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By Dominique Clay-Brown and Mollie Colon

How did people keep food
from spoiling before electric


Well, Circles knows…


One way people kept their food from spoiling was by butchering their meat right before they ate it. But if food needed to be stored ancient cultures would put their food in caves, cold streams, or burry it in snow. In the 1800’s Ice Houses and Ice Boxes became popular. Chunks of ice would be packed in salt, wrapped in flannel, and stored in underground “houses” to be used when the weather was warmer.

Ice boxes were made of wood and lined with different insulating materials. It had two compartments; one for ice and one for food.

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By Dominique Clay-Brown and Sondra Roehr

Have you ever wanted to take pictures like a professional, but can’t afford the high prices?

There are many different ways to use a digital camera for photography with a professional

feel. This all depends on what kind of outcome is desired. For example, you may want the

picture to have an abstract or vintage feel to it. This can be achieved by using the settings

on your camera. The following tips will help you reach any outcome you desire when

photographing with a digital camera.

1. Carefully choose a digital camera.

Compare features and prices before

buying (don’t forget a memory card).


2. Learn how to use your digital camera.

Read the manual and keep it close

for future reference.


3. Make sure batteries in the camera are

charged or are brand new (two pair of

rechargeable batteries are a good idea, that

way you should always have a good set).


4. Find something that you are interested

in and start taking pictures. Try using the

different settings on your camera and see

what they do.


5. If you have trouble steadying the camera, get a tripod.


6. Pay attention to your lighting. A flash isn’t always needed but if there isn’t enough light use it (a lot of cameras will let you know if you need the flash).
7. Don’t be afraid to take the picture. If you it

doesn’t come out the way you want it you

can delete it. But if you wait too long the

opportunity to get the shot may be

gone forever!

Photography plays an important role

in all our lives. Being able to capture

a moment in time is priceless and

as we all know a picture is worth a

thousand words.







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Tammy Wilbur-Ms. Wheelchair N.V


When Tammy Wilbur won miss wheelchair Seattle in 2006 she proved not only to herself but the whole world that individuality is beauty. After being handicapped at a young age of 17. Tammy was not sure she would ever feel the happiness for herself as she had once felt. In her small hometown of New Hampshire after graduating High School it took a couple of years for Tammy to find woman with disabilities that she could relate to in age. Once she started making connections with these women, she believed it was a stepping stone in direction of internal happiness. As her networking started to progress, as did her inspiration to reach out and become a part of the proud wheelchair community. In the year 2006 Tammy Wilbur heard of a competition that would change her life called the miss wheelchair American pageant, at the time however, Tammy residing in Seattle, there were no such competition. She decided to push the envelope and apply as an independent delegate in hopes of being the first representative for Washington. 


Following her win in 2006 she became the volunteer state wheelchair coordinator and maintained the title until resigning in 2010.


 Tammy in 2010 decided to reach out further than just her community and help Nevada get back to the wheelchair pride that had been lost since the last pageant in the 1980’s.

After a year of networking and expanding interest, Nevada had a pageant finally again in 2011. On any day you can find Mrs. Wilbur in her favorite pair of highly stylish and extremely comfortable Sketcher Mary Jane’s with legging, and a cute summer dress trying to spread her passion for growth. And enjoying being a newlywed to her supportive husband. Her desire to help women of disabilities to see their true potentional is liberating mi

llions each day to embrace their individual and be proud. Tammy Wilbur is an example of people in the world that work hard to better society while expecting nothing in return but equality and respect for all. Tammy Wilbur believes that each person with Disabilities needs to embrace that we may be different, but we are also unique


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