Hello, folks, it is time to have some fun, and go wild. Yes, that is right, game fans, now let’s go out and party and go Bonzo Loco. Game fanatics let’s head out to our favorite rendezvous in the fields of frolic. Let’s have fun with the Games of Dave & Busters.

We all have various opinions about the atmosphere and different games. So let us begin with Justin and his opinions: “My experience at Dave & Buster’s arcade section was good, if you want my honest opinion. The section of games they had was small, but considering you had to fit a restaurant and bar just on the other side of the space it is still a pretty big space.”

Now let’s turn to Eric and his opinions, about the place and establishment: “Really great! I love the games! I like the toys! I like the Mario Kart game.” Okay let us now go to Kyren: “It was amazing! I like the games, the toys, and so much more.” Now let us go with Derek: “I think Dave & Busters is a great place to get away from the house so you don’t get bored. It is fun for the whole family as well, and if you’re in the mood to get tickets for prizes.” Finally there is Robert: “Well it is a great carnival atmosphere and the games were amazingly high-tech, plus there is so much to do that you can spend all day there.”

So in conclusion, Dave & Busters is a real cool place to go. It is full of thrills and excitement that words THE GAMES OF DAVE & BUSTERS can’t describe. Indeed, you have to go there and experience the wonder and atmosphere of one of the most high-tech game gadgetry ever devised. Yes, it is truly a sight to behold and be amazed at all sorts of games. So why not go down and experience the wonder first hand. Go down to Dave & Busters now and have the joy of your life.

Written by: Robert Klag

Game reviews by: Justin Freeman, Kyren Ford, Derek Gendvil, and Robert Klag

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