in the empty & silent vacuum of space it’s nice to have some songs to enjoy. so the Circles command site to ask staff and individuals what some of their favorite space related songs are. listed below are names of the songs, the artist the year they were released, and the person who faved it.

“Another Race” {Effiel} 65 <1999> Ylana

“Super Sonic” {JJ Fad} <1988> Deborah

“Intergalactic” {Beastie Boys} <1998> Taylor

“Space Oddity” {David Bowie} 1969 Richard

“Space Truckin” {Deep Purple} <1972> Vincent

“Space Jam” {Quad City DJ’s} <1996> Terrance

“Freak-a- Zoid{Midnight Star}” <1983> Kathleen

We re’ The Spaceballs {The Spinners} <1987> Chris

“Total Eclipse of the Heart” {Bonnie Tyler} <1983> Dana

“The Dark Side of the Moon”{Pink Floyd} <1973> Michael

“Lost in Space Theme” {John Williams} <1965> Stephanie

“Big Bang Theory Theme song” {Barenaked Ladies} <2016> Amy

“Power Rangers in Space Theme”{Ronald Aaron Wasserman} <1998> Jason

“Hit’em High” The Monstars Anthem {Busta Rhymes, Coolio, LL cool J, and Method Man} <1996> Dallin

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