We at Circles Magazine interviewed our fellow colleagues we wanted to know what their favorite sports were. We went to different campuses to interview them. Eric Gaisin

Eric Gaisin is 36 years old he works at the Charleston Campus likes basketball, he is in the Special Olympics bowling he won a medal first place last year 67. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons & the Miami Heat. His favorite player is Matt Ryan. Eric’s Advice to others is to do really well and would like to try other sports.




Cece works at the Cheyenne Campus she likes swimming.

She’s also inthe Special Olympics she won 3 medals she likes basketball, bowling and lady’s basketball.

Her favorite team is the Lakers and her favorite player is Derek Rose. Her favorite soccer team is the Cubs and the Las Vegas Turtles, Pahrump and Mesquite.





Kenneth Hughes works at the Cheyenne Campus. He’s 30 years old. He likes swimming.Kenneth Hughes

His favorite swimmer is Sharks Spichel O. Kenneth swam in 2001. He likes bowling.

His favorite basketball player is Dwayne Wade. Kenneth’s dad Chuck Edwards Hughes is his coach

his motto is never give up and be proud. He lives on North Carolina St. His favorite football player Matthew Stafford he plays on the Patriots.



Jay Robbins works at His favorite sport is basketball he won 3rd place. He likes wrestling and weight training.Jay Robbins

His bowling average is 145. He is in ROTC.

He likes the Las Vegas 51s hockey team and making friends.

On Saturday 8-10 he sold 3 art pieces. He likes farmers market and all sports.

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