It seems everything these days is new and improved and the latest gadgets are on everyone’s minds. It’s easy to get caught up in the anticipation. Construction and road work are everywhere and being distracted by this is understandable. But when you need to unplug and de-stress you don’t need to go far. Southern Nevada offers many scenic areas that can’t be matched by anything manmade.

Pioneer ParkBlue DiamondLake Mead
Pioneer Park                   Blue Diamond                 Lake Mead

Bonnie SpringsMountain's EdgeCraig Ranch

Bonnie Springs               Mountain’s Edge           Craig Ranch Regional Park

RedRockSprings PreserveSunset Park

Red Rock                         Spring’s Preserve           Sunset Park
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8Many people enjoy gardening but it takes more than a green thumb to have a successful garden in Las Vegas. Soil, planting schedules, the heat and sun, and water are the major issues gardeners have to deal with in this climate. Circles Magazine visited Vegas Roots, a local community garden, to get some gardening tips from expert gardener Roslyn Brooks.

Soil Concerns
High salt and pH levels and lack of organic materials in the soil make gardening difficult in Las Vegas. By bringing in better soil and working in 4-6 inches of composting material you can greatly improve the soil in your existing garden. Another thing that you can do is create a raised bed and fill it up with quality soil.

You can grow most vegetables in containers.

Planting Time
It’s not always a good idea to rely on the dates that are on the seed packets. In southwest desert climates seeds need to be planted earlier than in other areas. This is so they can mature and produce before the summer heat.

7Sun and Heat
In milder climates gardens require full sunlight, but when planning where to plant your Las Vegas garden you will need to choose a place that gets a least some shade during the hottest part of the day. The intense desert sun and heat can cause rapid water loss in plants causing then to wilt and die.

Most warm-weather vegetables stop producing when temperatures rise above 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wise Watering
Water is a very important when it comes to gardening and in the desert you need to water wisely. Using a drip irrigation system will provide water directly to the soil with minimal evaporation.

Most vegetables require 1 to 2 inches of water weekly, although they may require more during exceptionally hot weather.

It may take a little more planning and work but it will be well worth it when you are enjoying fresh items from your own garden.10

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When you think of trails or hiking you probably think of being outside of the city. But that isn’t the case. Las Vegas actually has over 1,000 miles of trails, and many run right through the city.

DSC_3694The Outside Las Vegas Foundation is working to connect people to Southern Nevada’s special outdoor places and believe that trails create community and health. Our valley has trails for walking, hiking, biking and even equestrian trails and they have a wide range of difficulty levels. With over 1,000 miles of trails in the valley there is something for everyone. OLVF has created a comprehensive map of all the trails in the valley. They also have been instrumental in large projects such as the Vegas Valley Rim Trail that will encircle the valley and will be over 100 miles around.

IMG_0865OLVH teams up with other organizations like Get Outdoors Nevada to organize clean-up activities to create a community that enjoys, values, and protects our outdoor places.

Neon to Nature is a great online tool to find trails in Southern Nevada so you can get out and explore.

More trails and a visitor center will be opening up in May 2015 at Mt Charleston.

Be prepared when hitting the trail: wear comfortable shoes and socks and appropriate clothing for the weather, bring 8 to 12 oz. of water per hour you plan to be out (something with electrolytes is good too), food, and a first aid kit.

trailstrails (2)

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NOTE: Practice setting up your tent and campsite before you go camping.
• Practice the setup of your camping tent using directions in hand.
• Setup using minimal light or with a flash light in case you have to setup in the dark.

Step1_02Step1_01Step 1: Find a Good Spot to Setup Your Campsite
• A good camping spot has a smooth surface and provides adequate protection from the wind elements.
• Clear the area of any large sticks, rocks or other debris and make sure that the area is at a level, not a grade.


Step2Step 2: Unpack Tent & Bedding Items.
• Sort the parts into respective groups (stakes, poles, rain fly etc.)
• Check and make sure all the parts are there.
• Prepare the area where the tent will be erected




Step3Step 3: Unfold and Position Tent.
• Use a tarp to separate the tent floor from the ground for extra protection.
• Ensure it is facing the desired direction. (East for the sunrise)
• Stake down each tent corner. (most tents need to be secured)




Step4Step 4: Connect Tent Poles.
• The tent poles are the two longest interconnected poles.
• The rainfly pole is the shortest interconnected pole.
• Connect a pole into place with the corresponding segment in the series.
• Check that all segments are secured.



Step5Step 5: Assemble the Tent Frame.
• Starting from one corner, insert one end of the pole through the pole sleeve.
• From another corner, do the same for the other pole, forming an X.
• Snap into place plastic hooks along the way.
• Tie a knot where the poles cross to secure the position.



Step6Step 6: Erect the Tent.
• Pull one end of the tent pole and fasten the corner, then fasten the opposite corner of the tent, creating tension as the pole bends to an arch.
• Do the same for the side while guiding the tent structure upward.
• Place rainfly over the roof with pole pockets pointing over the window and door direction.
• Slide pole over the dome of the tent and fasten each end inside pole pocket.


