Issue #27 – Styles of Castles

Whether if you reading a storybook or seeing a castle in real life, it’s pretty amazing to see what goes on inside a castle.  The King and Queen have a pretty big responsibility when it comes to watching over the castle.  Along with the people who are watching over the castle. Along with the poeple who are inside it like the knights or guards who are watching the King and Queen as well.  





Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to being inside the castle.  When we are talking about castles, there are many kinds of castles as well, even some that were built before medieval times. For everyone’s safety, castles were even made out of stone.  Castles were made out of this material because it was a way to prevent bad people from breaking and destroying the castle.    





People were able to stand on top of the roof of castles in a way to watch out for the enemies coming to attack them.  It was also a way for them to plan what to do when they go and attack the enemies.  Whether it would be using a catapult or another type of weapon to defeat the enemies. Another way of how they can defend themselves is by creating a moat to make it harder for the enemies to enter into the castle.


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