1. When would the dog program get started?

It will be starting in the next few weeks.

  1. How long has the cat program been going?

It’s been going for six years now.


  1. How many cats have been saved?

Over one hundred cats have been save through the All Fur Love society.

  1. Are cats still waiting for a home?

To spend some time with the cats before they go home

  1. What is the process of adopting a cat?

Contact the All Fur Love society for and adoption application.

  1. How will the dog program work?

We will be training the dogs to get along with other dogs.


  1. Where will the dog program be?

At our Cheyenne site in the back building.

  1. What kind of dogs are you going to have?

I’m sure there will be several breeds, it depends on the owners of the dogs, but it will mostly easy going dogs.

  1. How old are the dogs when you get them?

Again, it depends on the owners about how old the dogs will be.

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