Yes, you read that correctly, Las Vegas does have an indoor skydiving center, located on 200 Convention Center Drive! It’s one of the first indoor skydiving places in the United States, and possibly the world, when it opened in 1982, and we at Circles Magazine had the chance to go!

Before you have the chance to, “earn your wings,” keep this in your back of your mind, it’s their maximum weight for men and women at different heights: men that are under 5′ 6″ tall cannot weigh more than 190 pounds, similarly women that are under 5′ 6″ tall cannot weigh more than 170 pounds. Men that are over 5′ 6″ but are under 6′ cannot weigh more than 230 pounds, while women that are over 5′ 6″ but under 6′ cannot weigh more than 190 pounds. Lastly, if you are over 6′ you cannot weigh more than 245 pounds (men) and 210 pounds (women). You do not need experience in skydiving, indoors or outdoors, to take part. Pricing to do indoor skydiving at the Vegas Indoor Skydiving facility starts at US$75.00 per person and goes up to US$1,000; all of their packages include training, equipment, and professional instructions. Also, walk-ins are allowed just on a first come first serve basis, and, Vegas Indoor Skydiving is open seven days a week opening at 9:30 am and closing when their is not a lot of customer activity.

We at Circles Magazine also had the opportunity to interview Rob Stone, one of the main instructors at Vegas Indoor Skydiving. The interview was done by Joey Thomas.

Do you have to sign a waiver?

Yes you do, because, it is an extreme sport and runs a higher risk then skiing, snowboarding or playing basketball.

How long have you been around for, and how many locations do you have?

This is it right here, this is the first one, it was built in 1982 and I’ve been around for 11 years.

How do people land?

You don’t land, instead you used a tuck and roll technique.

Do you offer discounts and if so to whom?

Yes, we offer discounts to our military and our officers, basically our locals.

How safe is it?

Again it’s a an extreme sport there are risks of getting hurt.

What is your favorite memory of being an instructor?

Well, teaching my niece to do indoor skydiving and there was a woman who was 104 years old.

Has anyone ever gotten hurt from doing indoor skydiving?

Yes, there has been a few sprang ankles.

There you have it, our adventure at the Vegas Indoor Skydiving has come to a close, but the memory will last a lifetime for those that went. I hope this post will inspire you to do the same.

Lead: Michelle Frese

Interview: Joey Thomas

Video: Stacey Foster

Photography: Sondra Roehr and Terrence Jeffers

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