On our quest to learn what most popular exotic pets are in Las Vegas, we did extensive field research and phone surveying to several exotic pet stores. Along the way we risked bunny allergies, cat allergies, ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), and almost had a finger bitten off by a small adorable seemingly harmless short-tail possum. But we did all this to get to the bottom or the top of the truth for you, our readers.

We could not agree if it was the top or the bottom of the truth but we could agree and admit that we had a lot of fun and learned a lot of cool stuff about exotic animals from the start and until the very end of our journey. What we learned was that the most common and popular exotic pets were: Bearded Dragons, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, and Ferrets. Listed below is a summary of aspects about each of these wonderful creatures.

Bearded Dragon: Hates roommates. Most affectionate pet lizard! Most popular pet lizard! Comes in a variety of morphs (developed colors and patterns). Minimum 55 gal terrarium/aquarium for adults with Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substance and loose clay. Loves heat rocks and heat lamps. Enjoys mealworms, wax worms, and crickets.

Hedgehog: Loves to be alone. Low maintenance. Poops a lot! Needs an hour of holding per day. Has quills that get pointed when scarred. Likes paper based bedding for it’s cage. Enjoys the night life! Poor eyesight but great sense of smell and hearing. Good friend to gardeners! Not allowed to be in the state of Pennsylvania.

Sugar Glider: Needs lots of love. Loves lots of room to move and play. Super grumpy when awaken during the day. Enjoys gliding and parkour. Loves sweet and salty foods. Eats nectar, fruits yogurt (drops), variety of nuts, boiled eggs, and insects. Special bonding pouch needed to connect with this pet. Really enjoys playing with soft toys.

Ferret: Hyper and crazy in a cute way! Has a high metabolism and needs to eat 8 to 10 small meals per day. Loves meat and hates complex carbs! Licks itself clean like a cat but does not cough up hairballs. Must always be in pairs!Males are bigger and lazy, while females are smaller and more energetic. Prefers paper based bedding for it’s house! Loves to steal and hide things!

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