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Issue #32 – U.S. National Parks

The National Park Service (NPS) is an agency of the United States federal government that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties with various title designations. In general, national parks welcome pets in developed areas, on many trails and
campgrounds, and in some lodging facilities. Pets must be restrained either on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length, caged or crated at all ti mes. Pets are not permitted in a public building, public transportation vehicle, or location designated as a swimming beach. Requirements for visiting a national park with your pet vary, so be sure to check each park’s regulations before you visit.

Tips for Bringing a Dog Hiking or Camping: If you plan to bring your dog with you to the national forest, first familiarize yourself with trail situations that can be hazardous for a dog, for the hiker, or for other trail users. Be sensitive to other visitors who are uncomfortable around a dog they do not know–especially large dogs. Unless your dog responds well to voice commands and is comfortable around people, keep it leashed while in parking lots and at busy trail heads. Update all vaccinations and provide flea and tick control for your pet. Also, make sure your dog has identification tattoos and/or tags in case you are separated while on your hike.

Dog Friendly Beaches in the U.S.: The beach is a wonderful place to spend ti me with your dog, and most dogs love playing on the sand and in the water. However, be aware there can be hazards for your pet at the beach. Before you take your dog to the beach please keep in mind the following:

Know which beaches are dog-friendly: Before you visit a beach learn the rules for bringing a pet with you. Most dog-friendly beaches require dogs to remain on leash, sometimes even in the water. Some beaches allow dogs only during the off -season, or only during certain ti mes of the day. Some beaches set aside a designated portion of the beach where dogs are allowed. Finally, some beaches are dedicated dog beaches where dogs are allowed off -leash.

Not all dogs can swim: Dogs will naturally start “dog paddling” when they find themselves in water, but that doesn’t mean that they can stay afloat for any length of ti me, that they like being in the water, or that they can safely swim. Make sure your dog doesn’t get overly tired, and be aware that puppies and older dogs tire more easily and seem less aware of their fatigue until it’s too late. Stay away from strong currents and areas with underwater debris that can entangle a dog.

Dogs feel the heat: Warm summer temperatures at the beach can pose a threat to a dog’s health. Make sure that your dog has a shady spot under a beach umbrella, tree or picnic bench. While you ensure your skin doesn’t get sun burnt, remember your pet. Dogs can burn too, especially if they have light skin and fur or short hair. Focus on the ears and nose. Take care of his/her hydration the same way as yours. Remember that the sand can be scorching on sensitive paws, so provide a blanket or towel for your dog’s comfort. Watch for signs of overheating in dogs, which include: excessive/rapid panting and drooling, coordination problems, vomiting and/or diarrhea, collapse. Heat stroke is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention.

Don’t let your dog drink the water at ocean beaches: Salt water makes dogs sick – just like humans. And salt water can also damage your dog’s coat. Rinse dogs with fresh water after an ocean swim. And bring clean, fresh water for them to drink.

Never leave your dog unattended at the beach: Be aware that all sorts of items can be partially or fully hidden in the sand. Broken glass, rocks, hooks, coral, and garbage can pose a danger to your dog.

Always clean up after your dog: The number one reason for previously dog friendly beaches to ban dogs is because of irresponsible dog owners who don’t scoop the poop. Please help keep these beaches dog friendly!

U.S. National Parks Campgrounds – Pet Policies: In general, pets are permitted but must be restrained either on a leash not exceeding 6 feet in length, caged or crated at all ti mes. Check park regulations regarding camping with your pet. Some campgrounds permit pet camping only in designated sites. Please be aware of the pet policy of the campground you’re planning to visit.

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Issue #21 – Studio 8 Ten Holiday Product Catalog

A. Cat Lolli Toy $2.50                         B. Fishing Penguin $8.00



20151013_100148-1                 20151013_101846-1


C. Foodie Magnet $8.00                                                         D. Pinecone Ponies & Pins $3.00


20151013_082608-1                        20151013_123210-1

E. Jingle Bell Cat Toy $5.00                                             F. Recycled Paper Gift Box Set $3.00                 

20151013_123014-1                                 20151013_105337-1


G. Kitty Pillow $15.00                                       H. Pallet Rack $20.00


20151013_101514-1        20151013_104921-1

I. Pallet Shelf $20.00            J. All natural artisan soaps in harvest berry, citrus jungle & enlighten mint $4.00

20151013_102454-1        20151013_115856-1


K. Handmade Cards $2.00                                      L. Pallet Garden $35.00


20151013_123849-1          20151013_105020-2
















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Issue #20 – Worldwide Web: World Wide Outreach

How does a website give back to and help build a community? How do they accomplish the things they want to do? The answer varies, but here is a review on a few that assist, build, and grow communities.


