Angry Bird Sandwich Recipe

We had a great time creating our own Angry Bird Sandwiches! And a great time eating them!

Ingredients and Tools:

  1. Bagels or English muffins.
  2. Round pre-sliced lunchmeat (approximately the same diameter of the bagels and English muffins).  We used bologna, turkey and pepperoni.
  3. Round thin pre-sliced cheese (approximately the same diameter of the bagels and English muffins).  We used provolone cheese.
  4. Colby and Monterey Jack block cheese.
  5. Round shaped cookie cutter, approximately ¾” in diameter.
  6. Triangle shaped cookie cutter, approximately ¾” in diameter.
  7. Roasted red peppers pre-cut in thin strips.
  8. Fresh spinach, uncooked.
  9. Large platter or plate.
  10. Optional: mayonnaise.


  1. Nest: Spread a thin layer of spinach evenly over the platter or plate for the nest.
  2. Split the bagels and English muffins in half.
  3. Eyes: Using the ¾” round shaped cookie cutter; cut the Colby and Monterey Jack block cheese in circles for the eyes (2 for each sandwich face).
  4. Beak: Using the ¾” triangle shaped cookie cutter; cut the Colby and Monterey jack block cheese in triangles for the beak (1 for each sandwich face).
  5. Creative Accents: Break the pepper strips in different size pieces as desired for accents.  Some of the accents we created were hair, eyebrows, eyeballs, feet, legs, feathers, mustaches, and ears.

Building the Sandwich Face:

  • 1st layer: Place a bagel or English muffin half on top of the spinach platter or plate.
  • 2nd layer: Place 1 to 3 slices of the round lunchmeat on top of the bagel or English muffin half. We used a combination of bologna, turkey and pepperoni.
  • 3rd layer: If desired, place 1 slice of the thin round cheese on top of the lunchmeat.  We used provolone cheese.
  • 4th layer: Place the eyes and beak on top of the lunchmeat/thin cheese. We used Colby and Monterey Jack cheese.
  • 5th layer: If desired, place the pepper strips for creative accents. We made hair, eyebrows, eyeballs, feet, legs, feathers, mustaches, and ears.

Note: We ate our sandwiches after the pictures were taken and they were delicious!

Written by: Austin Green, Stephanie Schoppmann, Dallin Haymore, Julia Schanbacher, and Robert Klag.

Prepared by: Austin Green, Dallin Haymore, Stephanie Shcoppmann, Jeremy Holland, Amy Toner, Kathleen Jones, Nate Carney, Jean Kerr, Terrance Jeffers, and Daniel Frederick II.

Photographed by: Eric Washington

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(Photo by

Tropical rainforests occur in areas of a tropical climate in which there is no dry season, all months have an average precipitation (or rainfall) of at least 24 inches, and may also be referred to as lowland equatorial evergreen rainforest. Some people call the place a tropical jungle as well, because it looks like a jungle, but is a rainforest.

The tropical rainforest has an emergent layer, canopy layer, and understory layer. A majority of the largest trees of the rainforest, growing up to 100 to 150 feet in height, are found in the emergent layer. The canopy layer is shorter and forms an umbrella type of overhang. The understory layer in the tropical rainforest is between the forest floor and the canopy, and it receives only 5% of the sunlight. The emergent layer, understory layer, and canopy layer, help the plants, trees, and the rainforests grow bigger when the rain comes.

  • The five countries with the largest area of rainforest are Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Indonesia, Peru and Columbia.
  • The Valdivia Temperate Rainforest, in Chile, is famous for its endemic plants and 150 foot tall trees, as well as its rare animal species.
  • If a rainforest is Temperate, that means it has average temperatures between 4 degrees and 12 degrees Celsius, and receives a large amount of rainfall.
  • Temperate rainforests are found in limited numbers in the world mostly in regions near the ocean where moisture is abundant.
  • The Amazon Rainforest, in Brazil, covers an impressive area of 7 million square kilometers (or 1.7 billion acres).
  • The Hainan Province is home to China’s only tropical rainforest, which contains 25 percent of China’s mammal diversity and 33 percent of the country’s bird diversity.
  • Madagascar, a country off the coast of Africa, has tropical rainforest abundant with orchids. There are more than one thousand varieties.
  • The rainforests of Indonesia are on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, and New Guinea.
  • There are lots of animals that live in the rainforest, like apes, monkeys, and reptile, but the big cats are the most exciting. In the rainforest you will find Jaguar, Panthers, Tigers, and Ocelots. Tigers are the real king of the jungle.

