We the Circles team went to the Hollywood Car Museum and saw at least a hundred cars there. We saw the Pink Panther car, the Fast and the Furious cars, the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny car, and many more.

In the back of the garage are seven of Liberace’s cars on display that he and his family had owned. When we did the interview with Steve that runs the museum, we asked him how long that they have been open?

He told us that they have been around for five years and slowly opened the museum.

They get in many people all over the world to visit the museum. When we asked him how much the admission to the Hollywood Car Museum was. Steve had said for the adults its $20.00, kids have to be under 16 to get in for free with pay adult admission.

Steve went on to say that they don’t put gas in any of the cars. Every once in a while they add fresh paint on the cars. When we ask about the Fast and the Furious cars and the Bond cars Steve said that when they were filming the movies, they were crashed. Just like the Dukes of hazard car they were stunt cars.

Steve told us that his guys clean the whole garage even the cars too. He went on and said that all of the cars are really valuable. He also did talk about the Back to the Future car and how it really does start up with fire just like in the movie.

When we asked him who the owner was Steve told us that he lives in Miami and is a collector of the cars. He has over three million dollars of collectable cars, and he had sent at least a hundred of the cars to Steve for his museum. Steve wanted to do something fun for families that they can all do together, and for Las Vegas locals as well.

Interview: Stacey Foster

Photographer: Michelle Frese & Briana Brooks

Video recorder: Joey Thomas

Research: Terrance Jerffers & Elizabeth Suarez

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