The story telling was impactful and emotional as Rose and Jack began their fledgling romance aboard the S.S. Titanic. This fictional account of the events that transpired on April 10, 1912 are put into a movie Titanic in a poker game and a rich socialite named Rose. Rose is aboard the ship with her fiance Cal, whom as explained by Rose Rose, she is not in love with, and begins a romantic affair with Jack aboard the ship.

After, it is found out, that Jack and Rose together, Cal and his entourage forbid them from seeing each other and Jack is forbidden from entering, the first class parts of the ship. Although this didn’t stop him from being with Rose. As the ship was in it’s final minutes, before sinking, Jack is handcuff in a room below deck look for Jack, and finds him. Using a fire ax that was attached to the wall, she frees him from the handcuffs, and they make a frantic dash back above the deck. In order, to save themselves, they jump from the ship, and the movie fades back to the present back to the present showing an older Rose telling the story to a crew salvaging the wreck.

Daniel said, I liked the ship’s immense size, and that it’s like a floating hotel on the sea. During the film, it was love at first site. Older Rose, tells all of us, how the Titanic met it’s fated maiden voyage, and how Jack and Rose were destined to be together.

Deana Said, This movie was very iconic from the scene, with Rose, feeling like she was flying with Jack at the front of the ship to them being reunited in the last scene at the end. People should definetely go see it, you’ll be blown away with tears, from the romance and tragedy .

Nathan said, I didn’t like the crazy fiance who tries to kill them and I didn’t like that Jack died at the end. The movie was great, it had both fictional and real characters. The romance between Jack and Rose was my favorite part.

Written By Robert Klag Jr.

Reviews by: Daniel Romero, Deeana Chapman, Nathan Moench

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