The site known as Facebook gives back to the community in different ways. They have added a ‘donate’ icon which gets used heavily after national disasters. 100% of all the donations go towards the cause. Facebook matches every dollar donated to help out. They fight against cyber bullying; funding campaigns against it and assisting in combating it on their own site. Lastly, they support many people with jobs and great intern programs.


Gofundme is a website which directly helps communities by helping to fund projects that better a community. It is similar to Kickstarter; Kickstarter runs projects that need capital (money) to get started. These start-up projects and companies depend on random contributors; however, in the case of Gofundme, you can set-up a fund to assist a victim and their family (something which Kickstarter doesn’t do. So you can help a whole, parts, or individuals to a community).


Even Google joins the bunch offering different ways they give back to the community. Employees at Google get involved by writing code to free apps. Go Read is an app created to help people with visual impairments and reading disabilities read at higher levels. Google builds homes for low income families and assists in cleaning up the environment. They also assist veterans build resumes and volunteer at hospitals and schools.


Sites can also help build the community: LinkedIn is a site which can help people network for employment.

untitledYelp helps put reviews for businesses in the hands of the community- it can help support great businesses and bring the community closer together all while improving the overall quality of services offered.


Foursquare helps bring attention to new businesses within a community through social networking over smart phones. All of these websites rely heavily on the internet and new technologies. Since the invention of the internet, websites and society grow ever closer together each and every year. Even though most of the companies mentioned seem so out of reach, they are very present assisting and building communities everywhere.



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Issue #20 – Thrift Stores Giving Back

1Thrift Stores Giving Back

Thrift Stores are great for the community because they give back to different types of charities. The next time you are shopping at one of the following thrift stores remember every time you make a purchase you are helping someone in need.

Dinosaurs and Roses

“To make a difference by touching one life at a time!”

Their mission is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need by direct contribution of goods or by supporting other Las Vegas charities. By selling high-quality, donated goods at affordable prices, they generate financial support for the greater Las Vegas charitable community.


Goodwill of Southern Nevada

Goodwill of Southern Nevada, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate, employ and train people with disabilities to maximize the quality of life for each individual served. Goodwill turns donations of gently used goods into jobs and careers for the members of the local community. They provide to people with disabilities employment, job training and other community-based programs. Goodwill helps people who lack education or job experience, and clients facing barriers and other challenges to find employment. Also at Goodwill, they believe that work creates the economic energy that builds strong families and strong communities. By working at Goodwill, it helps build self-confidence, friendships and independence.



Savers has a big heart and an even bigger vision. Savers is a community champion and a revolutionary recycler. They have been at it for more than 60 years! Savers is a for-profit, worldwide thrift retailer that offers gently used clothing, accessories and household goods. Savers purchases, resells and recycles – giving communities a smarter way to shop. Savers also helps more than 120 non-profit organizations by paying them for their donated goods.

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Issue #20 – Restaurant Review : John Mulls Meats and Road Kill Grill



At Road Kill Grill the owner Chuck Frommer is supporting his community. He gives back to the little league baseball teams, feeds the homeless, NYL Football teams, and Great Harvest Ministries. He really enjoys giving back to his community and spreading the love and laughter around! When you go to The Road Kill Grill, you can really feel the love that Chuck Frommer likes to spread to the community and to his customers as well. We had the opportunity to visit his establishment, talk to Chuck, and to taste his amazing food!