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Robert Klag, Leslie Hills and Jeffrey Luckinbill

Putting together the Tropical Leis requires the following Items:


36 inches of any colored yarn

12 cut out flowers, (made into fans) hole punch in middle        

21 different colored straws, each 2 inches long

Benjamin Puentadera and Heidi Pearson


Assemble starting with 1 two inch straw, inserting straw at the end of yarn that is laid out straight on a table, push to end.

Insert hole punched flower through the yarn until it reaches the colored straw.

Continue putting 1 flower then 2 straws for this process until all parts are inserted. Tie off the yarn with each end and make sure all items are close together with no spaces.

Written by: Jennifer Cornstuble

Photos by: Briana Brooks

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Ingredients: Pineapple, six Mandarin oranges, three mangos, six kiwis, two jars of Maraschino cherries, coconut flakes, mini marshmallows, and whipped topping.

You can use canned ingredients but we prefer fresh.

Step 1:  Prepare fruits by peeling and slicing into bite sized pieces. It’s best to core the pineapple if using fresh.

Step 2: Put all prepared fruits in a large bowl.

Step 3: Drain & remove stems from Maraschino cherries.

Step 4: Add mini marshmallows to bowl.

Step 5: Mix all ingredients with a spoon.

Step 6: Add whipped topping.

Step 7: Chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 8: Serve and enjoy.

We served it to everyone at Circles Magazine and it was a huge success.

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October 1, 2017 “The day of the Las Vegas shooting was kinda like a normal day at first except, who knew that it wouldn’t end like any other day previously. There were sounds of gun shots ringing through the TV on air. News reporters kept on talking about the fatalities and people kept on calling and texting me to see if I was okay. Even though I was okay, the fact that I saw people lose their lives on TV, it changed people’s lives, united Las Vegas and created the “Vegas Strong” movement. Not only was the movement created, the Vegas community came together and with the help of a few volunteers and created the healing garden for those who were victim survivors of the October 1st Las Vegas shooting.”- Josef Thomas

As for the healing garden, here are my coworker’s, experiences, and their point of view.

“Even though the Las Vegas shooting was tragic and an upsetting experience. After the Las Vegas shooting, the community and volunteers created the healing garden. Their decorations really were eye catching. The surrounding music enhanced the experience and made it an appealing and brightening experience”. – Michelle Frese

“When I went to the Healing garden for the first time I understood why the healing garden was built, but I cannot express how much sympathy I give to all the victims and families when the Las Vegas shooting took place. Especially as we approach the 2nd anniversary of the late Las Vegas shooting incident, we can all give a day to grieve and give our respects to those who have fallen when the incident occured”. – Justin Freeman

(Justin Freeman, Michelle Frese, Josef Thomas)

Written By: Michelle Frese, Justin Freeman, Josef Thomas

Photos By: Justin Freeman and Jacob Chinn

Address: 1015 S. Casino Center Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone Number: 702-997-3350


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When Karl Benz invented the automobile (he called it the motorwagen), little did he know that he had created an iconic and nostalgic way of life for millions of people. From his first one-cylinder, two stroke motor came morphs of engines with as many as 16 cylinders. We at Circles thought it might fun to mention some of the great vehicles that have come to be from the auto industry.

1966 Ford Mustang GT350: 1966 List Price:$4,428.00
Engine: 289 CID This particular vehicle was given the name GT350 by
Carroll Shelby when debating the name with Phil Remington, Shelby asked
“How many feet is it between the office and the workshop?” The answer
was 350 feet and thus the GT350 was the name it was given.

