Step 1 cut banana in half  with the stem, cut the stem down the middle . That will be used for the head of the dolphin.

Step 2 place the banana in a small cup or bowl and use the grapes to it in place .

Octoapple  ingredients

1 apple  1/2 cup of grapes

Step 1 place an apple in the middle of the plate . 

Step 2 organize the grapes around the apple to look like an octopus.

Step 3 carve whatever face in the apple and enjoy your octoapple  .




Step 1 place the apple  in the middle of the plate.

Step 2 organize the grapes  around the apple  to resemble the tentacles  of an octopus .  

Step 3  carve whatever face you like in the apple and enjoy your octoapple. 













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