The Circles Team had a sensational time. Not only has Las Vegas voted this restaurant #1 the Circles team has voted them the best in Las Vegas as well. The service was outstanding as well as the food. We would highly recommend talking your family and friends there. If you have never tried the food here, you’re really missing out. The atmosphere makes you feel like you’re eating with family, because The Road Kill Grill is a family owned restaurant. There is even an outdoor eating facility. We look forward to the lasting relationship that we have created. The welcoming dynamic and altruistic owner have made this place a staple for Las Vegas residents. Thank you Chuck Frommer and your staff for making us feel like we’re a part of your family and for the awesome food! We will definitely be going back again soon.



John Mull’s Meat and Road Kill Grill

3730 Thom Blvd., Las Vegas, NV. 89130

Tel (702)645-1200 / Fax (702)645-5258

John Mull’s Meat Hours:

Monday through Saturdays: 9am to 6pm

(closed on Sunday)

Road Kill Grill Hours:

Monday through Saturday: 11am to 6 pm

(closed on Sunday)

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Issue #15 – The Secret Garden



Warner Brother’s


Rated G

Who’s in it?

Kate Maberly (Mary Lennox)

Maggie Smith (Mrs. Medlock)

Heydon Prowse (Colin Craven)

John Lynch (Lord Archibald Craven)

What’s it about?

Mary Lennox (Kate Maberly) is a young neglected child of a wealthy English couple, residing in India in the early 20th century. After an earthquake causes the untimely death of her parents, Mary is then sent to England to live with her widowed uncle, Lord Archibald Craven (John Lynch); her cousin Colin (Heydon Prowse), who is obsessed with death, as well as a strict and ill-mannered housekeeper, Mrs. Medlock (Maggie Smith). Mary is used to having tasks done for her but learns the art of self – sufficiency and encourages her cousin Colin to live life to the fullest and learn to take risks. When Mary discovers a key in her late aunt’s room that leads to a secret garden, she and Colin frequent the garden to overcome their problems and over time, eventually restore the beauty of the garden. Lord Craven eventually regains the joy and sense of humor he had thought he had lost, and previously unemotional Mary, who had never experienced emotions, learns to cry.


What did we like?

We liked when Colin realized that he had no boundaries and came out of his shell with Mary’s help and encouragement. We also liked when Colin learned to live life and take chances. We also liked When Uncle Archibald experienced joy in his life once again. He also realized happiness was still present, despite experiencing loss. We also liked how Colin and Mary experienced happiness at the end of the movie.


What didn’t we like?

We didn’t like how mean Mrs. Medlock was towards Mary and Colin. We also thought that it was sad when Mary’s parents died. We also thought at times, the film was difficult to follow.

See it or skip it

Skip It


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Issue #15 – Watch It!


Many movies have been made depicting life in different time periods; some factual and some fantasy. Here are Circles’ top 10 movies depicting civilizations:

1.10,000 B.C.-(2008). A fantasy adventure film set in the prehistoric era.






2. The Book of Eli-(2010). An adventure film starring Denzel Washington based in post-apocalyptic America.






3. 300-(2007). Adaptation based on the Battle of Thermopylae, pitting Greek Spartans against the mighty Persian military.


4. Dances with Wolves-(1990). A film set in the American Frontier in the 1860’s. Starring Kevin Costner, It is the story about a military lieutenant traveling to a remote military post and his encounters with a Lakota Indian Tribe.


5. Memoirs of a Geisha-(2005). Follows the journey of a young Japanese girl through the training and education of becoming a Geisha.

6. Braveheart-(1995). Based on the life of William Wallace; a 13th century Scottish warrior who led the Scottish against King Edward I of England in the first War of Scottish Independence.

7. The Patriot–(2000). An American historical war film based on The Revolutionary War.

8. The Mummy-(1999). An adventure film starring Brenden Fraser, the movie glimpses into the life-based events of ancient Egypt in 1290 B.C., and brings them into a re-incarnation in 1926.

9. Gladiator-(2000). Starring Russell Crowe. Set in 180 A. D. in ancient Rome, the story depicts the life of a former Roman General who is reduced to slavery. He is later forced to rise through the ranks as a fighter in the Coliseum to earn the title of gladiator.


10. Henry VIII-(2003). Chronicles the life of Henry VIII. From his first marriage which ended in disintegration, through his six marriages, to his death from a stroke in 1547.


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Issue # 14 – Culinary to Learn


Have you ever wanted to learn how to become a chef? Or even a head chef and own your own restaurant? Well, maybe culinary school is the place for you!