Ford Thunderbird: also known as the T-Bird it was produced
over eleven generations from 1955 to 2005 with 4.4 million
of them manufactured. The Thunderbird started out as a two
seater but evolved over the years to different configurations

such as convertible, four seater etc.

Chevrolet Corvette: Dubbed “America’s Sports Car” it is still in production
and a most wanted vehicle around the world. Production began in 1953
with a convertible only model and has progressed through 8 generations
of this iconic car.

Porsche: Founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche who was the designer of
the Volkswagen Beetle, built the Porsche 64 using mostly VW parts, followed
by the 356. The most popular and best selling model was the 911 which was fast, sleek and admired by many care enthusiast. The 911 came to the consumer in 1963 and it’s one millionth was built on May 11,2017.

On April 28 1916, Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the company that
bears his name and is known for stylish, high performance cars is born in
Italy. Today they are still putting quality high end driving machines that
are high in demand for those who can afford it.

Written by: Derek Gendvil, Kyren Ford, Robert Klag, Ben Puentadura and Ylana Dinkins

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So your mind is set and you’re finally going to do it. You’re getting ready to move to the sin city that is Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though moving is not always easy…. you’ll probably have endless questions about your new potential home. Before you pack up and load up your things to head up on over to fabulous Las Vegas you may want to weigh out some facts about this unique city.
Much like New York, Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps …. but unlike New York, Las Vegas also has 24/7 access to purchasing alcohol in combination
with never ending partying on the strip. No last calls in this city.
If you like gambling, well then of course Las Vegas is the city for that, with gambling everywhere around the city. Even the Walmarts, 7-11’s and just about every other retail business has poker/blackjack/keno machines, and of course the strip is always open. The cost of living is low. Minimum wage is $8.25 and tax is 8.25% in Las Vegas. The median home price in Las Vegas is $220,000. The average cost for a two bedroom apartment is just over 1,000 per month and studio apartments range from $625- $750 month.
Las Vegas is not a desert climate but is actually a rain shadow climate. The temperature difference on average between night and day is 40 degrees for a desert, while a rain shadow climate’s temperature difference is only 30 degrees between night and day. So Las Vegas’s temperature is not as extreme as a regular desert. It’s the mountains that surround most of Las Vegas that blocks and reduces rain to Las Vegas to the point that it becomes dry and desert like.

There are a few things for families to enjoy in Las Vegas although most require that an adult be with the children. We have water parks around the valley both in Las Vegas and the Henderson areas, to enjoy in the summer. Other attractions for the family might include The Childrens Discovery Museum and several miniature golf businesses which aren’t too pricey. Movie theaters are prevalent around Las Vegas. On the strip you can find amusement type attractions as well as the tourist attractions that everyone wants to see like the volcano at the Mirage. Madame Toussad’s wax museum is also on the strip. There are roller coasters throughout the town and in the surrounding areas, the Desperado is located in Primm which is about 30 miles south of Las Vegas on the way to Los Angeles.
Lot’s of different cultural and regional foods in one area. From a China Town near Spring Mountain, sushi, burritos, White Castle Burgers, and every kind of pizza you can think of . The Wicked Spoon which is a very unique $42-$49 all you can eat dinner buffet place that includes buffalo style fried frog legs, kimchi glazed bone marrow, Bourbon glazed carrots, mango mousse, and many other creative dishes. A famous $100 brunch buffet at Bally’s Hotel & Casino with free-flowing champagne, never ending caviar, unlimited lobster tails, fancy crab omelets, and much more. Soul
food, THC infused food restaurants, gastro pubs/bars, alcohol infused cupcake places, all you can eat northern Indian food at Mt. Everest Indian Cuisine, and even two Chick-fil-As. There is also a really good $7.99 breakfast buffet at Boulder Station Hotel Casino. You can find every kind of cuisine in this city and nearly every famous chef has a restaurant somewhere here. Las Vegas just might have it all, and If not now definitely
sometime in the near future. You can get a lot variety of good quality food(s) for cheap here.
To summarize Las Vegas up for new comers we would have to bluntly and truthfully say it’s mostly a cruise ship that never ends with a good number of crazy and/or homeless people occasionally nomading about its decks. So moving to this town can be really awesome. It all depends on how you roll the dice, what kind of dice you’re rolling, and where you end up rolling them at.

