Issue #32 – Lion Habitat Ranch





Located at
382 Bruner Ave. in
Henderson, NV 89044

When we arrived at the Lion Habitat Ranch we were met by Samantha Thomas who is an animal specialist at the ranch. She gave us a friendly  greeting and a great tour of the facility. She started the tour with the emus and ostriches, and pointing out the ostrich eggs that were freshly laid that morning. We then moved on to the lions, they have about 40 lions among other animals throughout the facility. We were told that the lions they work with on a daily basis consume an enormous amount of food. Male lions tend to eat about $10000.00 worth of food a year, while females eat about $8000.00 worth. Also on the premises are several exotic birds including macaws and cockatiels, who are happy to greet you when you walk by. Another fixture at the ranch is Ozzy the giraffe, who is friendly and talented, visitors are invited to feed him. He also is famous for his painted t-shirts and canvases that are sold in the gift shop to help with the costs of running the ranch.


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