The International Culinary Academy atThe Art Institute is one of the top culinary arts schools in the world and has many different courses in the field of culinary arts. The programs at ICA teach general education courses that reinforce their culinary arts training.


Untitled-5Students in their programs learn basic skills such as food safety, quality assuUntitled-6rance, nutrition, production planning, management techniques, marketing, and interpersonal communication skills. There are also courses that teach kitchen management skills like purchasing and inventory control. As students’ progress through the program they advance to specialized areas such as culinary techniques and food preparation, regional and international cuisine, and baking and pastry.

Untitled-3                                                                                                             Untitled-7






In 2006, The International Culinary Academy built a restaurant (Opus 2) on the AI campus where students can receive hands on training and get a feel for what it is really like to work behind the scenes in professional kitchen. Circles Magazine visited Opus while they were getting ready for a special event for the wives and children of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officers. Although it only seats 36 guests at time, Opus has a relaxing atmosphere and offers the customer a great experience. They even have a self-playing grand piano to make the occasion more elegant.

Northwest Career and Technical Academy is a nine-month magnet school of the Clark County School District NCTA prepares students for Culinary Colleges in the Las Vegas area by teaching classes that deal with how the kitchen works and basic cooking skills, along with basic management classes so you get a good picture of the career paths that you can take. Le Cordon Bleu in Summerlin opened in 2003.

The students at LCB benefit from smaller class sizes and more concentrated learning. They also receive 1 on 1 training from the instructors. One of the things they specialize in is the practical application of global cuisine. The Culinary Arts offers many different career paths and can be very rewarding. Especially when you get to see the reaction of people enjoying the wonderful creations you have made.

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Issue # 14 – List of Government Jobs

There is a huge demand for people in the government workforce. The desire for these positions is also rapidly growing as more people are noticing the amazing benefits that come with the job.

People have many routes they can choose; city, state and federal. It might take time and a heavy thought process to hone down what someone may and may not want to do for a living. The decision process may be taxing, but the payoff is well worth the time.

City Government


The job of the mayor is essentially the leader of a city. He or she represents all aspects and responsibilities needed for a city to function and develop. Depending on the city’s size, a Mayor might not get paid very well. If he or she is representing a smaller city, then they would only be paid very little…some as little as a $1 per year! In larger cities such as Seattle, Mayors will get paid much more as there is more needed to have the city function. They will take home about $170,000 per year.

State government


The job of Governor is the head of the state he or she represents. They are elected into power and regulate the state funds and laws.

Senator A U.S. Senator represents the state’s citizens by talking to officials about problems or concerns across the state. They also speak to citizens about how current laws affect the people. The senate also helps the president of the US with the laws that are passed.

Federal Government


The President of the United States of America is the head of the government. He leads the executive branch of the federal government. He is elected into the position and can only run for two, four-year terms.  He can sign bills into law for the entire country, as well as veto any he deems unfit. To Veto, means to avoid, or say, ‘no’.  His salary is around $400,000 and he will receive pension after he retires from working as president.

Vice President

The Vice President of the United States is the second highest public official. He is elected into office when his represented president is voted into office. If something would cause the President to no longer fulfill his responsibilities, the Vice President would then replace him as President. The Vice President is also the leader of the Senate. If there is a tie in the Senate, he is allowed to vote to break the tie.

Supreme Court

The role of the US Supreme Court is interpreting the Constitution. The nine member committee has the final say on all legal matters. They settle disputes between states, hear appeals from state and federal courts, and determine if a new federal law is constitutional.

Cabinet Members

All cabinet members are selected into office by the president. They are all representatives of branches in the United States government (Financial, Secretarial, Agriculture, Health, Energy etc.). These members oversee all operations in their related field.

Civil Jobs

Civil servants are professionals who work for the government and who salaries are paid by taxpayers. To be a civil servant means to work for the community whether it is at the local level or the national level.

Teachers that teach in public schools are considered civil servants.

Engineers that spealicalize in construction of the roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, sewages and water systems are civil servants.

Members of the armed forces who work to defend the United States are civil servants.
Judges working in America’s courtrooms are considered civil servants.

Policemen that protect our communities are civil servants.


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