Issue #31 – OBONA-Live Interview


Obona is a personal trainer. He has helped other people lose weight the right way and eat better in a healthy way as well. Obona was telling us how he overcame a lot of hard ships. After everything in his life he went up and has achieved a better life. We think Obona is a great role model for anyone out there.

Obona’s worked really hard on himself and has come out a better person. Obona has a lot of people supporting him. Obona had shown us some workouts. We warmed up by stretching, and preparing ourselves for for a strenuous workout.

            Obona has a fitness center called ”Level Up” with over 700,000 members coming to exercise. Many people have lost hundreds of pounds collectively with Obona’s workouts. We think that’s really amazing. Obona even told us about a sixteen year old kid in a wheelchair that’s in Basketball and has won most of his games. Obona showed us a short video of the kid playing and he’s really amazing with the tricks that he does when he plays. He told us to never give up on anything in life and to go after our dreams and goals. We really took that advice and going after our dreams and goal’s in the future. 



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