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Issue #32 – Guide Dogs











Seeing Eye Dogs What are seeing eye dogs? Seeing eye dogs help the elderly as well as the blind. They help them get around as going to the store, going on walks or even riding the transportation. Their job is to help their owner from any harm’s way and to make sure they arrive to their location safely. How are the dogs trained? Seeing eye dogs are trained at the age of six or nine weeks old, they train them manners, socializing, commands and also experience them on buses, car rides or going grocery shopping. The benefits of owning a guide dog, they give an elderly person confidence, compassionate and security. It also helps them with their anxiety, depression, and loneliness. The owner and the guide dog have a special bond that no one can break they have love for each other and also have a strong friendship. It can give the blind person more independence and also change their lives. A good dog-handler team has a strong bond that is formed through many hours of training.


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