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Officer C. Suey, Officer J. Staton, and Crime Prevention Specialist Denise Stride visited the Circles site to give tips for safety with strangers and people you know, the proper use of 911, and the proper use of 311.

They wanted us to know that most people are good. That most strangers are good, but not all! That it is best to have a safety plan for how to get help everywhere you go. To understand safety rules for answering the door, being on the phone, and being on the internet. To never give personal information to a stranger or someone who makes us feel uncomfortable.

That it is okay to get help from strangers if an emergency is happening to any one of us when alone, and that there is no one else close by that we know. How to clearly communicate to others that we are having an emergency. Instead of screaming out loud at the top of our lungs (which often gets misconstrued as playing) we should yell out what the emergency is to other people. “Help! There is a stranger trying to get me!”

After teaching us all these valuable safety tips they let us go check the outside and inside of their patrol vehicles, take pictures together, chat, use the lights, play with the speakers, and then gave all of us some really awesome golden badge stickers.

Know when and how to say no

Use polite clear words, eye contact, and assertive body language to say no to unwanted and inappropriate behavior. Continue to say no even when someone uses bribes, hurt feelings, or power to try to pressure you into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

When to use 911

  • When there is a current threat to a person or property
  • Someone is hurt
  • Crime just happened or is about to happen
  • Presence of smoke or fire

When to use 311

When there is no current threat to people or property.

  • Someone who is in custody and is under control. Loud parties, barking dogs, non-serious injuries or illnesses.
  • Non-serious crime that occurred sometime prior.
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Are you getting bored of the same old hobbies? Well we have the right one for you! Flying RC planes, helicopters and other types of radio control aircrafts has become a hugely popular pastime in the recent years.

It has never been easier and more affordable to get started! Circles Magazine met with Don Campbell to interview about the park and everything else you need to know when flying. He told us “it is hard to fly RC airplanes, they are just like the real thing but just on a smaller scale, they are also slow, and depend on the type of airplane.” They run about 200 miles an hour. some prices vary from $200.75 to $409.95. Most people buy finished or build and fly them around.

The limitations of RC planes have been compared to real airplanes such as not responding. There are a few rules when flying: Don’t hurt anybody, and no combat flying, (combat flying means the flying of any model aircraft in such a manner as to interfere with another model aircraft that can cause damage to each other). A yearly pass must be purchased to utilize the model airplane flying field at Willie McCool Regional Park. A pass can be purchased at the Neighborhood Recreation Center, 1638 North Bruce Street, North Las Vegas. For more information, Call; (702) 633-1600.

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The Las Vegas Motor Speedway has developed into a major tourist destination catering to thousands of race car fans throughout the world. The LVMS located in the northeast corner of the valley is the largest motorsports complex in the United States. Ten different tracks, featuring 19 styles of racing, sits on 1,600 acres of land hosting up to 1,500 venues a year including concerts, air shows and motocross.

In 1998, the LVMS celebrated the first race of NASCAR’s Winston Cup Series. The track was a 1.5 mile Tri-oval seating over 120,000 fans. It was a success selling 170,000 tickets to racecar fans in just a couple of hours making a sell-out.

The race track holds 80,000 fans with -12*-20* turns and a lap distance of 1.5 miles.

Jamie is the best tour guide and the LVMS is a must see for any traditional race fan! She has been given tours of the raceway for 17 years, and was able to answer questions we asked.

Dream Racing offers real track driving experience with the largest selection of exotic race cars from all over the world. Prices range.


There are 102 suites, which hold a maximum of 120 people. Prices range from $60,000-$140,000 a year.

The Strip is one of only two 1/4 mile dragstrip tracks that has been modified from two lanes to four lanes. The Strip holds the fastest times of less than 3 seconds and speeds of over 330 mph.

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