The Lorax movie is about an unseen person named the Once-ler who is traveling one day and came across the Truffula Forest.


His job is to supply the thneeds to his customers.

He came up with the idea by driving through the forest and picking from the Truffula trees.

A Truffula tree is described as a strange looking tree with a fluffy top and a trunk that has colored stripes on them.

The Lorax is a furry creature who emerged from a tree stump and tries to tell the Once-ler to stop cutting down the trees but, the Once-ler doesn’t listen to him and keeps cutting down trees for his business.

The Lorax once again confronts the Once-ler telling him that all the creatures including the Bar-ba-Loots who eat Truffula fruits, humming fish, and swanee swans are leaving their homes with nowhere to go.


The water was polluted, and there was lack of rain.

The Once-ler ignores the Lorax’s words despite how the environment got ruined.

After all the trees are gone, his family left him and his old house.

Then the Lorax gave him a sad glare before leaving but not before he left the Once-ler with a message carved on a rock that said “Unless”.

The company that the Once-ler owns is called “Thneeds”.

It’s a company that takes trees and makes it into clothing.

The Once-ler also calls his family to help him make the clothing for his business.

The Lorax is a caring, helpful creature who speaks for the trees and creatures that live in the forest and lake.

Then some years later, a boy came to his old residence where he met the Once-ler who tells him the story of the Truffula trees.

After the young boy hears the story the Once-ler gives him the last tree seed so more trees can be grown again.


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