Patterns and Folds
As we started looking for origami projectsPuzzling Paper Projects fold1
to do for this article, there many readily
available on the internet, but we found
the best ones came from books on origami
as they explained the process better
and were easier to follow than a video, as
they tended to move to fast and had to
be rewound over and over to get the step
properly done. Terminology for origami
varied in some case but there were common
terms such sink, mountain fold andPuzzling Paper Projects fold2

Our projects
As we made our own we found out that it
is harder than it looks in the instructions
and that it definitely takes plenty of practice
to do. Origami is an art and certainly
brings out the beauty of paper. An origami
artist must have skill and dexterity (as
well as patience). We made our projects
starting with no skills and found out that
origami is fun and frustrating all in one.Puzzling Paper Projects fold3
But once you make something it can feel
rewarding and make a person proud. We
made various objects from the Star Wars
Millenium Falcon to a giant origami necktie.origami on table2

neck tie origamiMillenium Falcon origaminapkin origami


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