items Needed: Oreos, ground Oreos split in half (total of two with frosting) M&Ms

Step 1: Completely cover cupcake with ground Oreo.

Step 2: Using two frosted halves of Oreos, carefully place them on the cupcake.

Step 3: Break one unfrosted half into two pieces and place them above the eyes.

Step 4: Using M&Ms, give the owl eyes..




Spider Web Items Needed: 041

Black gel frosting Toothpick

Step 1: Draw a small circle in the center, then a larger circle around the small one, and a larger one around that one so you have three circles.

Step 2: Using a toothpick, start from the center and draw lines, moving outward to create the web.

Step 3: For added fun create a spider using the frosting! (Optional)




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