The Circles crew had lunch in May at (Nacho Daddy) ND, located in downtown Las Vegas. At this time, we interviewed Evan Boyd (GSD) who works at the corporate office who has been with the company since 2010.  Born and raised in Las Vegas. Nacho Daddy has three locations in Las Vegas. Downtown, the Strip, and west Sahara at Fort Apache. The most popular Nacho platters are the Tostada and Fiesta nachos. The Tia Chicken Nacho platter has become a favorite of late. All the ingredients are delivered fresh every day from corporate  kitchen N.D. has here in Las Vegas.  All of the sauces are signature creations exclusively made for N.D.

Briana- “It was my first time doing an interview with Nacho Daddy and having lunch too.”

Dominique- “My Experience at Nacho Daddy was great! I enjoyed the good food and the atmosphere!”

Justin  “My experience at Nacho Daddy was amazing! Food was excellent!”

Stacey- The food was so awesome and the Restaurant is a beautiful place, the people who work there are friendly.

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