Issue #26 – Treasures From The Past – Treasure Hunt Game

Going to a Thrift Store is a lot like going on treasure hunt. You find so many different surprises! You many find anything from 50’s style china to 8-track, cassettes and vinyl records. Just like going to a thrift store… you just take your time and look for the good stuff. check the boxes to the left when you find the item below. 

Basketball                            Typewriter                    ceramic turkey           Wallabee Shoes


Rome sign                        Skull         Mannequins with Polka Dot/ Black Dresses Vinyl Records

House of Bargains sign    Bookshelves/ Books  Retro Couches        Video Cassette Player

The pair of Elmo’s Growing with music/ Clark Gable Books Birds/ Pumpkins in a Basket Fruit and Wine Painting


Transitions Group    Shelves of Women’s Shoes 8 Track/ Cassettes     Old Ultrasound Machine


Mary – Owner of House of Bargains Thrift Store Retro Glass Tray Shoe Painting   Fish Bottle/ Glasses


Rack of Belts                China Set                       Retro Red Jacket  Kodak Slide Player.




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