Issue #27 – Farmer Boys Restaurant Review

Farmer Boys is a quick and fast restaurant, their headquarters are in Riverside, California. They prepare their foods freshly every day. There’s 68 locations in five counties, across South California. From Orange County to Bakersfield, and Fresno to the suburb of Clovis.  The start of Farmer Boys was founded by the Havadjias brothers in 1981. The Havadjias family were immigrants from Cyprus.  In 1979 the Havadjias brothers originally owned Astro Burgers in Torrance, California and Theodore’s Restaurant in Hollywood, California in 1981 prior to owning McCoy’s Restaurant in Perris, California.  Sixteen years later, Farmer Boys was granted a franchise status and a year later Farmer Boys restaurant opened in Temecula, California.  They had won awards for the their deep fried zucchini and onion rings. Today there are seven locations around the Las Vegas valley. 


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