Step7Step 7: Setup Folding Cot.
• Stretch open folded cot
• Position legs downward like center leg
• Spread open cot on the ground
• Insert and lock stabilizer bars at each end



Step8Step 8: Setup Air Mattress.
• Locate air valve on the mattress corner
• Open air valve
• Unstrap mattress
• Lay mattress down to auto inflate

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The Oscars are a set of awards given annually for excellence of cinematic achievements  the Oscars statue is officially named the academy award of the merit and is one of the type of academy awards the Oscars are given in more than a dozen countries annually the types of awards are Grammy awards, Emmy, Tony and the golden globes.

The awards are for the followings category: The Grammy are for music, the Emmy are for television and tony are for theatre and the golden globe is for motion pictures and television programs

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howd they do that

Chromo keying is a type of special effect where two photos or videos come together. Chromo keying is mostly used in video production and post-production and another word for it is color-keying or green screen. This can be done with various types of back grounds as long as they are different in hue from human skin colors. The background cannot be the color of the subject either. For example, during a news broadcast the weatherman will be standing in front of a blank wall but, when people watch TV, they are actually seeing a weather map. This is done by the weatherman having a large CGI map superimposed onto the blank background wall. To achieve a desired effect there needs to be the correct balance of light and color. There is software made to filter these two elements together. Some studios have painted green walls that can be used for screening. There are special paints made for just this application. These paints are used to provide just the right texture. If you are on a budget you can use green or blue paint found at your hardware store, but you may lose a little quality. You can also get the same effect by using green or blue poster board. Here are some effects you can get and how we got them.

1. All you need is green or blue poster board, tape, and scissors.

2. We taped the poster board to a wall and placed an object in front of it.

3. With the use of software we were able to remove the back ground and replace it with a different one.

IMG_1845materialsIMG_1840IMG_1839step 1step 2step 3

finish 1finish 2finish 3final finishIMG_1863place step 1place step 2IMG_1857IMG_1856IMG_1855place step 3IMG_1848

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This sandwich is a great finger food for
holiday parties or just for dinner at home.

Ingredients and Equipment:
French bread (sliced)
Mixing bowls
Provolone Cheese
Garlic Puree
Olive Oil
Canola Oil
Salt Pepper
Measuring cups and spoons
Cutting board



Always wash your
hands before
handling any food.






Step 1:
Wash steak and set
aside for 30 minutes
before grilling.




STEP 2Step 2:
Heat grill





STEP 3Step 3 (for steak):
In a small bowl mix
1/2 cup canola oil with
salt and pepper





Step 4 (for top of
In small bowl mix 1/2
cup olive oil, 1/2 cup
fresh chopped parsley,
salt, and pepper




Step 5 (for bread):
In a small bowl mix 1
1/4 sticks melted butter,
garlic puree, salt,
and pepper




Step 6:
Brush steak on both
sides with oil, salt,
and pepper





Step 7:
Place steak on grill and
cook until golden brown
or slightly charred,
about 4 to 5 minutes
Remove steak from
grill and let it rest for
5 minutes. Then slice
steak into 1/4 inch thick

STEP 8Step 8:
Spread butter on
bread… toast on grill
butter side down. Turn
bread over and top
with cheese. Grill for
 30 seconds longer or
until cheese melts


STEP 9Step 9:
Place French bread on
a platter and top the
cheese with a few
slices of beef and
drizzle with parsley oil



STEP 10Step 10:
Plate and serve.

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1. Which of these celebrities served 4 years in the military?
A Bill Cosby
B Jimmy Stewart
C Ice T
D Montel Williams

2. Which one of these rappers served in Desert Storm?
A Nate Dogg
B Mystikal
C M.C. Hammer
D N.A.S.

3. Elvis Presley joined the United States Army in which year?
A 1940 B.C.
B 1775
C 2013
D 1958

4. Which celebrity was named “Veteran of the Year” at the American Veterans Award Show?
A Bruce Lee
B Alexander the Great
C Chuck Norris
D Ronald Regan

5. Bill Cosby was a doctor in the military.
A True
B False

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By Eric Washington, Nick Roque, and Brian Hardie; Drawings by Josh Linson

army seal-soniaCountless people enlist into the military every year. Average Joes of every kind serve, fight wars and protect our shores. But I bet you didn’t know there were celebrities who served before they found fame on the red carpet.

1. Which of these celebrities served 4 years in the military?
A Bill Cosby
B Jimmy Stewart
C Ice T
D Montel Williams

marine-corps-seal_sonia2. Which one of these rappers served in Desert Storm?
A Nate Dogg
B Mystikal
C M.C. Hammer
D N.A.S.

3. Elvis Presley joined the United States Army in which year?
A 1940 B.C.
B 1775
AF seal_soniaC 2013
D 1958

4. Which celebrity was named “Veteran of the Year” at the American Veterans Award Show?
A Bruce Lee
B Alexander the Great
C Chuck Norris
D Ronald Regan

navy seal_eric w5. Bill Cosby was a doctor in the military.
A True
B False





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