Issue #32 -Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa


The movie begins with Alex as a young cub named Alakay in Africa with his father Zuba trying to teach him how to fight. During this, another lion Makunga challenges Zuba to a fight to be the head of the tribe and poachers subsequently kidnap Alex as a young cub where he eventually ends up in the Central Park zoo in New York.
The story then jumps ahead to continue where the first movie left off , with the group of animals on Madagascar including Alex, Marty, Melmen and Gloria, the tight knit group of animal friends that started their adventure in the first movie. They decide to make their escape back to New York in an old delapidated airplane piloted by our penguin friends Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private with chimpanzee buddies Mason and Phil who do their comical shananigans to keep the plane flying. But eventually everything comes to a halt as they crash land in Africa and meet animals of their own species. Alex is then reunited with his mother and father, Marty feels ordinary after finding out that other zebras have the same talents as himself.

Melman is convinced he is sick and offers himself as a sacrifice to the volcano to make the river water fl ow again, as he is on the edge of the volcano Gloria realizes that he is the only one for her and steps in to stop him. Meanwhile, back where the river isn’t flowing, a group of tourists who are basically stranded in the jungle make camp and subsequently build a dam upriver thus cutting off the flow to the watering hole. Alakay and Marty leave the reserve to find the problem and find the camp of the tourists where he uses his dancing skills to mezmerize the crowd as most of them recognize him from The Central Park zoo. This ultimately allows the dam that the tourists built to be taken down and water restored to the reserve. The majority of our watchers like and say.



Rated PG
Released November 7,2008
1 hour 29 minutes
Starring: Ben Sti ller, Chris Rock
David Schwimmer, Ellen Degeneres,
Jada Pinkett -Smith, Cedric the Entertainer
Directed by: Eric Darnell and Tom McGrath

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