Things you need to make paper:

Shredded paper

3 cups water

Tub of water
Smooth piece of wood

DyeTempera Paint

Paper Deckle Screenstep-1

picture frame

Rolling Pin

China first made paper around 105 A.D., it was handmade and at the time was considered a luxury item and was only available to a few people and was used mostly for religious ceremonies. Paper was introduced to the Japanese by Chinese monks around the 6th century. The secrets of paper folding had spread throughout the world by 750 A. D. and paper folding became more common as paper became more readily available to the general public and less of a luxury item.

Step 1: soak paper in water                                                                                         step-2

Step 2: Put soaked paper in blender

Step 3: Add dye and tempera paint to paper in blender                                      step-3
Step 4: Blend well                                                                                                 step-4
Step 5: Pour contents of blender into tub of water, repeat process one more time        step-5
Step 6: Using paper deckle, place screen over deckle and secure with picture frame        step-6
Step 7: Holding deckle, screen and frame together scoop contents of tub onto deckle,

then clean excess from around outside of picture frame                                                            .step-7
Step 8: Remove picture frame and add a piece of screen on top of paper mixture on deckle, run smooth     piece of wood over top to remove excess water from top.
Step 9: Put towels down on tabletop and put screens with paper mixture on towel and cover with another tow                                                                                                        el
Step 10: Flatten with rolling pin several times              step-9
Step 11: Remove from between screens and put on drying rack for 24 hours.step-10

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