Issue #32 – History of Animal Crackers



Animal crackers have been a childhood snack for all kinds of people and can make us feel nostalgic. Many of us eat them to this day. You can eat them in different ways like, dipping them in your milk, coffee, or even cover them in chocolate. There are several brands that sell animal crackers. We ha

ve Stauffer’s animal crackers which comes in original and chocolate gram flavor. You can buy the 24 oz. or the 46 oz. Original Animal Crackers in a cute bear jug. Mother’s brand made the frosted animal cookies that we loved growing up since 1914 but when the company went bankrupt Kellogg bought the company and kept the cookies alive.  Barnum makes the animal crackers that come in the circus themed box. Believe it or not the strings at the top of the boxes were for decorating the tree for the holiday season not to be used as a handle.

Now the circus boxes have a cardboard handle instead of a string. April 18 is recognized as National Animal Cracker Day so save your appetites to eat lots and lots of animal crackers.

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