Circles wanted to know what kind of pizza people like, so we did a short survey of our peers to find out what they like.

What we found out is that most of our peers picked Little Caesars pizza overall for a variety of reasons. It scored better than Pizza Hut and Papa Johns.

After doing the survey, we were hungry so we decided to go out to a local Cici’s Pizza to satisfy our appetites (and because it was close by). Among the people that went we have some opinions:

Sandy E – “Cici’s pizza met my standards by having a really good price and how it is for a person to have a good time there. All you need is $8.25 or somewhere roughly around there to enter and enjoy the Cici’s experience.”

Dominique C. – “It’s fun and enjoyable for the entire family.”

Dallin H. – “It’s really enjoyable for what you pay and the food is extremely marvelous!!”

Sarah V. loved the atmosphere of the pizza place because the people were friendly and nice.

Leslie H. also exclaimed that the food is an absolute treat and the games are full of fun times with family and friends!

Overall Cici’s is really the place to be for family friendly fun, and inexpensive enough to where anyone and everyone can have a wonderful time! Cici’s also has an application downloadable on the Google or Apple play store (depending on what device or OS you have). and you can get some pretty sweet deals, for example a free buffet! Overall, the survey on pizza was a success, Cici’s is quite unique for pizzas because they make any pizza you want, and all it mainly costs is $8.25 or more to have a good time.

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