Imagine going on a tropical fishing trip! You are getting your supplies for that trip: when all of a sudden, you recognize at last moment, you forgot to get extra bait for the fish you wanted to catch! Now, what do you do? Well, before you scare the fish away in frustration, we at Circles Magazine would like to direct you to Bass Pro Shop! The closest one to us and the only one in Las Vegas is at the Silverton Hotel and Casino on 8200 Dean Martin Drive.

At The Bass pro shops, they have an assortment of gear not just for hunting but fishing as well. During our trip through Bass Pro Shops we had a chance to meet Jerry, the head of the fishiing department and he was very knowledgable about the section he works in. We asked him about tropical fishing versus lake fishing, what the best rod to use for the tropics is, what fish primary do people fish for in the tropics, which coast had the better fishing Pacific or Atlantic, and other fishing related topics. Interms of the lake versus tropical fishing Jerry said “It is really a personal preference at the end of the day.” In terms of what fish people fish for, he said, “Tuna is the most common fish”. One of the last topics that we talked about is which coast had the better fishing, the Pacific or Atlantic? He said, “Off the coast of Florida and off the Coast of California are the best fishing spots for Deep Fishing.” Bass Pro Shops, it seems to just be a fishing place to the common folk. But it is more than just hunting or fishing. You can find both there and see all the hard work that goes into this successful franchise. So, the next time you go to Bass, remember not to scare the fish.

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