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Issue #26 – Independence Day vs Independence Day Resurgence


The people at Circles Magazine recently had the
opportunity to watch and compare the two movies
Independence Day and Independence Day 2:Resurgence.







The First Independence Day had come out in 1996
Starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and
Vivica A. Fox. We were struck by the intense Action,
Mild violence and the Funny, Hilarious scenes throughout
the movie and the science fiction infused awesome invasion
battle scenes throughout the film. I remember coming out
of the theatre saying to myself, “I’ve never seen a movie
like it before”.







Independence Day 2: Resurgence starred most of the
same crew as the first but had some new additions to
the cast. After watching the second one, we had some
of the same feelings about it as we had for the first
one. The Special effects were awesome in both movies, we
at Circles like the first one better, however they were
both excellent for different reasons. we liked the second
one for its colonies living on the moon and on earth and
interstellar space travel.

The first one was better for its Sci-Fi scenes that we
believe could never ever be duplicated again, for when it
was shot back in 1996, we compare it to the underwater
scenes in the Abyss. The futuristic scenes of both movies
are a tribute to the CGI and green screen talents of the
film crew.

In Independence Day 2 the people were much older,
20 years later. As we see in the second movie they
learned from the first invasion that they could destroy
the aliens, and that they would be back again to try to
conquer the earth, but in Independence Day 2: Resurgence
the human race was more advanced than in the first
movie in Intelligence sharing and intelligence gathering.
The movie has a positive theme of the nations of earth
working together to eliminate the threat to the planet,
20 years after the initial invasion.

The People at Circles Magazine watched both and all
agree on seeing both movies. We think they’re worth
your time and that you’ll enjoy them.


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