The Circles Crew went to Wax Trax Records Inc located at 2909 S. Decatur. We sat down with Richard Rosen who has been the owner and operator for 20 years in Las Vegas. Richard has been in the record industry for over 55 years. He started in New York in 1972 and later relocated to Las Vegas in 1988. Richard said we could receive a 20% discount on any purchase if he makes the cover. When asked about Richard’s personal musical taste he suggested the Beatles, Johnny Cash and Elton John(whom he mentioned to be a personal friend of his). When you decide to visit Wax Trax, make sure to say hi to Richard’s son David who also works there and say hi to Charlie the dog!

Interview by: Joey Thomas. Written by: Justin Freeman, and Michelle Frese. Pictures by: Stacy Foster.

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