We all know that the Holiday time can be crazy and there is always someone who we may forget to get a gift for. Circles Magazine has a solution for those forgotten one or the last minute invite to a person’s home for the Holidays. We made this Lollipop bouquet it is so easy to make that you may want to have your children help with making it. It serves 2 purposes one as a decorative centerpiece on the Holiday table and when dinner is over you can pass out the lollipops to have guest eat.


KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


2 big bags of DUMDUM lollipops

1 small flowerpot

1 small half round dry foam (used for artificial flowers)

Decorations of your choice

Hot glue gun and glue sticks




Step 1- Decorate your flower pot to your likings.

flowerpot  putting-ribbon-on  bow  step1

Step 2- Glue on the dry foam to the top of the flowerpot.









Step 3- Start pressing in the stick end of the lollipops into the foam until all of the lollipops are on the foam.



Step 4- Now you will have a gift to bring and will not show up empty handed again.






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