A long time ago, Las Vegas had The MGM Grand Theme Park. The plan was to create a theme park that was suitable for children and adults. With the
theme representing the “Wizards of Oz,” a yellow brick road was installed
which guided guests from inside of the hotel leading them to the theme park entrance. The theme park was 33 acres in size and really had a feel like, Disneyland Hollywood Studios/Universal Studios. December 18th, 1993 was the opening of the theme park. It provided attractions including shows, roller coasters and water rides.
The shows featured pirates and a Halloween themed haunted house. Other
rides include the Haunted Mine, Grand Canyon Rapids, Deep Earth
Exploration, and the Lightning Bolt. The park never met its expectations and in 2007 the park closed in order for the MGM to make space for swimming pools and conference facilities. Even though the MGM Grand Theme park was not a success, it opened the doors for other hotels to have thrill rides of their own.
Some of these casinos were, New York New York with the Manhattan Express roller coaster, Buffalo Bills with the Desperado Roller Coaster, and Circus Circus with the Canyon Blaster roller coaster.

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