Issue #26 – Matthew’s Closet


Matthew’s Closet 2000 S. Maryland Pkwy.

There are many kind of shelters that people can go to need of food, clothing or maybe a place to stay warm during the coldest seasons throughout the year. The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is an example of one of those places where people can go to if they’re in need of food or clothing.Circles Magazine went to Matthew’s Closet, a place that helps the needy get clothes and they also have a food bank. we interviewed a lady named Mary Zewin who is in charge of Matthew’s closet. Mary even does pick-up donations too.

You can donate to Matthew’s Closet or they have a donation bin at bishop Gorman High School, which is located at the intersection of Russell and Hualapai or you can take donations to the church Food Bank, in the back of the church at 2000 Maryland Parkway. Help of Southern Nevada is where you can get the vouchers for the nicer “work search” clothes. They can use those vouchers to get dress clothes for interviews when looking for a job.

So whenever you have clothes that need to be donated,you can give them to Matthew’s Closet. they will be able to  accept clothing,and toys that you donate.

How many donations do you give a year? We average about 150 a week.

How long has Matthew’s Closet been operating?

20 Years.

How Many Homeless people do you clothe a Year? About 150 a week we’re open 9:15-11:15 on Thursdays


What is the percentage of homeless people that come in

there 75%

Are you a nonprofit organization? everything is 100% donated.

What is the qualifications on getting the clothes? They are for anybody in need.

Who else do you help other than the homeless? We give to anyone in need.

Do you go to homeless shelters and give clothes there?

No, they stay here

How did you come up with the name Matthew’s Closet?

The name comes from the bible.

How do you keep track of how many people go in there?

We use numbers from the food bank.

Have you had to turn anybody down before?

We never turn anyone away for any reason, even if there is a

size problem, or if they are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.


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