Martial arts is regarded as the pinnacle of holistic human fitness. Martial arts generally requires strength, flexibility, power, breathing control, awareness, speed, muscle memory, and overall superb kinesthetic control.  To achieve this is a martial artist will practice techniques, exercises, adequately stretch, and eat a very nutritional diet to be at their very best. Martial artists mainly focus on callisthenic exercises, plyometric exercises. and cardio exercises.

A not so commonly known training that martial arts can require is micro fracture conditioning. In order to achieve benefits from micro fracture conditioning one should on a daily basis strike a punching bag, bucket/bag of sand, and/or other materials with your shins, forearms, and hands to lightly and sufficiently damage them and make the bones repair and adapt themselves to become stronger. One should never overdue micro fracture conditioning and truly fracture their bones. Fully breaking a bone causes one’s bones to become permanently a lot weaker. Micro fracture conditioning is also known/rumored for causing the nerves to gain a higher resistance to feeling pain.

Another key player in strengthening bones is by compressing the bones. Some of the top outstanding ways to compress the bones is with weight bearing activities such as hiking with a backpack, weight lifting (concentric workouts), stair climbing, and even weight resistance dancing or martial arts. One must also have a steady intake of minerals and vitamins to support the needed repair and adaption of one’s bones. Major players in bone nutrition are vitamin k, magnesium, and phosphorus.


A great place in Vegas to start and to train for martial arts is at Las Vegas Krav Maga located at 1122 Vista Dr. right by Charleston between Arville and Hinson Street. At Las Vegas Krav Maga they offer some of the very best at bridging the gap between the dojo and the streets. For MMA they teach Muay Tai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo and Krav Maga. They have various instructors with extensive backgrounds to prepare students for the ring, the cage, and the streets. At Las Vegas Krav Maga they teach street self-defense using: punches, elbows, knees, kicks, defenses against various strikes, chokes, weapons defense (knives and guns), and realistic training drills. By realistic training they mean real contact and saving yourself from being literally attacked and choked for real ( no pillow fights here). From adults to kids they do all this to help reduce the chance of someone being a victim. As Las Vegas Krav Maga state “A crfiminal will never wait for you to be ready before attacking. Our Krav Maga training will teach you when to be on alert and how to stay prepared for anything.” So if you want to get in better shape or learn to be more prepared and safe martial arts and Las Vegas Krav Maga are both for you


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