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Best California Surfing Spots

  1. Ocean Beach City Beach
  2. Pacific Beach
  3. Tourmaline Surfing Park

Best Florida Surfing Spots

  1. New Smyrna Beach
  2. Jacksonville Beach
  3. St. Augustine

The Best Tropical Surfing Spots

  1. Oahu- One of the Hawaiian islands
  2. Australia- Down under is a good spot
  3. Bali- One of the Indonesian islands
  4. Tavarua- A Heart shaped Fijian island
  5. Tahiti- French Polynesia’s largest island
Kyren Ford, Drek Gendvil, Tim Roberts, Justin Freeman

Surfing? In Las Vegas? There isn’t much surfing here but Ron Jon Surf Shop is ready for you if want to do it. We were research tropical surfing and found a surf shop here so we went to ask the experts about surfing.

Eric Nelson
Ron Jon Surf Shop

Eric Nelson, manager of Ron Jon helped us out, he told us about the various surfboards for the different kind of waves, there is a surfboard for all of them.  The serious all-out surfer would probably use a long board to tackle the biggest of waves which you can find in several tropical areas including Australia, Indonesia and most of the South Pacific coasts. Hawaii is well known for it’s outstanding waves on the North Shore. Then there is the casual weekend surfer that might not want to tackle large waves but still loves to surf, someone in this category might use a short board which seems to be the most popular board. There is a surfboard for every size and wave and surfboards are also a specific shape so that they ride the waves and not sink to the bottom. The shape contours to the rider and is made up of design features such as:  The Nose – The front tip of the surfboard, The Tail – The back part of the surf board, The Rocker – The curve applied to the nose and tail and, The Rail – which are the shape of the sides of the surfboard. The width of a board is the size of a surfboard in perpendicular to the stringer. It is measured at the widest point. The broad board will float better and is more buoyant, these are more stable and ideal for beginners. 20 to 22 inches is a good width for beginners. Experts often choose a 17 to 19 inch width for better control over the board.

Surfboard with wax and sunglasses

Most coastal communities have some sort of surfing as the local pastime whether it be on the Atlantic, Pacific. Shops sell many accessories and clothing needed for the avid surfer and may include wet suits, wax for the surfboard, sunglasses or goggles and clothing styles just for surfing.

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