Before we plan for all the fun accessories it is better to be safe than sorry. In case it rains, make sure to bring an umbrella as well as a light raincoat or a poncho to keep you from getting too wet. If you have allergies, make sure to bring your epipen or any other medication that is prescribed to you. Always carry a small first aid kit because you never know when you will need it.


Now on the fashion, typical tropical fashion usually includes loose fitting clothes with bright and vibrant colors. So bring your bright floral pattern Hawaiian shirt, tank tops, shorts, and sandals for the hot weather. Ladies if you want to dress up, long summer dresses are always flattering for a night on the town. Always bring at least SPF 30 to protect any skin that’s not covered by your clothes.

Kids and fun

If you are taking your kids on this getaway make sure to bring items to keep them entertained. On the flight over you can bring coloring books, and other electronics like a portable DVD player or MP3 with some of their favorite shows and music. When you take a trip to the beach, you can bring toys like beach balls, water guns, and buckets and shovels for building fun sand castles. Make sure to bring a cooler to keep your child’s favorite snacks, foods, and drinks nice and cold. We hope you have a wonderful trip!

Article By: Jeremy Holland

Layout By: Michelle Frese, Josef Thomas, Dana Caenen, Daniel Romero

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