“Tropical fish”, Where do you think they would be? Probably anywhere but in the desert would fit that description. Especially not in Las Vegas. But, there is a store here that has tropical fish. In fact they have “Trop” in the name! That place is Trop Aquarium at 3125 E. Tropicana Ave.

Trop Aquarium is a massive tropical fish store. With so many fish to sell and so many tanks, you would think that it would be hard to keep track of it all. For the most part it probably is; but as we interviewed Nicole, the Manager of Trop Aquarium, she seems like a person who will take charge of any situation at the store.

Nicole, Manager of Trop Aquarium

Q: Why did you choose Las Vegas to open the shop?
A: “The store started in California, then moved here in 1978 and we been here for 41 years.”
Q: Are there any major competitors for your fish?
A:“There are others, but not really any competition.”
Q: Why did you do a video tour on YouTube?
A:“The more exposure the better!”
Q: What is your busiest time of the year?
A: “Summer is the slowest time, but we are busy all year round.”
Q: Do you have any more locations where people can get tropical fish?
A: “This is the only location.”
Q: How many different tropical fish do you have?
A: “Hundreds of different kinds of fish.”
Q: Which type of tropical fish do you have more of freshwater or saltwater? How many of that type do you have?
A: “Freshwater fish, there is too many fish to keep inventory of, but it’s a 2/3 majority.”
Q: Which fish is you’re most popular to sell?
A: “The Feeder Goldfish.”
Q: Where do you get your fish from?
A: “Most fish are imported from Los Angeles.”
Q: Do you instruct customers how to care for the fish?
A: “Absolutely, we do instruct customers how to take care of their fish.”

Trop Aquarium’s team, led by Nicole, is a nice knowledgeable staff. She and her team helped us learn not only about their fish that they sell, but also about their environment . So the next time you decide to go to buy a fish, go to the Trop Aquarium!

Written by Justin Freeman

Interviewer: Justin Freeman
Photography: Tim Roberts and Derek Gendvil
Recording/Audio: Kyren Ford
Photography Scout:Robert Klag

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